There is no doubt that Umrah is one of the most important holy events in Muslim life. Throughout the year millions of Muslim visit Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah on economic Umrah packages 2019. As Hajj is one of the basic pillars of Islam and mandatory on a Muslim once in his/her life, Umrah is not obligatory as Hajj. The Umrah which is performed in the month of Ramadan is considered more holy and it considers equal to a hajj. Ramadan Umrah packages prices from Pakistan.
There is a bitter reality that at least 80 percent of people who travel for this holy journey are not fully aware on how to perform Umrah according to the original way of Our Holy Prophet (SAW). We must know how to perform umrah exactly the way our prophet performed. In this article, we are going to learn about the right way to perform Umrah.

How to Perform Umrah:

First of all, the pilgrim should wear Ihram, before putting on Ihram a Muslim should take the bath properly, cut the nails, and wear Ihram which is two simple white cloths. One pair is to cover their lower body and one is to cover the upper body. 
After entering the state of Ihram a Muslim cannot do things like sexual intercourse with their partner, hunting and hurting his/her fellows in any possible way. 
There are some different rules and method for how to perform Umrah for ladies, the ladies should have a Mehram along with them if they are less than 45 years of age
Now while you enter the grand mosque of Mecca first thing you have to do is put your right foot in, then perform tawaf in the state of ablution. Tawaf should be started from Hajr-e-Aswad and then moving anti-clockwise in a circular motion. 
Men must keep their right shoulder naked in Tawaf and can cover it after the tawaf. 
After Tawaf, you have to complete 7 rounds between Safa and Marwah. This part is known as Sai and an important part of performing umrah. You have to recite holy verses of the Quran while standing on both hills. 
After Sai the umrah performers have to cut their hairs, for men, it is more holy to shave their hairs but for women, they can just cut their hair up to 2 centimeters. This shows that how sorry pilgrims are for their past sins. 
These were the total steps of Performing Umrah according to the teaching of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). After that Muslims can come out from the state of Ihram and start performing their prayers in a normal way. Every year millions of Muslims are in search of cheap Umrah packages to perform this holy journey.

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