Lahore to Jeddah

Jeddah is a Saudi city situated on the eastern coast of Red Sea and also known as the doorway to Mecca. Planning a trip from Lahore to Jeddah can be exciting, but finding affordable flights can be daunting. With so many airlines offering various deals, finding the right option that fits your budget and preferences can be challenging. However, with the help of this page, you can find great deals on Lahore to Jeddah flights and save money on your travel expenses. From this page, we'll guide you through finding cheap flights from Lahore to Jeddah and provide you with the flight schedule, expenses, and other details regarding different airlines that offer Lahore to Jeddah flights.

Cheap Flights from Lahore to Jeddah Pakistan

If you're looking for cheap Lahore to Jeddah flights in Pakistan, there are several factors to consider that can help you find the best deals. One of the best ways to save money on airfare is to be flexible with your travel dates and book your tickets well in advance. You can also compare prices from different airlines to find the best deals from this page. Some airlines also offer promotional deals and discounts, so it's worth checking our website or signing up for our newsletters to get notifications about cheap flights Lahore to Jeddah. Keep reading this page to get the updated Lahore to Jeddah flight schedule.

Check Lahore to Jeddah Flights Today

If you want to check today flight Lahore to Jeddah, we have provided the updated list of Lahore to Jeddah flights on this page. From this page, you can view the list of all airlines that are offering Lahore to Jeddah flights departing today. We have categorized the flights under the proper name of their airlines so you don't get confused. You can compare the Lahore to Jeddah flights of all airlines and book the flight according to your preferences from this page. 

Check Lahore to Jeddah Flight Status

We daily update our flight status of all airlines. You can surely get the latest updates on any Lahore to Jeddah flight from this page. Our website offers real-time updates on flight status and ticket prices and also allows you to compare prices from different airlines and find the best deals for your travel dates. Our Flight status Lahore to Jeddah will also inform you about the departing time of the flight and its estimated time to reach the destination, you can check the status of late and delayed flights too from this page.

Lahore to Jeddah Flight Schedule

The flight schedule is an important resource for travelers planning their trip. Our Lahore to Jeddah flight schedule contains information about the departure and arrival times, flight duration, and airline details for all flights operating on the Lahore to Jeddah route. You can choose the airline that you desire to travel with. To check the Lahore to Jeddah flight schedule from this page, you just have to select the origin, destination, and travel dates. Our website will show you the flights list of exact dates you entered. Our flight schedule Lahore to Jeddah will also inform you if there are any changes in your booked flight.

Today Flight Schedule Lahore to Jeddah

It's always a good idea to check the flight schedule before traveling to avoid any inconvenience or delay in your travel plans. If you're looking for the information on today's Lahore to Jeddah flight schedule, then you are on the right page. From this page you can get the latest and updated Lahore to Jeddah flight schedule today. You can view the current Lahore to Jeddah flight schedule and compare prices from different airlines. You can also get the latest information on flight delays and cancellations from this page. Through our Lahore to Jeddah flight schedule, you can stay informed about your travel plans and make any necessary adjustments to your planned journey.

PIA AirLines Flight Schedule Lahore to Jeddah

If you're looking for the PIA Lahore to Jeddah flight schedule, you can check it from this page. We daily update our Lahore to Jeddah flight schedule, and PIA airline is one of the most chosen airlines for passengers going to Jeddah from Lahore. You can view the time and dates of all Lahore to Jeddah PIA flights from this page. Also, PIA flights from Lahore to Jeddah are affordable and are often available.

Saudi Airline Flight Schedule Lahore to Jeddah

Saudi Arabian Airlines, now known as Saudi Airlines, is Jeddah based Airline Company and is known best for Lahore to Jeddah flights. From this page you can view the updated schedule of all Lahore to Jeddah Saudi airline flights. Saudi airline is really punctual and will be happy to know that there are currently many Saudi airline flights scheduled to depart from Lahore to Jeddah. You can easily book your Saudi airline Lahore to Jeddah flights with the help of our live flight schedule system.

Emirates Flight Schedule Lahore to Jeddah

If you're looking for an updated Emirates Lahore to Jeddah flight schedule, you can access the flight schedule from this page. Our Lahore to Jeddah flight schedule of Emirates airline includes information about the departure and arrival times, flight duration, and airline details. Additionally, Emirates flight schedules also provide information on the aircraft type, the number of stops, and the terminal and gate details. This information can be useful for travelers to plan their trip accordingly.

Airblue Flight Schedule Lahore to Jeddah

Airblue is a popular airline in Pakistan and offers various amenities for its passengers, including comfortable seating, in-flight entertainment, and complimentary meals. It's a good option for Lahore to Jeddah travelers who prioritize comfort and convenience in their travel plans. You can view the flight schedule of the Lahore to Jeddah Airblue flight easily from this page. By viewing the Airblue flight schedule, passengers can have an overview of their trip and the airline they are travelling with.

