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Book your next Skardu tour packages at very low prices and best quality. Trips.pk offer professionally managed and carefully executed group tour packages to Skardu and nearby attraction in the far north of Pakistan. The good news is that the road route to Skardu is open now and you can plan your next big tour of Skardu right away and join us from Lahore, Islamabad or any city of Pakistan. We also welcome international tourists from all over the world to come with us and explore the beauty of Skardu in all its glory. 

Joining Skardu Trip from Pakistan

Most Skardu tours depart from Lahore or Islamabad and you can join any such trip by reaching the departure point on your own. You can talk with our team and we’ll share you locations and timelines. People who want to join from Karachi can reach Lahore or Islamabad by air and take the trip with us.

Getting Skardu Tour Package from Abroad

If you love mountains, you must know that Skardu has a lot to offer. Our clients from all over the world have already explored the mountain-king with us already. Our guests from France, Germany and other European regions have already been our guests in Skardu. 

Tour Package to Skardu | Shangrilla Tour Packages from Karachi

The extreme north of Pakistan, Skardu the central valley of Gilgit-Baltistan is an essence of beauty, serenity, and wilderness. Get best tour packages to Gilgit. Paths to some of the world’s uppermost mountains that include K2, K3, and Gasherbrum; all are linked from side to side this valley. A city with all present life conveniences is based on many remote places i.e. Deosai, Khaplu, Kharpocho Fort, Shigar and Baltoro Treks. These towering mountains attract thousands of climbers from all over the world each year.
Skardu Valley hosts many of the hypnotic itinerant sights and is also known to be the Gateway of Eight-thousands in Karakoram Range and to the world's most thrilling and amazing trekking routes. Skardu has many beautiful sights which you don’t want to miss. Some of the best tourist destinations for sightseeing in Skardu are Kachura Valley, Shangrilla Lake, Upper Kachura Lake, Sadpara Lake, Deosai National Park, Katpana Desert and Lake, Cold Desert, Shigar Valley Tour Packages, Mantokha Waterfall, Basho Valley, and Nansoq Organic Village. There are many historical places as well, which you will love to see. As you can see they have so many places where you can relax and enjoy your precious holidays. 

Adventure Honeymoon Skardu Tour Package 2024 Pakistan

There are many amazing packages available for Skardu. But of course, packages depending on your budget and also on the vacation days as well. There are amazing Skardu tour packages which starts from just 22,999. There are many facilities they provide as well. Get 8 days tour packages to Skardu. There are some packages which offer you a full trip, and in that package, there are so many activities you can do with your family. They offer you a good package and a proper schedule of visiting amazing locations as well.

Skardu Weather

Get ready for an unforgettable trip to Skardu, where the weather sets the stage for a remarkable travel experience. Whether you visit during the vibrant spring, the adventurous summer, the mesmerizing autumn, or the magical winter, each season in Skardu unveils a kaleidoscope of natural wonders. Embrace the ever-changing weather as you embark on your journey, immersing yourself in the captivating beauty of Skardu. These cherished memories will stay with you throughout your Skardu tour package.

Autumn in Skardu

Skardu is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations situated in Pakistan. It is surrounded by magnificent mountains, beautiful lakes, and stunning picturesque views. Every year, Skardu receives a number of tourists visiting from all over the country throughout the year. The autumn season in Skardu begins in September and extends till November. If you look forward to visiting Skardu during the autumn season, you are advised to pack wisely as the temperature during the autumn season drops below 0 degrees Celsius. Skardu is rich in natural beauty, providing a number of major attractions for tourists. The most popular destinations you could look forward to visiting on your trip to Skardu in the autumn season include Deosai National Park, which turns into a beautiful golden wonderland during autumn, Shigar Valley to enjoy the lush orchids, and the colourful landscapes of cold dessert of Skardu.

Spring in Skardu

Skardu is, without a doubt, one of the magnificent tourist spots in Pakistan. It is situated in the Gilgit -Baltistan region of the country and has all four seasons. Tourists are welcome to Skardu throughout the year. However, spring is considered the ideal time to visit Skardu. Just after the chilly winters, the snow starts to melt slowly, giving away breathtaking views. The spring season in Skardu begins in March and extends till May. During the spring season, the orchards come alive in Skardu, including beautiful apricot orchards. Tourists can enjoy the enchanting views along with the pleasant weather. Moreover, there are various festivals in Skardu during the spring for tourists to indulge in the local culture and enjoy the delicious local cuisine and hospitality of residents.

