In the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is known as the most beautiful place. The country is small in size but it is replete with a number of beautiful spots and tourist attractions because of which thousands of tourists are attracted to Sri Lanka. A tourist can get breathtaking sites to visit to offer himself a great traveling experience. Tourists from Pakistan also show their desire to visit Sri Lanka. Every year several Pakistani tourists visit Sri Lanka to get the best entertainment time. Those who are planning to explore Sri Lanka in this summer season can find the best Sri Lanka Tour Packages.  

The country of Sri Lanka is a small paradise in the Indian Ocean. The Sri Lankan city Colombo is the best travel destination in the present world.  It’s a small country with beautiful and breathtaking tourist attractions that clearly refresh a person’s mind and body. Traveling to Sri Lanka can open a person’s mind to new ideas and exploration of different cultures and lifestyles.

Within a few hours in the beautiful weather of Sri Lanka a person can explore all the historical Buddhist sites. Lush greenery and national parks to breathtaking scenery and views.  Travelling is not like any other recreation it’s a fulfilling experience that leave a great impression on the persons mind and leave them with lifelong cherished memories.Trips.pk also help you for the process of Sri Lanka visa from Pakistan

Top Tourist Attractions covered in Sri Lanka Tour Packages

Sri Lanka tour Packages offer a unique and diverse travel experience, from exploring ancient temples and ruins to relaxing on pristine beaches and wildlife safaris. The country's rich history, vibrant culture, and natural beauty make it an ideal destination for travelers seeking adventure and relaxation. Visitors can sample local cuisine, visit tea plantations, and observe exotic wildlife in their natural habitats. With friendly locals, comfortable accommodations, and a range of activities to suit all interests, Sri Lanka is a destination that offers something for everyone.

Yala National Park

Experience a Sri Lankan safari at this expansive national park that borders the Indian Ocean and boasts a diverse range of ecosystems, from coastal marine environments to inland tropical rainforests and grasslands.

Visitors flock to the park with Sri Lanka tour Packages to catch a glimpse of its famous elephants, crocodiles, and leopards, with Yala holding the title of having the world's highest "leopard density." Encounters with elephants are also common as they frequently traverse the park's roads. Additionally, over 200 bird species, including several endemics to Sri Lanka, call the park home.

In addition to its rich flora and fauna, the park is also home to two significant pilgrimage sites, Situlpahuwa and Magul Vihara. These historical temples attract four times as many visitors as the animals themselves.



Colombo Lotus Tower

Visit the Colombo Lotus Tower with Sri Lanka tour Packages, one of Sri Lanka's newest and tallest attractions, has become a must-see destination for tourists. Standing at 1,168 feet (368 meters) tall, the tower, inspired by the lotus flower, is not only a remarkable sight to behold but also serves a crucial purpose as the country's main hub for radio, TV, and mobile phone networks and their antennas.

Aside from its utilitarian function, visitors can take advantage of the super-fast elevators at the tower's base to access both indoor and outdoor observation areas, where they can enjoy breathtaking views of the city and the Indian Ocean. At the top of the tower, there is a revolving restaurant, a popular choice for romantic dinners. However, for those looking for a taste of Sri Lankan street food, the mall's food court offers a diverse range of delicious options.

Adding to the tower's allure, the exterior is adorned with LED lighting, which creates mesmerizing light shows every evening and on special holidays. Don't miss the chance to capture worthy shots and experience the Colombo Lotus Tower in all its glory.


Gangaramaya Temple

Situated near Beira Lake in Central Colombo, this Buddhist temple complex from the 19th century boasts an unexpected gem – a vintage car museum. Among the collection, visitors can marvel at a 1930s Mercedes and a rare Rolls-Royce Ghost from the 1920s. The temple itself also functions as a religious museum, showcasing religious coins, jewelry, and sculptures.

Originally constructed around a sacred tree that holds a lock of the Buddha's hair, the temple serves as a site of worship and pilgrimage. Every year during the Poya or full moon ceremony in February, the temple hosts a festival and a procession around the area, led by the resident elephant. This site is included in our Sri Lanka tour Packages and is visited by many people every year.


