• Visa Type Processing Time Price/person
  • Consultancy (File Preparation + Advisory) 5 Working Days
    PKR. 10000

Bangladesh is a land in South Asia and is located on the Bay of Bengal joined by India on all sides except for a small edge with Burma. It is the eighth-most populated nation in the globe. Bangladesh has smooth meadows, and most of the land is located on deltas of big swells flowing from the Himalayas.

Quick Facts about Bangladesh Visa

  1. Visa Required : Yes
  2. Popular Visa Type : Tourist visa and Business visa
  3. Visa Processing Time : The minimum time which is required to get Bangladesh tourist visa is 04 to 05 working days. 
  4. Flight Booking to Apply Visa : Required
  5. Require Agent/Consultant to Apply : Yes
  6. Physical Appearance : Must​

Visa Application Steps for Bangladesh

  1. Applicants are asked to submit three copies of visa application form within the appropriate consular hours. 
  2. The documents that are in local language will be required to translate in English language. 
  3. During the visa application submission there is not requirement to submit passport or visa application fee. 
  4. When the application finalized from the embassy or consulate then the applicants are asked to bring passport. 
  5. When the visa is approved then applicants are required to submit visa application fee.
  6. Applicants are required to appear physically for visa interview. 
  7. High commission of Bangladesh informed that there is not agent or consulate exists that works for high commission. Applicants are advised to contact directly to high Commission for visa application process.
  8. However, the applicants or visa seeker from Sindh province will be required to apply the application through Bangladesh Deputy High Commission in Karachi. 

Important Notes about the Bangladesh Visa

Following are the important notes the applicants must know if he want to get Pakistan to Bangladesh Visa:

  1. It is the right of the high Commission to ask any other additional documents other than the below mentioned documents required for visa application.
  2. All the applicants will submit the three sets of visa application. 
  3. The incomplete applications and incorrect applications will be rejected by the Bangladesh High Commission. 
  4. Foreign citizens including Pakistani citizen may also ask for registration at airport. However, the applicants who are going to travel through land port may be required to be registered at the nearest District Special Branch, DSP of Bangladesh or city Special Branch of Bangladesh.
  5. Applicants for the extension of visa will be required to submit the extension application before the expiration of visa. 
  6. Visa extension application before the expiration of visa will get penalty of over-stay in Bangladesh. 
  7. Once you will be enter to Bangladesh, the visa category will not be changed

Visa Types of Bangladesh For Pakistani Nationals

Following are the types of visa for Bangladesh

  1. Visit visa
  2. Business visa
  3. Student visa
  4. Employment visa
  5. Diplomatic/Official visa
  6. Investor visa
  7. Journalist visa
  8. NGO visa  

Bangladesh Visa fee| Visa Price 2024 from Pakistan

All the applicants are required to submit the Bangladesh Visa Application Fee after the approval of Visa. Following is the visa fee detail for Bangladesh:  

  1. Single Entry Visit Visa : 2 USD in Rs 200/-
  2. Double Entry Visit Visa : 4 USD in Rs 600/-
  3. Multiple Entry Visit Visa : 5 USD in Rs. 735/-
  4. Employment Visa : 172 USD in Rs 26,641/-


Documents Required for Bangladesh Visit Visa From Pakistan

In order to get Bangladesh visa from Pakistan the applicants are requested to apply the  Bangladesh visa application form along with the following required documents:

  1. A completely filled visa application form is required. Applicants are required to submit 03 three complete sets of Bangladesh visa application.    
  2. 03 recent photographs of applicants are required 
  3. Applicants are required to submit a valid passport (Minimum Validity of 6 months) after the approval of their Bangladesh visitor visa.
  4. If the applicants are going to travel through a host or partner, or a family member then a valid invitation letter is required. 
  5. Tentative or confirmed air-ticket is required to complete your application.  
  6. Applicants are also required to submit hotel booking or accommodation proof along with the visa application form. 
  7. Medical certificate which shows sound health of applicants is required.
  8. Polio vaccination certificate is also required to submit. 
  9. Travel insurance may also be required to submit in order to complete your visa application. 

Documents Require for Bangladesh Business Visa

These are the checklist of documents require for Bangladesh Business Visa from Pakistan. 

  1. Invitation Letter from a sponsor in Bangladesh.
  2. Letter of Authorization from company in Pakistan 
  3. Registration Letter Copy of Company in Pakistan
  4. Bank Statement at least 6 months.

Visit Visa Application Effort

It is not much difficult to get visit visa Bangladesh. The effort to get Bangladesh visitor visa is medium. Applicants are asked to submit the complete and correct information for safe and fast application process.  

Processing Time Bangladesh Visa from Pakistan

The processing time of Bangladesh visitor visa is not so long. General, the embassy or consulate requires 04 to 05 working days to complete the visa process. However, the process may delay and it is the rare case. For example, if the embassy finds the information or documents incomplete or incorrect then the visa application process may be delayed. 

Tip to get Bangladesh Visa Fast

Here is a tip for you that if you are going to submit a complete or correct application according ot the requirements applied by embassy or consulate then your visa application will be processed quickly or on time. 

Awaiting the Result

 The standard visa application process requires 04 to 05 days. However, in some certain cases the visa process time may be extended.   

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do Pakistani people need a visa to visit Bangladesh?

Yes, like others Pakistan nationals also need a visa to visit Bangladesh.

How much time does it take to get a visa to Bangladesh from Pakistan?

It usually takes 7 to 10 working days in getting a visa to Bangladesh.

How much does it usually cost in getting a visa to Bangladesh?

It usually costs $2 in getting a single-entry visa o Bangladesh and $4 to get a multiple-entry Visa to Bangladesh.

Is it cheap to visit Bangladesh from Pakistan?

Bangladesh is not as much cheaper as we imagine but it is still within the budget of an ordinary traveler.

Is Bangladesh a beautiful place to Visit?

Bangladesh is a country blessed with natural beauty and resources. Here in Bangladesh, you will find mountains, rivers, beaches, historical places, and much more so it is not a bad destination to visit at all.

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