Taiwan is one of the most densely populated country in the world and even having an over populated country in its North east this country is overly populated in contrast to area. Taiwan is mostly known as a tourist attraction due to its old temples, cultural museum and last but not least night markets. These markets offer you most appetizing cuisine all night long. This is the story of Taiwan cities other than that for those tourist who want to get closer to nature there are many vibrant destinations for them too like Sun moon lake as well as Kinmen Island. There is no best time to visit Taiwan because its weather is pleasant throughout the year. Check out the camping tour packages.
China claims its right to this country but Taiwan government denies it, this country has one of the most welcoming people in the world and are proud of their independency. Now there are so many beautiful places to visit in Taiwan that visitors cannot see all of them in just one trip so here is the list of all those places that you can visit in Taiwan in your first trip. 

Kaohsiung Taiwan Most vibrant city:

This is the most vibrant city of Taiwan. It has something to offer for all kind of tourist of all ages from children’s to old people. Even the local of this city enjoy every event that took place in this city. As being the business hub of the country it also holds the benefits of maritime which shows the wide mix of communities and culture in this city. Due to the infusion of mix culture you will find the most delicious street food that you can find anywhere in the world. Having the benefit of a good weather all year long this city is the perfect tourist spot and best thing about Taiwan. Choose the perfect city according to your mood.

Kinmen Islands the disputed beauty:

This adjacent of island is situated in the middle of Taiwan and China and is acclaimed for being the site of a fight between the Nationalists and Communists in 1949, in spite of the fact that it is currently more generally known as a famous vacationer spot. With heaps of exquisite landscape to be found on the islands, it is once in a while called 'the recreation center in the ocean' as there are such huge numbers of splendid flowers, timberlands and nature hold for tourists to appreciate, with Kinmen National Park being the most prevalent on offer. Best and cheap tour packages to visit Japan.

Lukang Seaport with stories:

The second most established town on the island has the most hypnotizing spot to visit, and it is especially prestigious for its delectable views to see. Situated in the northwest of Taiwan, Fortunately, that has implied that its notable structures stay unblemished and there are surprisingly more than two hundred sanctuaries for vacationers to visit, with Longshan and Matzu being among the most famous.
These are few of those places that you should visit when going on a tour to Taiwan and you can check Trip.pk site for that. 

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