Ramadan is the month of Islamic Calendar which is considered to be the most valuable for Umrah purposes. Majority of Muslims travel for Umrah in Ramadan. Umrah is an Islamic prayer to achieve virtuous deeds by visiting Saudi Arabia and having Ihram, doing Tawaf of Ka'bah, walking between the hills of Safa and Marwah (hills) and cutting the hair to a certain amount fixed for men and women separately.
You can find a variety of Ramadan Umrah Packages here. You need to know about Full Ramadan Umrah Visa Fee that Umrah and Hajj Visa are free from any charges. When you get this Visa for Umrah in Ramadan, you will have a chance to live there and do Umrah till the last date of Ramadan and you have to leave Saudi Arabia before Eid ul Fitr, you cannot spend Eid there if you are on Ramadan Umrah Package.

Umrah Visa Fee in Ramadan:

Umrah packages total cost in Ramadan are offered by several travel agencies on different prices depending on the services available in Umrah Package and the duration you want to live there in Saudi Arabia.You can find here the travel agencies available in your city in Pakistan. These travel agencies have a fixed price for every Umrah Package which you have to pay before the procedure. These Umrah Packages contain Visa Procedure, Flight ticket, transportation, hotel accommodation, food (optional) and some other facilities.
Umrah Visa is free and to apply, you need a passport (valid at least for 6 months), medical certificate, a complete and duly signed Visa Application form, a recent, clear and colored passport size photograph with white background.

Can I Visit other Cities in Saudi Arabia on Umrah Visa?

Yes, now you can visit any city of Saudi Arabia on Umrah Visa, but it is restricted as you cannot study and do business on Umrah Visa, just you can visit. Ramadan Umrah Visa 2020 in Pakistan can be obtained by contacting travel agents of your relevant city, the information of several travel agents, their phone numbers and email addresses are available on this site.
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