Skardu in Winter

Skardu is a hidden jewel in the winter when a layer of snow reveals its real splendor. Tourists have an enchanted experience thanks to the tranquil surroundings, frozen lakes, and spectacular winter activities. Skardu is home to numerous glorious lakes that freeze over throughout the winter months, bringing another layer of beauty to the region. The alluring Satpara Lake is the most well-known of these ice lakes. Its crystalline ice surface reflects the nearby mountains, giving the area a dreamlike feel. The temperature during the winter season in Skardu drops to even less than -5 degree Celsius. The winter months in Skardu are ideal for immersing oneself in the local culture and traditions. During this time of year, the Balti people's hospitality and empathy are evident. Tourists can explore the neighborhood markets, interact to the welcoming residents, and learn about their way of living.

Skardu Tour Packages in Summer

Skardu is a hidden gem located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. It is the perfect summer getaway for individuals who love the outdoors, adventure, and escaping the heat with its stunning mountains, clean lakes, and rich culture. It is a popular destination well known for its majestic mountain ranges, which include the mighty Karakoram and the stunning Himalayan peaks. The temperature ranges from 4 degree Celsius to 17 degrees Celsius during the summer season in Skardu. Tourists are advised to pack accordingly as the nights are cold even during the summers but perfect for a stroll across the area. Skardu is rich with beautiful lakes and rivers including the famous Satpara lake. Traveling to Skardu in the summer ensures a unique experience rich in natural splendor, adventure, and exposure to culture. Skardu's enticing charm will stay with you long after your visit, whether you choose to explore the breathtaking mountains, participate in exciting outdoor pursuits, or get to know the locals. During your summer trip to Skardu, embrace the peaceful atmosphere of this hidden paradise and make amazing memories amidst its stunning landscapes.

Top 10 Things you need to know before getting a Skardu tour package:

Skardu being the capital of Gilgat Baltistan’s province of Pakistan is known for its immense natural beauty being an ideal destination for summer vacation and honeymoon for couples is located at a height of 2500 meters. When viisting on a Skardu tour package, you'll find that Skardu valley consists of beautiful lakes, stunning meadows, snow capped mountains, mesmerizing waterfalls, fantastic local cuisines and amazing desert landscape. Skardu weather remains relatively mild in the summer reaching maximum 27 C while the winter season remains chilly reaching minimum -120C during the year.
You can visit Skardu in any season as weather in skardu beauty varies greatly as you can appreciate the beautiful view of cherry blossom and apricot in spring while in autumn tourists can get mesmerized by the colourful views of all seasons. Skardu Pakistan is home to many wonders and is also known to be an alpine wonderland.
The Skardu valley being home to world’s highest glaciers and peaks also includes Shigar, Rondu, Khaplu, Skardu and Kharmang being Baltistan’s five valleys. Skardu is also known as the Skardu is an important entry point to the world’s largest mountain range, the Karakoram. The indus river flows in the region separating the world's great mountain ranges being the Himalayas and Karakoram.
Skardu Pakistan being a valley of enchanting beauty has its terrain of diversifying climate and local challenges that tourists need to be prepared for before visiting this pristine valley. Following are some the most important things that tourist need to know before visiting skardu

1. Research the Area and buy Local Map:

It makes pretty good sense that before you start you next Skardu tour package, In this modern age of the digital era everyone is using digital equipment like mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other equipment but it is very important for tourist to buy a local map for quick guidance as you can go through difficult situation like if internet facility goes offline due to climate change or your mobile or tablet battery is drained with no power socket nearby. 
Research the area as it’s always a good idea to understand the area and the terrain you are visiting. It is even more important in caase of Skardu because it is a rugged valley. Every Skardu tour package is well managed but still having a local map is also useful for getting to your desired location like Kachura lake, Kharphocho fort, Shigar fort, Chumik, Katpanah Desert and Manthal budda for enjoying the beautiful views and exploring the caves and ruins where your driver might not be willing to take. 

