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There are various historical cities located in Pakistan and Bahawalpur is one of the. This city also forms a significant part of the southern Punjab region that historically influenced the main cultural areas such as Uch Sharif and Multan. The Bahawalpur city also lies at the edge of the Cholistan Desert and is known for the architectural legacy left by Nawabs. Uch Sharif is Situated 73 kilometers away from the city of Bahawalpur in the region of east-south Punjab. Uch is considered as the historical city founded by Alexander. Previously it was located at the junction of Indus and the Chenab rivers but currently, it is 100 km away from that point. Uch Sharif holds significance from the traveling point of you. Many people throughout the year visit this beautiful place to see the legacy left the former Muslim rulers. During the Uch Sharif tour 2023, the people can find the shrines and the tombs so basically it is known as the city of Sufism. So the tourist can explore ancient buildings present in the Uch Sharif. Get Cholistan jeep rally tour packages.

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There are plenty of tourist attractions in Uch Sharif that attracts visitors to witness their beauty. Some of the top tourist attractions are the Shrine of Hazrat Jalal-ud-Din Surkhposh Bukhari, Tomb of Bibi Jaiwindi, Tombs of Bahawal Halim, Ustad Ladla, Sheikh Saifuddin Ghazruni, Makhdoom Jahanian Jahangasht, Rajan Qattal, Ohaus Subharii, Panjnad Head, and Uch Sharif Bazaar. These places are known to be the masterpieces that manifest the Islamic architecture and some of them also fall in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

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