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Cambodia Visa Policy For Pakistan

 Frequently Asked Questions.

How long can we stay in Cambodia with an E-Visa?

We can stay there for 30 days with an E-visa (within the next 90 days after issuance of the Visa)

What are the documents required to apply for a Cambodian Visa?

A Valid Passport Scan and Credit/Debit Card account.

How long it usually takes to get a Visa to Cambodia?

It usually takes 5 working days to get a Cambodian Visa. You can also get It in fewer days by Paying more.

What is the average Cambodian Visa Price from Pakistan?

It usually costs 30$ to get an ordinary Visa and 36$ for an E-Visa.

Do Cambodia offers work Visa?

Recently in 2023, Cambodia opened the foreign employee Quota for businesses there. It means now foreigners can also work there.

Can we get PR in Cambodia?

No, Cambodia does not offer permanent residence but its ordinary visa can be extended.

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