Share Rooms 214,200
Quin Rooms 214,200
Quad Rooms 219,000
Tripple Rooms 228,600
Double Rooms 250,200
Package Inclusion
Package Exclusion
Fawad Nasa, Najoom Misfaiah (450 meters) or similar (Makkah Hotel)


Fundaq Abdul rehman, Elaf Quba Near Bilal Masjid or Similar (Gate no 5 and 6) Madina Hotel


Term & Conditions
  1. Compelete Accommodation and transportaion
  2. All sent to Embassy cases will be charged as per market rate
  3. Comapany is not responsible for any delay in processing due to late payment
  4. Any new tax or fee will be applied

Book Umrah Economy Plus Package for 21 Days


Umrah Package

Rs. 230,560

1 Adult Departing from Lahore

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