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Bahrain Visa From Pakistan

Bahrain is an enclave of thirty-three islands in the Persian Gulf. It is located at the shore of Saudi Arabia and Qatar to which it is connected by the 25-kilometer King Fahd Causeway. Bahrain is a part of the United Nations, Arab League, and the Gulf Cooperation Council. Get best tour packages for Bahrain, Baku and Turkey.

 1. Quick Facts About Bahrain 

  1. Visa Required: Yes
  2. Popular Visa Type: Bahrain Tourist Visa and Bahrain Business Visa 
  3. Out of these types of visas for the Pakistani applicants the valid and the best option if to apply e-Visa.  
  4. Visit Visa Duration: Up to 30 Days
  5. Visa Processing Time: 72 hours only 
  6. Travel Insurance Cover Required: Not Confirmed 
bahrain visa fee from pakistan

2. How to Get Bahrain Visa From Pakistan:

  1. The very first step that comes to see while applying for Bahrain visa is to find out the category of visa. Applicants of Pakistan will apply for Bahrain e-Visa
  2. Once you find out the category of visa then you are required to sill and submit the application form. Pakistani applicants for e-Visa will submit an online application form.   
  3. Applicants are required to gather all the supporting Documents Required for e-Visa Application. Applicants are required to enter the valid and running email address because the status of visa will be sent on the given email address.   
  4. Applicants are informed that there is no need to apply to embassy. The application mood is online.   
  5. Applicants are also required to submit the visa fee through credit card or through PayPal account.  
  6. Make sure that you are going to submit a complete or correct visa application. Incomplete application or incorrect information become the reasons of visa rejection.  
  7. Once, applicants will submit the application then they would receive an email within 72 hours with visa applicant status whether it is approved or not. 

3. Visa Types of Bahrain For Pakistani Citizens:

This guide covers the following visa types to Bahrain:
  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Business Visa

4. Bahrain Visa Fee From Pakistan:

See the charges for the visitor visa application of Bahrain
  1. Bahrain Visa Fee: Applicants are required to pay the Bahrain e-Visa fee which is $79.
  2. Bahrain Visa Service Fee: Applicants are required to apply an online visa application processing fee and application processing fee is $35. 

5. Important Notes for Bahrain Visa:

  • Online Visa Process 
There is no need to apply physical application for e-Visa Bahrin. Moreover, applicants are not required to appear for embassy interview. Applicants are required to submit an online application and to send supporting document and to pay the visa application and processing fees.   
  • Passport Validity
Applicants who are going to apply for Bahrain visit visa or e-Visa are required to show passport with at least 03 months validity. 
  • Visa Application Validity
Visa application is processed within 72 hours. However, the application processing time may delay but it happen under serious cases. 
  • Travel Confirmation 
Applicants are required to show travel confirmation through Airline Tickets.   
  • Visa Interview
There is no interview required for Bahrain e-Visa. 
  • Additional Documents
Following are the supporting and required documents for Bahrain visit or e-Visa application. Applicants make it sure that they are going to submit the application with complete documents. However, applicants may also be required to apply any additional document required at the time of visa application submission.  
  • How Much Time It Takes 
Visa application process time is 72 hours and applicants are offered an email with visa status. 
  • Visa Success Tips
As we know that there is no physical application is required for Bahrain visit visa or e-Visa. So, the applicants are required to submit an online application. The best tip to run a successful visa application is to submit a completely filled application and also make it sure that you are not going to enter any false information. Incomplete application or application with false information becomes the reasons of visa rejection.
How I Track my Visa Bahrain Application From Pakistan?
  1. Open this link:
  2. Enter your passport number, Nationality and D.O.B or Application Reference Number
  3. Click on Submit


6. Documents Required for Bahrain Visa From Pakistan:

For the visit visa category which is e-Visa there are some documents are required to show or submit. Following are the general documents required to lead or run a successful visa application to Bahrain: 
General Documents Required from Bahrain Visa from Pakistan:
  1. Submit a completely filled online application form 
  2. Passport with at least 03 months validity is required to show  
  3. One photograph will also be required to complete the application form 
  4. Photocopies of passport with photo page or the pages of information are required.
  5. Applicants are required to submit a copy or return airfare  
  6. Proof or confirmation of hotel booking is required. CPR Readers’ printout of family, friends, or any other relative will be required if you are going to make stay with anyone of them.  
  7. Copy of bank account statement is mandatory to attach with the application form.   
  8. Applicants are required to show the bank account statement of the last 03 months with the ending or current balance of BD300. 
  9. Applicants are required to pay visa application fee and visa processing fee. Applicants are required to pay the fees through credit cards or through PayPal account.

Bahrain Visa Application Effort for Pakistani CItizens:

  1. Easy
  2. There are some certain documents are required to show.
  3. The mood of visa application is online and no physical application process happens. 

Bahrain Visa Processing Time From Pakistan:

  1. Low
  2. After applying for Bahrain visit visa within 72 hours you get the answer of your proposal.
  3. The process may be delay but it happens in special or rare cases.
  4. However, due to some immigration issues, there are high chances of visa rejection also coming to see nowadays.  

Points To Be Noted Before Departing to Bahrain: 

Following are the main points or checklist that the applicants must be noted during their application submission or before departing to Bahrain:   
  1. Applicants keep it in mind that they are not allowed to do paid employment during their visit or stay in Bahrain. 
  2. Applicants will be able to support themselves and those who are dependent upon them. List of best travel agents for Bahrin visa in Pakistan.
  3. Applicants make it sure that their passport is valid according to the stay or with the validity of their stay in Bahrain. 
  4. If the validity of passport is doubtful then you can decline you’re travelling to Bahrain. 
  5. Applicants must possess a valid return ticket before going to apply for visa application. 

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  • JS Travel and Tours Pvt Ltd

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