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If you are planning to visit Australia from Pakistan then you can apply for Visa from at a very low price without struggling hard with complete consultancy, advisory, and file preparation in 5 days of processing time in PKR 30000 Only.

Visa Type Processing Time Fee Apply
Consultancy (File Preparation + Advisory) 5 Working Days PKR 30,000 APPLY NOW

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Being a land of dreams Australia contains some of the best travel destinations in the world. The visitors can explore the multicultural cities, rainforests, islands, and various other natural wonders. The top attraction sites of the country are Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and Blue Mountains. 

Quick Facts About Australian Visa:

  1. Visa Required: Yes
  2. Visit Visa Duration:  Up to 90 Days
  3. Visa Processing Time:  Min 48 Hours
  4. Travel Insurance Cover Required: Min EUR 30,000
  5. Flight Booking to Apply for Visa: Not required
  6. Require Agent/Consultant to apply: May or may not

australia visa requirments from pakistan

How To Get Australian Visit Visa From Pakistan

  1. First of all, decide what visa option you are going to choose 
  2. Now, go and sign up for ImmiAccount 
  3. Fill the online application form and complete your application 
  4. Now, gather all the required documents for your visa application 
  5. Now, pay the visa application fee (Visa cost Australia AUD140 to AUD1,020), the online mood of visa fee application will be applied  
  6. Submit all the required documents of your visa application 
  7. Get visa grant notice and print it out from your Online Application Portal
  8. There are some general guidelines are for you that double-check your requirements, provide return proof, apply at least before 3 months of your departure.

Australian Visa Types: 

  1. Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601)
  2. Transit visa (subclass 771) 
  3. The visitor (subclass 600)
  4. Work and holiday visa (subclass 462)
  5. Working holiday visa (subclass 417)

Australia Visa Fee For Pakistani Citizens:

Applicants are required to pay the Online Australia Visa fee 2023 from Pakistan:

  1. Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601) : AUD 145
  2. Transit visa (subclass 771) : Free
  3. The visitor (subclass 600) : AUD 365
  4. Work and holiday visa (subclass 462) :  AUD 485
  5. Working holiday visa (subclass 417) :  AUD 485
  6. Service fee at the Visa Application Centre such (VFS Global) VFS Global works for the Australian Embassy as the application accepting authority. They charge their own services charges which are around: Rs. 5,000 to 10,000

Important Notes for Australia Visa:

Embassy Processes for Visas 

If you are offering the complete requirements of your visa application then it will take only 48 hours to process your application. However, the maximum period of the visa application process is 28 days and it is exceptional case your visa application process will be delayed. So, visa process is not much difficult. 

Passport Validity

The passport of applicants must be valid for at least 06 months before going to apply for visa.

Visa Application Validity

It can be varied according to your visa type for which you are going to apply. 

Travel Insurance

Applicants are required to buy travel insurance which must cover minimum EUR 30,000.

Visa Interview

There is no need for visa interview. However, the embassy may call you for any piece of information they won’t find from your visa application.

Additional Documents

It is possible that the embassy can require any further documents except the documents checklist mentioned for your general visa application. 

How to Track Visa Application?

Your visa application center such as VFS Global always takes care of your application. Once you submit the application you are notified that your application has submitted. However, when your application reached the embassy you are also informed and even you are also informed through email and other sources that your visa application has returned to VFS Global from the embassy. 

Visa Success Tips

Australia always welcomes foreigner especially visitors who are intended to move Australia for pleasure, meeting, business, and other recreational purposes. If your case is genuine then you will be offered priority by the embassy. So, make a direct appointment for your visa application to the Australian embassy and do not believe in the fake agents or scams you are looking around you. 

Travel Agencies

Travel Agents Can also help you in Australia Visa Process,You need travel agents Because they are expert in Embassy Process,Here are Some Well Reputed Australia vist visa travel agents they can help you in getting Australia Visa from Pakistan.

Documents Required for Australian Tourist Visa From Pakistan :

There are several categories exist for Australia toursit Visa from Pakistan and these are included on Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601), eVisitor (subclass 651), transit visa (subclass 771), visitor visa (subclass 600), working holiday visa (subclass 417), and work and holiday visa (subclass 462). For almost all the visa applications the general required documents checklist is given below. All the applicants before going to apply make it sure that they submitting the application with the complete documents: 

  1. Completely filled the visa application form 
  2. Original valid passport with at least 06 months validity 
  3. Passport size photographs, the photo must not be older than 06 months 
  4. Photocopies of passport, especially photocopies of the pages where identity detail is mentioned or where the travel history is mentioned 
  5. Proof of Pakistani national identity is required. For this purpose, applicants will show national identity card, NIC
  6. An invitation letter or sponsor letter is required if you are going through a sponsorship offered by your acquaintances.
  7. Applicants are also required to show a character certificate. For this purpose, a police clearance certificate may be applicable. You can also show your records of military services (if any).
  8. Previous visa history or travel history is required (if any)
  9. Proof of fund is mandatory and for this purpose, you can choose one of the following moods:
  10. Personal bank account statement
  11. Proof of payslips from your company of work 
  12. Proof of property or accommodation 
  13. Proof of audited accounts
  14. Proof of tax records
  15. Proof of credit cards limit    
  16. Applicants are required to show return proof
  17. The travel itinerary is also required by the applicants 
  18. Proof of sound health is also mandatory. For this purpose, applicants are required to show medical clearance certificate from a recognized medical organization
  19. Applicants are also required to buy Travel insurance which must cover almost 5,000 AUD

Autrailia Visa Processing Time

The standard Visa processing time is five working days. However, processing times can vary according to individual circumstances and scenarios.


Pakistani citizens can stay in Australia for up to 90 days on a visit visa.

The minimum processing time for an Australian visa application is 48 hours, but it can take up to 28 days in exceptional cases.

Yes, applicants are required to have travel insurance that covers a minimum of EUR 30,000.

No, flight booking is not required as part of the visa application process.


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