Sialkot is the 13th largest city in Pakistan which is located in Punjab province. The city is well-known in manufacturing and exporting a large number of goods. Surgical instruments, musical instruments, and textile goods, etc. are the main products of this city. However, the city has the most prominent name and value in manufacturing sports and leather goods. Besides these features, the features that make the city more attractive are the tourist attractions located in this city. Are you looking to travel in the urban areas of Pakistan? Then Sialkot city can be a good option for you. Here at trips.pk you can find the best travel packages for Sialkot. Those who are thinking that what adventures Sialkot city can offer them they are provided the potential details of Sialkot city as a tourist destination.  .

Jagannath Temple | Shivala Teja Singh Hindu Temple Sialkot

Sialkot comes with several places to visit. For example, tourists can take the opportunity to visit Jagannath Temple which is the oldest temple and is the best place for those who want to explore the ancient histories. Then you can also get the opportunities to explore the ancient places and histories while visiting Shivala Teja Singh Hindu Temple, Raghunath Temple, and some other temples are also located there.
Moreover, you can also find the shrines of some Saints there, such as shrines of Hazrat Mai Rasti and Murad Ali Shah, and some others are located in Sialkot. Sialkot fort is then another beautiful place to visit there. Visitors can also visit Sialkot cantonment that was established during the British Raj. There are churches such as Holy Trinity Church at Cantt, and Saint James Catholic Church at Cantt are also located in Sialkot. Iqbal Markaz is another nominated place to visit there. Moreover, while driving an hour away from Sialkot you can see the beautiful view of the Chenab River.
Sialkot is also known as the gateway towards other tourist destinations. You can arrange tours from Sialkot easily to anywhere. Annually, especially in the summer season a lot of visitors arrange Naran Kaghan tour packages from Sialkot to explore the Northern Areas of Pakistan.  

Best Tour Packages For Sialkot

Sialkot Tourism because of its ancient history and places is getting extension and every year the history lovers come to discover the new places here. Well, out of the best sialkot travel agencies trips.pk is the one offers you the Best Sialkot tour packages. Explore the given list of the packages and choose your best one. 


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