Serene Air Schedule Lahore to Jeddah

Serene Air is known for its on-time performance and efficient service, making it a popular choice among travelers. By checking the Lahore to Jeddah flight schedule beforehand, passengers can get to know about the takeoff and landing timings of their flight. Also, passengers will also be able to see that their flight is late or delayed for any reason.

Check Lahore to Jeddah Flight Time & Duration

If you're planning a trip from Lahore to Jeddah, it's essential to know the flight time and duration to make proper travel arrangements. You can check the Lahore to Jeddah flight time and duration from this page. You can get an estimate of the flight time and total duration of the journey, including any layovers or connecting flights. This information can be helpful in planning your itinerary, especially if you have connecting flights or need to reach your destination at a specific time.

Lahore to Jeddah flight Time Today

We have updated the Lahore to Jeddah flight time today and we update the timetable of all Lahore to Jeddah flights every day. All passengers can check the exact flight time of Lahore to Jeddah flights from this page. The exact departure timings of various airlines are available on this page. Passengers will also get to know if there is any delay in the flight takeoff time or if the flight has been canceled. We strongly advise you to carefully note the departing time of your flight and then plan your journey accordingly.

Lahore to Jeddah Flight Duration

The Lahore to Jeddah flight duration depends on several factors such as the airline, type of flight, and any layovers or connecting flights. On average, the flight duration from Lahore to Jeddah is approximately 5 hours 30 minutes for direct flights and can take up to 10 hours or more for connecting flights. By knowing the flight duration, passengers can plan their journey accordingly and ensure that they arrive at their destination on time. Additionally, knowing the flight duration can help passengers plan their in-flight activities, such as deciding whether to sleep, watch a movie, or bring work to do.

Distance between Lahore to Jeddah

The distance from Lahore to Jeddah is over 4,000 kilometers. Traveling on the road will require approximately 64 hours and passing through multiple countries. Traveling by air is more convenient and fast. Knowing the distance from the destination can be beneficial for planning purposes, as it can help passengers gauge the amount of time required for travel and plan accordingly. Additionally, knowing the distance can help travelers estimate travel costs and prepare for any potential expenses.

Distance from Lahore to Jeddah by Air

Knowing the distance can help make the travel experience more convenient and efficient, allowing travelers to arrive at their destination easily. The Lahore to Jeddah distance by air is the same as the distance by land (approximately 4,000 kilometers), but it’s the fastest way to travel to Jeddah from Lahore. It takes nearly 5 hours and 30 minutes to cover the Lahore to Jeddah air distance.

Lahore to Jeddah Cheap Air Ticket Price in Pakistan

Ticket price depends on various factors such as airline, type of your ticket and class of your seat. According to different airlines Lahore to Jeddah air ticket can cost you anywhere between Rs. 62,480/- to Rs. 165,186/- This page provides an easy way for travelers to find Lahore to Jeddah cheap air ticket prices in Pakistan. With multiple airlines offering different packages of Lahore to Jeddah ticket price, comparing prices and finding the best deal can be challenging. However, this page makes it simple for travelers to search for affordable flight options that fit their budgets. By checking cheap ticket rate Lahore to Jeddah from this page, travelers can make informed decisions and choose the most cost-effective option for their travel needs.

Get Cheap Air Tickets Lahore to Jeddah

This page offers a platform where travelers can easily find Lahore to Jeddah cheap air tickets. It can be time-consuming and overwhelming to sift through different airline options and prices to find the most affordable option for your travel needs. We have gathered various airlines on this one platform so you compare different prices and choose the most economical option for your journey. Passengers can easily view the cheap air ticket rates Lahore to Jeddah of different airlines and choose the one that perfectly suits their budget. 

Lahore to Jeddah Return Ticket Price

Travelers can easily find the price of return ticket from Lahore to Jeddah on this page. Having the option to purchase a return ticket can be very beneficial for travelers, as it can provide significant cost savings compared to purchasing two one-way tickets. To check the price of Lahore to Jeddah return ticket from this page you can do so by following the given steps:
  1. From our flight page select the ticket type “Return”
  2. Then select Lahore [LHE] from the origin section and select Jeddah [JED] from the destination section.
  3. Make selection of your departure and arrival dates.
  4. Select the number of adults, children or infants traveling with you.
  5. Choose your cabin class (economy, business, first).
  6. Then press the “SEARCH” button to get the Lahore to Jeddah return ticket prices.
  7. Our system will show all Lahore to Jeddah available return tickets of different airlines along with their timings and prices.
  8. You can choose the ticket that suits your budget and other requirements.