The remnants of an ancient mountaintop palace that once belonged to the king of the island, this rock fortress dates back to the 4th and 5th centuries CE. At the peak of a 660-foot (220-meter) rock formation, the palace ruins offer a stunning view.

Notably, the sides of the mountain feature gigantic frescoes while a colossal gateway carved in the shape of a lion stands halfway up the rock. In fact, the structure's name means "lion rock" in ancient Sanskrit.

The palace atop and the city complex below the fortress serves as significant examples of urban planning in the first millennium, making them one of the world's most significant sites. We offer a visit to this place in our Sri Lanka tour Packages. The ruins are situated close to the town of Dam bulla, in Sri Lanka's Central Province.


Golden Temple of Dam bulla

Cave temples, which are natural caves that have been excavated and enlarged, can be found all across Sri Lanka. These temples pay homage to Buddha, other deities, and a handful of kings, featuring large statues and relics.

The Dam bulla cave temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is considered the country's most well-preserved and extensive cave temple complex. The caves are visited by many people with Sri Lanka tour Packages and are famous for their exquisitely conserved and colorful wall murals, which add to the beauty and allure of the site.

Apart from the cave temples, the base of the mountain houses a sizable golden Buddha statue, hence the alternate name of the site, the Golden Temple of Dam bulla. Situated around two hours from Colombo, Dam bulla is worth a visit.


National Museum of Kandy

Kandy, a city in central Sri Lanka, holds significant historical value as it served as the last capital of the kingdom prior to the colonial period. The National Museum of Kandy offers visitors an opportunity to explore the city's captivating past and unique heritage. You can visit this place with Sri Lanka tour Packages.

Located in the former king's harem, the main section of the museum is complemented by additional exhibits inside the former palace. The museum houses a plethora of artifacts, which narrate the story of the Kandian era that spanned between the 15th and 18th centuries. During this time, despite the colonization of other areas of the island, Kandy maintained its independence.

Besides, the museum boasts an impressive collection of Sri Lankan art, serving as an official repository for native artwork.


International Tour Packages from Pakistan 2024

The reasons for visiting and making the travel experience to Sri Lanka rewarding is that:

  1. The country of Sri Lanka is small and most of the places can be visited in a small duration of time. The Sri Lanka travel itinerary can include most of the places and cities, leaving room for large amount of sightseeing.
  2. The country of Sri Lanka is very affordable and Pakistani citizens can get great value of currency exchanges. The hotel rent, travelling and food all are pretty much in budget to travel in Sri Lanka.
  3. The local language is English, so any Pakistani can converse with the citizens of Sri Lanka at ease.
  4. A 30 days E visa for Sri Lanka on Pakistani passport is provided for 20$.
  5. The sense of beauty and its maintenance is well embedded in the minds of Sri Lankans, all the tourist spots are very well kept and maintained.
  6. There are a lot of beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka and it’s the place with intense spicy food.
  7. The heritage sites also include some Buddhist religious spots, for a deeper understanding of theology and other religions.

Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

  1. Yala National Park
  2. Galle
  3. Gangaramaya Temple
  4. Unawatuna
  5. Hatton Tea Plantations
  6. Knuckles Mountain Range
  7. Weligama
  8. Minneriya National Park
  9. Mirissa
  10. Temple of the Tooth
  11. Sigiriya Rock
  12. Pasikudah Beach
  13. Adam's Peak​

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sri Lanka open for tourists?

Yes, Sri Lanka is open to tourists from all over the world.

Is Sri Lanka safe to visit?

Yes, Sri Lanka is a completely safe country to visit now. Despite the political and financial instability, the people here are friendly to travelers and are highly hospitable.

What is the cost of a Sri Lankan tourist visa from Pakistan?

The visa processing fee for a Sri Lanka tourist visa is about 50$.

How long do it take to get a visa to Sri Lanka approved?

It usually takes about 3 working days to get your Visa to Sri Lanka approved.

What are the main tourist attractions in Sri Lanka?

The tropical climate, Beautiful beached, and incredible food are one of the many reasons to visit Sri Lanka.

What do a normal tour to Sri Lanka costs?                                                              

You can plan to spend 18$ per day to have a perfectly comfortable tour.

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