2. Ideal time and weather in skardu

The best time for visiting Skardu starts from the month of April to September. Autumn season starts from mid September and lasts about a month. You can experience cherry blossoms in the spring season while the autumn season in Skardu being perfectly picturesque while being extremely cold gives a unique look to the valley due to autumn leaves giving gold colored ambiance to the whole valley.
Summer time is unique as you can experience visiting Deosai National park located in astore district being the UNESCO World Heritage site and also being 2nd highest plateaus in the world as it’s only opened during summer season. During the summer season you can spot Himalayan Brown bears and the whole park gets covered with wildflowers consisting of yellow and green hues.

3. Don’t carry expensive equipment

You do not need to carry your favorite branded Gucci bag on your trip as weather in Skardu is highly unpredictable and there is always a chance of theft. Having a sturdy backpack or travelling case will be super helpful during your trip as it’s important to keep your equipment safe and dry during your visit to Skardu whether you’re visiting Shangrila resort, visiting Kharphocho fort, admiring the beauty of Kachura Lake or just leaving for the Skardu Airport.

4. Always have spare cash in Hand 

You need to prepare for your journey in the remote areas where there are not many local banks for miles around to provide your with your local currency as many local merchants are still in the process of going digital and have not yet made desired jump therefore your paper currency may not be usable in many areas of Skardu Pakistan. 

5. Try out the local area cuisine 

When you are visiting your favorite locations in the Skardu, it’s always a good idea to try out the local specialties and cuisines of the area rather than ordering room service. You can order safe items like palak paneer, chicken handi, chicken biryani or chicken karahi but it’s always recommended to try out and eat at the local dhabas and enjoy the areas local cuisines including Zurchone (wheat biscuits), Bhally dawdoo( Noodle soup), walnut gravies, palpu and buckwheat pancakes the area has to offer.

6. Travel with friends to divide travel cost 

When you are not familiar with the area you are travelling to and need help getting around traveling with friends is always a great idea as it is not only beneficial for saving your cost on your trip as you split the cost but it is also helpful to have someone back you up when you are facing difficult situations or when your feeling depressed. 
Having more friends with you on your trip will also make your journey more memorable and you will be able to enjoy more of your favorite and fun moments in your trip. 

7. Being prepared for the unexpected

During your travels to the Skardu valley you can face various difficult conditions including chilly weather, stormy nights, road blockage, landslides, trip injuries and even flight delays. You can face travel route blockage towards your trip destination and may have to executive make plan B route on your journey. 
It is better to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances therefore it is recommended to have a first aid kit, waterproof jacket, trekking boots, scarf , beanie, heavy socks, extra battery pack, reading material as well as having a high quality sleeping bag. 

8. Having enough sanitation equipment

When you traveling in remote area of the mountain regions of Skardu or when you are experiencing road blockage due to landslide in the region most often you will not have the facility or convenience of having to visit your local supermarket or having facility of clean washrooms anywhere nearby so make sure you travel pack has hall the essential toiletries and sanitation equipment including having sanitizers, tissue paper, toilet paper, towels and bed sheets. 

9. Always carry extra food rations 

During your vacation tour to Skardu it’s always recommended to carry extra rations like granola bars, walnuts, almonds or dates on your trip as sometimes you may have to wait for hours due to delayed flights or blocked roads in the remote areas before you reach any local dhaba or food point in the area.  

10. Hire a good driver 

It is always a great idea to hire a good driver who knows the area of Skardu and surrounding Skardu valley as he will not only act as a local travel guide but also will be a good companion in your travels. Your driver can highlight and take you to the most famous and best scenic locations of Skardu including Skardu Fort, Deosai National Park, Katpana desert, Shangrila Resort, Manthal Budda, Satpara lake, Upper Kachura lake, Nansoq organic village, Chumik, Jarbazzo Lake, Serena Khaplu palace and Serena Shigar fort. 
Having a good driver is essential for your Skardu trip as he will save you time in getting to your desired location in less time. Just make sure that your desired driver is trustworthy, dependable, does not apply rough brakes and drives at a smooth pace while having a good maintained vehicle for travel along with spare tires. 

Skardu is part of a region called Gilgit Baltistan, not Gilgit city.

The major tourist attractions in Skardu Include Deosai National Park, Upper Kachura Lake,Kharpocho fort, K2 museum, Manthal Buddha Rock, and much more.

We can travel to Skardu by all three means by Bus (Local), By Car (Self), or by Plane.

An average trip to Skardu cost Rs. 30,000-35,000. Price increase with the facilities you select.

No, there is no fatal risk in traveling to Skardu by Road, because the roads here are craved properly as compared to the Gilgit road.


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