PIA Ticket Price From Lahore to Jeddah

Travelers looking for PIA Lahore to Jeddah ticket prices can easily find them on this page. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is a popular option for travelers due to its reputation for safety, on-time departures, and affordability. Price of PIA from Lahore to Jeddah flight ranges between Rs. 62,480 to Rs. 201,639 depending upon the class of your seat. PIA operates frequent flights from Lahore to Jeddah, providing travelers with flexible scheduling options to fit their travel needs.

Saudi Airline Lahore to Jeddah Ticket Price

This page lets you easily find the Saudi airline ticket price for flights from Lahore to Jeddah. The airline is the national carrier of Saudi Arabia and has a long-standing reputation for providing comfortable and reliable air travel. Saudi Airline ticket price from Lahore to Jeddah can vary depending on class categories. Price of Saudi Airline Lahore to Jeddah flight ranges between Rs. 172,507 to Rs. 406,640.

Serene Air Ticket Price Lahore to Jeddah

This page provides a hassle-free solution for travelers looking to save money on their Lahore to Jeddah flight tickets. Passengers can easily find the Serene Air ticket price for Lahore to Jeddah flights from this page. Serene Air is one of the leading airlines in Pakistan that is known for providing excellent services to its passengers. Serene Air ticket price from Lahore to Jeddah ranges from Rs. 58,572/- to Rs. 80,481/-

Airblue Ticket Price From Lahore to Jeddah

Airblue is an excellent option for anyone traveling from Lahore to Jeddah. Airblue ticket price from Lahore to Jeddah is competitive with any other international airline. They offer a comfortable and safe travel experience with modern amenities. The airline has a great reputation for punctuality, and its staff is known for their friendly and helpful behavior towards passengers. Airblue Lahore to Jeddah airfare ranges from Rs. 88,011 to Rs. 333,032

Emirates Ticket Price From Lahore to Jeddah

By checking the Emirates ticket prices from Lahore to Jeddah on this page, travelers can easily choose the most affordable and convenient flight for their journey. Emirates is one of the world's most well-known and reputable airlines, and its flights offer top-notch comfort and amenities. Emirates ticket price Lahore to Jeddah depends on whether you choose an economy, business, or first-class ticket to travel. Lahore to Jeddah ticket price of Emirates airline ranges from Rs. 178,896 to Rs. 202,631

Online Ticket Booking Lahore to Jeddah

Passengers can easily book their Lahore to Jeddah flight tickets online from this page with just a few clicks. Online booking is a hassle-free and time-saving option, as it eliminates the need for long queues at the ticket counter. The online Lahore to Jeddah flight booking process is given below:
  • Passengers can choose their preferred airlines, by entering Lahore [LHE] in the origin section and Jeddah [JED] in the destination section.
  • Then you have to select the type of ticket you want to book; return, one-way or multi-destination.
  • Then select your departure date. If you are booking a return ticket then you have to select departure and arrival dates both.
  • After selecting dates, you have to select whether you are traveling alone or with family. If you are booking ticket for your whole family, you have to enter the number of adults, children or infants traveling with you. 
  • After that select the cabin class; economy, business or first class.
  • You can tick mark our flexible search option, it will show you some flexible option other than your chosen travel date.
  • After making all the selections you can press the “Search” button.
  • Our system will show you all the flights leaving from Lahore to Jeddah on your chosen date. You can compare ticket prices of various airlines from a single page.
  • Book your desired Lahore to Jeddah flight by clicking the “Book” button given in front of the ticket.
  • Enter your details; name address, phone number, email ID etc.
  • After receiving your details our agents will contact you for further process.
  • Moreover, online booking from our website offers great discounts on online ticket price Jeddah to Lahore, making it a cost-effective option for travelers. Additionally, passengers can pay through various payment options and can easily change their bookings later if necessary.

Lahore to Jeddah Travel Restrictions

Jeddah is completely open for passengers. According to the travel requirements of Saudi Arabia, there are no longer covid-19 restrictions, this includes entry forms, vaccination proof, covid-19 testing and quarantine. All passengers visiting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (excluding Saudi Citizens or Residents) must have medical insurance to cover the costs of COVID-19 treatment.

Why Choose Us?

Passengers who are looking to book their Lahore to Jeddah flights should consider our online flight booking website for a hassle-free experience. With our website Trips.pk, passengers can easily compare prices and schedules of various airlines and choose the best option that suits their travel needs. Our website offers convenient payment options and secure booking process to ensure a stress-free experience for the passengers. Moreover, booking through Trips.pk provides various benefits like exclusive discounts, reward points, and 24/7 customer support. Passengers can also access their booking details and make changes or cancellations easily through our website.


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