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When we talk about one of the most beautiful valleys to visit in Pakistan we simply cannot neglect Shimshal valley. Shimshal valley tour should be on your list if you are a travel enthusiast. It is a remote valley that is a three-hour drive away from Gilgit Baltistan.Shimshal Valley Trek is one of the most famous among trekkers and mountaineers. If you are simply a mountain lover then this is the destination for you.Here in this page you can find many Shimshal Valley trek tour packages.

Shimshal Valley Trekking Tour | Shamshal Pass Tour Packages

Other than mountains the peaceful atmosphere of this valley is a perfect reason for a getaway. To reach Shimshal valley you will require a jeep ride from Hunza Valley.  Because of the remote setting, only one to two jeeps make the journey each day.


You can get a jeep from Ali Abad which is the main transportation hub in Hunza.  You will have to pay 500 Rs per person to reach Shimshal valley through jeep ride. But when you will see the beautiful scenery on this precipitous road it will be worth it. One of the main attractions in Shimshal valley is Shimshal Valley Lake.

Gilgit Baltistan Shimshal Pass Tour Packages

Shimshal valley’s location is between beautiful mountains. This means that you have to go through dangerous roads. All trekking enthusiasts can do the multi-day trek in Shimshal valley. will organize all the arrangements for your trekking. You will also see various glaciers further down to the valley of Shimshal like Yazghil Glacier.Get Tour Packages to Gilgit.

Shimshal Valley Tour Packages From Lahore | Karachi 

There are many companies which are providing 7 days tour packages to Shimshal Valley nowadays. If you are going to visit this beautiful valley for the first time then, It is better to do with a traveling company. is one of the few travel companies which offers you the best rate tour packages to Shimshal valley.



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