Austria Visa from Pakistan, Austria Visit and Business Visa Requirement

Austria Visa from Pakistan

Austria is a landlocked country that holds significance due to its strategic position. It contains spectacular landscapes and surrounded by mountain ranges. The country is the home to magnificent museums, prominent cities, cultural pleasures, deep craft valleys, picturesque lakes, and a wide range of fascinating traveling destinations that attract the visitors to witness its beauty.

1. Quick Facts About Austria Visa:

  1. Popular Visa Type: Tourist Visa,Business Visa and Visit Family/ Friend Visa
  2. Popular Visa Type: Up to 90 Days
  3. Visa Processing Time: Min.15 days Max.30 days
  4. Travel Insurance Cover Required: Min EUR 30,000
  5. Flight Booking to Apply for Visa: Not required
  6. Require Agent/Consultant to apply: May or may not
austria visit visa fee from pakistan

2. Austria Visa Application Steps From Pakistan:

  1. First of all, you are required to choose your visa category and carefully read out the requirements before going to apply for your visa. 
  2. Now, you are required to fill the visa application form, complete and without flaws. 
  3. Prepare yourself for an appointment and must appear on the schedule of your appointment. 
  4. Prepare all the documents required by the embassy for traveling. 
  5. Applicants are also required to submit the visa fee and the paid visa fee receipt will also be required to submit along with your visa application fee. 
  6. Once you will submit your application, you will be able to track your application by adding your passport number and your date of birth in the given section of the visa service center. Get Worldwide Travel Insurance.
  7. The application process will complete with 15 to 30 days and you are informed that the embassy can call you for any further requirement or interview. 

3. Visa Types For Pakistani National:

  1. Austrian Airport Visa 
  2. Austrian Tourist Visa 
  3. Austrian Visitors Visa
  4. Austrian Business Tour Visa 
  5. Austrian Visa For Official Visit
  6. Austrian Medical Visa 
  7. Austrian Study Visa 
  8. Austrian Visa For Sports, Cultural, and Film Squad  

4. Austria Visa Fee From Pakistan:

See the charges for the visitor visa application of Australia(Schengen Visa)
Schengen Visa allow you to visit Austria even also Schengen Countries: 

4.1 Austrian Schengen Tourist and Business Visa Cost:

  1. Schengen Visit visa for the cost for the adult traveler: 60 EURs
  2. Schengen Visit visa for the cost for children (between 6-12 years age): 35 EURs
  3. Schengen Visit visa for the cost for children (under 06 years age):  Free


4.2 Service fee at the Visa Application Centre such (VFS Global or Gerry’s Visa):

VFS Global works for the Austrian Embassy as the application processing authority. They charge their own services charges which are around:
  1. Rs. 5,000 to 10,000. This amount is an additional amount except visa fee.

5. Important Notes for Austrian Visa:

  1. Embassy Processes For Visas:
Once you will submit the visa application correctly without any fault then you would be asked to wait for visa processing and it will take 15 to 30 days to process your visa. The minimum processing period is 15 days. However, if there is any disturbance that comes to see in the application process then the applicants are asked to wait a maximum of 30 days for visa processing. 
  1. Passport Validity:
Applicants are required to submit the visa application form with a valid passport having at least 06 months of validity. 
  1. Visa Application Validity:
Visa application validity may differ from the visa category to the visa category. 
  1. Travel Insurance:
Minimum travel insurance with the amount of EURs 30,000 is required to save your traveling. 
  1. Visa Interview:
Generally, you are not required to appear for a visa interview. However, if there is a need to show the asked requirements then you may call to appear for an interview or the embassy or visa service center may call you for any serious query if they have.   
  1. Additional Documents:
Except for the asking requirements if there is any further requirement that will come to see the embassy may ask from your side and, in order to safely process your application, the applicants will also be asked to submit all the supplementary certificates or requirements.  
  1. How to Track Visa Application:
Once the applicants will submit their visa application then they would also be allowed to track their visa application. For this purpose, visa service centers such as VFS Global and Gerry’s Visa has allowed the applicants to enter their passport number and date of birth on the given section and they are directed towards the status of their application. So, in this case, you can easily make to know that at which extent your application has reached. 
  1. Visa Success Tips:
For obtaining a visa successfully, the applicants are advised to submit a complete and correct application. Before going to apply, make sure that you are going to submit a complete application. Austria is one of the most beautiful European countries. The country always welcomes foreigners to visit there for some genuine purposes such as visit, pleasure, business meeting, medical checkup, and other genuine reasons.
If you are able to submit a direct application they must go ahead and apply but if you are a bit confuse regarding application submission processes then you are also suggested to take the services from Pakistan’s best consultants that are linked with and offer you the complete guide and also process your application safely. 

6. Documents Required for AustrianVisa Application:

There are several visit visa categories exist for Australia and these are included on Austrian airport visa, Austrian tourist visa, Austrian visitor visa, Austrian business tour visa, Austrian visa for an official visit, Austrian medical visa, Austrian study visa, and Austrian visa for sports, cultural, and film squad.   
For all the visa categories there are some exceptional requirements that may come to see. But, it has seen that the general documents or requirements are the same and these are mentioned below: 
General Documents Required from All Visit Visa Applicants:
  1. A duly filled visa application form is required 
  2. With at least 06 months validity the original passport is required 
  3. 02 passport size and recent photographs, that must not be older than 06 months, are required
  4. Photocopies of passport pages where the identity detail or travel history are mentioned are required. 
  5. Applicants are required to show their nationality. This can be done by the Pakistani national identity card
  6. If the applicants are going on a sponsor visit then a sponsor letter from a relative or a business organization is required.   
  7. The embassy also requires to check the character of the traveler. For this purpose, the applicants would also be required to submit a character certificate or police clearance certificate.  
  8. Applicants if have any previous travel history then they would be required to show. 
  9. Give the detail of your trip if it is in the mood of a package tour. 
  10. Accommodation or stay proof is also mandatory to submit while submitting your visa application.  
  11. Applicants are required to show a sound health and medical clearance certificate, for this purpose, must be attached to the application form. 
  12. Applicants must show proof of travel insurance if asked by the embassy

It is mandatory to give proof of funding and this proof you can give through any of the following given moods:

  1. Personal bank account statement
  2. Proof of pay slips from your company of work 
  3. Proof of property or accommodation 
  4. Proof of audited accounts
  5. Proof of tax records
  6. Proof of credit cards limit    

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