Here we come with another most beautiful and breathtaking place to visit in this summer season. Yes! With a lot of recommendations, Upper Dir has become one of the main tourist attractions of the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Upper Dir is a district comes under the Malakand division of the province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Those who are thinking that why should they visit Upper Dir district and what is the reason behind the endorsement of Upper Dir district they can get the Complete Guide of Upper Dir tour here at this page. This guide or discussion will make you able that what charms and delights the tour of Upper Dir Kumrat Valley would offer you.   

Upper Dir | Kumrat Valley Camping Tour Packages

Upper Dir district is replete with the places that are come under Pakistan’s beautiful places. These places are described below: 
Kumrat Valley: Out of the best and beautiful valleys of Pakistan, Kumrat Valley is the one that comes with the beautiful scenery and breathtaking views. Kumrat valley is enriched with grassy land, mountains, forests, foggy mounds, and Panjkora River flowing through this valley that adds the beauty of the valley. Book 3 days Kumrat valley tour packages.
Kotara Lake: This Lake is known as an alpine glacial lake. The lake is surrounded by mountains and the beautiful color of water offers a breathtaking view to the visitors. The lake remains full of water with the surrounding melting glacier water.  
Lowari Pass: Lowari pass also known as Lowari top is a high mountain pass that connects the Dir with Chitral in KPK province, Pakistan, and is one of the main attractions that trigger upper dir tourism. It is the dangerous point and every year the pass is closed from late November to late May due to snow.   
Shandur Lake: This is another most beautiful lake located in KPK province. The lake is surrounded by valleys and a little far from the lake a boundary of mountains comes to see. The greenery inside the lake adds the beauty of the lake. 
Saidgai Danda: This is another most beautiful lake in the province KPK. The lake is also surrounded by the mountains and has been a reason for tourism in KPK for a long time. 

Best Camping | Group Tour Packages for Kumrat Valley

Those who have decided to visit Upper Dir and are searching for the best tour Packages for Upper Dir Kumrat are invited by trips.pk to get the Best tour packages. The weather upper dir changes constantly and the best time to visit it during the summer season because in the winter season some spots are closed due to snow. 


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