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Experience the glamour of Hollywood, beautiful beaches, and vibrant iconic landmarks of the United States, Travel to the United States from Pakistan with us and Book the best tour package with Great itineraries, great prices, and best facilities to discover the best with us .

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Travelling is an experience that brings a fresh vibe to a person’s life. Vibrant cultures, different life forms from that of their own ads to the overall knowledge and mindset of a person.A travelling experience is like food to the soul of a person and helps in enhancing the perception of a person towards life.The greatest benefit a person can reap from travelling is that they can learn new things in a pleasurable way.Find United States Best Tour Pacakges from Pakistan on Trips.pk and make your memorable moments.Read About the United State Visa Policy for Pakistan.

USA Tour Packages from Pakistan

The reasons to visit United States of America are as follows:
1. The United states of America have 50 states that makes a very big place to explore.  The large area is a blessing for the tourists, with plentiful site seeing a person can get the most out of their visit to USA.Travel Insurance is must for United States Visa.
2. Exploration of USA can help adding adventurous and soothing experiences. From busy cities to serene countryside, a lot of see and experience for the tourist. The village life in USA is totally in contrast with the hustle of the Cities.
3. The diversity of the country is its most appealing factor. The race there is a mixture that leads to a very peculiar blend of cultures that varies from place to place. 
4. The United States of America is home to breathe taking scenic beauties from the varying landscapes of deserts, beeches, mountains and deep gorges everything is worth seeing in USA. There are many marvel of nature in USA that are worthy of taking a Selfie with.
5. The food again is the blend of various cuisines, yet the Americans have developed their own taste over the course of time, that is unique in all sense. There are many classic American dishes that are worth having in America itself. 
6. The country is a blend of big cities and small towns. The cities are fun to be in the sense that they never sleep and there is always something to do. The country side is more relaxing and rejoicing.  The busy fashion high streets of New York and pastures of Mississippi are a complete yet amazing contrast.
7. America is very different from the Indian subcontinent countries. The tourist from Pakistan gets to see a completely new way of life, either they will relate to it or stay aloof from it. This new cultural experience thrives on the compassion that it infuses in the person visiting America.

Best Places to Visit in US

1. New York 
2. Grand Canyon
3. Yosemite
4. Yellowstone
5. Glacier National Park
6. Maui
7. San Francisco
8. Washington, D.C.
9. Honolulu – Oahu
10. Jackson Hole

Tour Packages Price to USA 2023 from Pakistan

Trips.pk can help a Pakistani find the best deals to visit USA. The available package is 6 Day Trip to USA and an 11 day Luxury Trip to USA. Here you can find the best possible package that suits your budget and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions                        

How much is visa from Pakistan to USA?
There are different visas available. If you want to have tourist or business visa so it will cost you $160 means 25600.00 PKR and which is same for transit, ship/Airline crew and also student.
How long does it take to get a US visa from Pakistan?
It takes five days to get US visa from Pakistan. But it can vary on the basis of some cases and requirements. 
Is US Visa Open in Pakistan?
In Islamabad U.S Embassy has resumed immigrant and non- immigrant visa (in a limited way) interviews. Many visa applicants has given fees of visa application processing but they are waiting for a visa appointment which has to be schedule and this all has been understood by U.S mission of Pakistan .
How long it takes from Pakistan to USA? 
The flight duration from Pakistan to USA is 15 hours and 51 minutes.
How much trip can cost you to USA?
A trip to USA for about one week can cost you $1,557 that is for one person. If we talk about two persons, so the trip can cost you around $3,114, which will be for one week. On other hand a trip for 2 weeks can cost you $6,277 which is for 2 persons in USA.
Is there any direct flight from USA to Pakistan?
There are no direct flights from USA to Pakistan, but cheap flights can give you all knowledge and provide you fastest route with fewest stops



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