Spain is second most visited country of the world for a reason; it takes you into a thrilling and Exciting Ride of Adventure, enchantment, discernment and pure aesthetic pleasure. Spain has exotic sandy beaches, regal castles, fascinating museums, ski-resorts, alluring and exquisitely beautiful sceneries, moderate temperature, vibrant food scene and intriguing history to be explored. Your tour to Spain will take you into a rollercoaster ride of back and forth travel to medieval era and present day modern world.

Tourists Attractions in Spain tour Packages

Spain is a country located in southwestern Europe that is known for its rich culture, history, and stunning landscapes. Visitors can explore the country's diverse regions, from the sunny beaches of the Mediterranean coast to the snow-capped peaks of the Pyrenees Mountains. Spain is home to vibrant cities like Madrid and Barcelona, where visitors can experience the art, architecture, and cuisine that make the country so unique. Other popular destinations include the historic cities of Granada and Seville, the pilgrimage site of Santiago de Compo stela, and the picturesque towns of Andalusia. With its vibrant culture, stunning scenery, and warm climate, Spain is a must-see destination for travelers from around the world.

Catedral de Sevilla

Seville Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See, is a significant Roman Catholic cathedral located in Seville, Andalusia, Spain. It was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 and is renowned for being the world's largest Gothic church, replacing Hagia Sophia in the early 16th century. The Gothic section alone has dimensions of 126 m length, 76 m width, and a maximum height of 42 m. The Giralda tower is 104.5 m high. The royal chapel is the final resting place of Ferdinand III of Castile, Alfonso the Wise, and King Peter the Cruel, and is historically significant as the baptismal site of Infante Juan of Aragon in 1478. To visit this master piece check our Spain tour Packages.

Royal Seat of San Lorenzo de El Escorial

El Escorial, also known as the Monasterio del Escorial or the Royal Site of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, is a historic residence of the Spanish King located in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, 45 km northwest of Madrid and is a part of our Spain tour Packages. Built between 1563 and 1584 by King Philip II, it is the world's largest Renaissance building and serves as a monastery, basilica, royal palace, pantheon, library, museum, university, school, and hospital. El Escorial consists of two architectural complexes - the royal monastery and La Granjilla de La Fresneda, a royal hunting lodge and monastic retreat 5 km away. These sites represent the Spanish monarchy's power and the Roman Catholic Church's dominance in the 16th and 17th centuries. Although it was both a royal palace and a monastery, only Philip II ever lived in the main building.

Plaza de España

The Plaza de España is a stunningly beautiful plaza included in Spain tour Packages is located within the Parque de María Luisa in Seville, Spain. This magnificent square was built in 1928 specifically for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, which was a celebration of the rich cultural and artistic heritage of Spain and its former colonies in Latin America.

The Plaza de España is a true masterpiece of Regionalism Architecture, which is a style that emerged in Spain during the early 20th century and sought to revive traditional architectural forms and motifs from different regions of the country. The design of the plaza is a fascinating blend of various styles of Spanish architecture, including the Baroque Revival, Renaissance Revival, and Moorish Revival.

La Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Família, one of the cites from our Spain tour Packages is an unfinished church in Barcelona, Spain, is the world's largest incomplete Catholic church. Designed by architect Antoni Gaudí, it's part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010. Construction began in 1882 under Francisco de Paula del Villar and was taken over by Gaudí in 1883. He combined Gothic and Art Nouveau styles in his architectural and engineering design. Gaudí worked on the project until his death in 1926, leaving only a quarter of the project complete. The Sagrada Família's construction, funded entirely by private donations, was slowed by the Spanish Civil War and was damaged by anarchists in 1936.


Mallorca is the largest Balearic Island, part of Spain included in our Spain tour Packages, and the 7th largest in the Mediterranean Sea. Its capital, Palma, also serves as the capital of the Balearic Islands. The Balearic Islands have been an autonomous region of Spain since 1983. The island has two smaller islands nearby: Cabrera and Dragon era. The island is a popular tourist destination, especially for visitors from the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Palma de Mallorca Airport is one of Spain's busiest airports, serving 28 million passengers in 2017, with usage increasing yearly since 2012.


Spain Tour Packages in Pakistan

Doesn’t it make you wonder how the ancient people lived? Spain has preserved the historical treasure in Spain more than any country of the world.  Its roads and architecture reveals Spain’s centuries old culture, tells you fables of Moors and Romans and the presence of numerous ancient castles are relic of extravagant lifestyle of Medieval Era Monarchs. You will be inspired to see the evolution of modern day Spain which has been ruled over by Romans, Muslims, Gothic and Celts for decades. Explore Lets Tomatina in Spain

Europe Tour Packages 2024 from Pakistan

The Spanish are one of the liveliest and adventures people on the planet. They sure know the importance of carpe diem; they celebrate happiness and live big. As an outsider you would be astonished and bewitched to see the meaning of festivity in literal sense. There is the Fiestas del Pilar in Zaragoza, the Fallas festival in Valencia, the Romería de El Rocío in Almonte, the Seville Fair, the famous running of bulls’ festival and the most exciting Tomatina in Buño festival. Have a great Tour to France most exciting place and most visited place in the World.

Going Out and About in Spain

No, the tourist scene in Spain is not limited till traditions, culture, festivals and history. The ‘modern’ people will run out of time to do things but the list of ‘to do’s’ in Spain will not end. There is Plaza Mayor for public entertainment and operas; the Amnesia Ibiza is for rock music fans, the opium club is for DJ music and there countless colorful and wide varieties of cafes and restaurants for food lovers that serve cuisines of all kinds. For shopping lovers, there is El Corte Ingles, Portal De L’angel, Mercado Central, Imaginarium, Stradivarius, Calle Feria, La Maquinista and Mercado San Miguel malls that peculiar and unique in their style and have world’s largest brand and local product outlets. Have a look at Most Visited Cities in the world.

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Being honest, when talking about Spain, the first thing we imagine is relaxing in beaches on a sunny day. The beaches of Spain are its tourism trademark and its government has implemented extensive measures for its maintenance, cleanliness and public safety. Spain’s geographical position is blessed with proximity to Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean, there is The Costa Brava, The Costa Blanca, The Costa Cálida and The Costa de Almería, which are very popular and most famous summer vacations destinations for Europeans and nationals of other countries.Enjoy Complete 8 NIghts Tour To Spain 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the attractions for Tourists in Spain?
There are many reasons for tourist attractions in Spain out of which a few are its Beautiful beaches, Inspiring Architecture, World-class museums, vibrant fiestas, Delicious Cuisine, and diverse culture.
What is the minimum bank balance requirement for a tourist visa to Spain?           
The minimum bank balance in your account should be 100 Euros per day with a minimum of 90-0 Euros per person.
What is the visa processing fee for a tourist visa to Spain?
As a Schengen state, Spain also requires a Schengen visa to visit it, the cost of which is around 80 Euros.
What is the average time duration to get a Schengen Spain Visa?
The average process time for a Schengen Spain Visa is about 15 working days.          
Is Spain a cheap country to travel to?
We can’t call it cheap but it is considered affordable when compared to many other western European countries.

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