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In vacations, everyone wants to travel to the vacation sites to minimize the burden of their daily hectic routine. Apart from it, tours also leave a positive impact on your minds that made you feel fresher boost your energy level. In the northern areas of Pakistan, there are many sites for tourist attractions that you should visit during your vacations.
If you are planning to visit the swat in your vacation and for the search of best Swat tour packages, Trips.pk is always here to facilitate you’re traveling. It gives you the 2023 best tour packages for a different vacation destination.

Tour Packages for Sawat | Kalam | Malamjabba from LHR | KHI:

Swat valley is the major place for tourist attraction in Pakistan. Due to its captivating beauty, it is also known as Switzerland of Pakistan.It is present between the mountain range of Hindu Kush. Swat tour in December enables the visitor to Enjoy the Snowfall. Many people visit this place there are many sites of attraction in Swat tour that includes its history, art, eye-catching sights and archaeology. It is one of the most visited places for tourism.

Best Places to Visit in Swat:

  1. Being the oldest civilization some Buddhist stupas are there present in swat valley.
  2. Swat Museum contains all the remnants of the previous civilization, some ancient jewelry, and wooden things are preserved.
  3. Marazgar is bounded by water springs, green valley, and mountains that create a marvelous sight of view for tourists
  4. Fizagat is the picnic site along the swat river. There are many beautiful parks and mines are located. Fizagat is the main attraction of Swat Tourism.
  5. In the area of swat, the most beautiful resort in is Malam Jabba. The tourist attraction in this area includes the chair lifts, ice-skating. The ski resort is also present that belongs to Pakistan's tourism development corporation. The winter season is best to do skiing in swat. Plans swat tour in December to enjoy the skiing during your swat tour.
  6. As the Kalam Valley is 99 meters away from the swat valley. So tourists can also go from Swat to Kalam.

Honeymoon | Group Tour Packages for Sawat:

There are different Swat tour packages from Lahore , Islamabad. You check the package for your respective city and they chose the suitable package according to your availability. Furthermore, other guidelines related to swat tourism are also mentioned that will assist you in your tour of Swat Valley.
Check our available Cheap Price Swat tour packages and book them to travel the valley to make your vacations more memorable by exploring this beautiful site.

Frequently Asked Questions.


What are the attractions in SWAT?

Swat is also known as a land of water and streams and is famous for its rivers, waterfalls, mountains, and natural beauty.

Where is Swat Located?

Swat is located in KPK, Pakistan.

Can we visit swats by Road?

Yes, you don’t need to be a special driver to drive in these areas, the roads here are quite easy to drive on as compared to the other northern areas.

What is the most famous food in SWAT?

The most famous food of Swat is Chappali Kabab.

What is the average cost of a tour to SWAT?

The average cost of a perfect tour to Swat is about RS. 25,000.


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