• Visa Type Processing Time Price/person
  • China Visa (Fresh) 30 Working Days
    PKR. 255000
  • China Visa (Repeat) 30 Working Days
    PKR. 105000

China is the one of the most populous countries across the world. China is the largest manufacturing economy as well as the exporter of goods all over the world. Moreover, China is the fastest-growing consumer market and also the second-largest importer of goods across the globe. China is also famous for offering the best educational facilities and hence most of the Pakistanis annually move to China to complete their higher studies. The country is also known for worth-while visiting places. If you are planning to visit China and looking for the detailed and guide regarding China visa from Pakistan then you can get it here on Trips.pk. 

Quick Facts about Chinese Visa from Pakistan

  1. Visa Required: Yes 
  2. Popular Visa Type: Business Visa, Tourism Visa and Employment visa.
  3. Visit Visa Duration: Business Visa – 6 months, Tourism visa – 30 days, Employment visa 1 year.
  4. Visa Processing Time:  4 working days for all visa types.
  5. Flight Booking and Hotel reservation details to Apply Visa: Yes (in case of absence of invitation letter)
  6. Require Agent/Consultant to apply: No
  7. Travel Insuracne : Yes
  8. China Visa Fee: 30$ - 90$​

China Visa Requirments from pakistan

How to Apply for Chinese Visa From Pakistan

  1. China is one of the most desirable country for Pakistani Citizens. In order to apply for the China visa from Pakistan, You requires to submit the online visa application form for china and seek the appointment online. The timing during which the applicant must make the appointment are 8 am to 12 pm from Monday to Friday.
  2. The applicant from Pakistan must apply for the appointment and then visit the Chinese embassy. The applicant must submit their original documents and along with their original passport and photographs.
  3. The applicant can apply for the Chinese visa from anywhere in the world since this is the easiest way to receive the Visa. The different types of visa from Pakistan require different kinds of documentations and letters. 
  4. The application for the visa of china requires the person to provide many other support documents and ask for the interview even if it’s not mentioned on the type visa requirements. Some kinds of visa as Q 1, Q 2, S 1, S 2, X 1, X 2, D and Z require the visa applicant to come in person for the interview. 
  5. The final authority in issuing the visa of the Pakistani visa applicant is that of the consular office panel, they will issue the visa in accordance with the requirement of the type of visa applied by the applicant. Another most important scrutiny the person has to undergo is that they have to submit their bare fingerprints at the Chinese consulate in Islamabad.
  6. While travelling to china it’s not required to previously submit the entire travel itinerary, once the visa applicant has received their visa to china they can visit anywhere they wish for. 

China Visa Types From Pakistan

There are many different types of visas issued to a person based on their need and their designation eg. Being a possessor of the diplomatic passport. The ordinary visa issued by the authority of the Chinese government are of 8 types-

  1. L visa or Tourism visa – this visa is issued to the Pakistani passport bearer who wish to visit china as a tourist or for the purpose of visiting their family.
  2. Z or work visa - this visa is issued to the visa applicant who has to visit china for the purpose of employment or accompany their spouse. This visa is also issued to those who wish to visit china under the academic exchange program.
  3. F visa or Business visa – those Pakistani citizens who have been invited to china for the purpose of business and lecture or short term intern visit purposes.
  4. X visa or Students visa – this visa is issued by the Chinese consulate to Pakistani students who wish to study in a Chinese University, therefore the duration of such kind.
  5. D visa – this kind of visa is issued to the applicant who want to apply for a permanent residency in china.
  6. J visa or correspondent visa – this visa is issued for the foreign correspondent who wish to visit china with or without their spouses.
  7. C visa or Crew visa – This visa is issued to the crew members of international trains, airplanes and cruise ships.
  8. G visa or transit visa – this kind of visa is issued to the Pakistani citizen who wants to go to a third country and transit from china, which includes a 24 hour stay at the airport or going out of there.

China Visa Fee 2024 from Pakistan

  1. Single Entry:  7000/-
  2. Multiple Entry:  12,500/-
  3. Multiple Entry for 6 Months :  15,000/-
  4. Multiple Entry for 12 Months :  20,000/-
  5.  Fresh: 2,00000; Repeat: 60000 & if invitition 5000 + 7000 Embassy Fee in Jerry

General Documents Required for the China Visa from Pakistan

The general kind of documents required for China Visa from Pakistan of all 8 kinds of visas are as follows,To get Visa Assistance from Lahore Trips.pk offer Best Visa Consultants from Lahore.

  1. Visa application form that must be downloaded from the official website and a passport size photo.
  2. Original passport issued by the government of Pakistan that has a validity greater than 6 months.
  3. The Pakistani passport must have at least 2 blank pages.
  4. For the first time applicants of the Chinese visa, a clearance certificate or character certificate issued by the local police must be submitted.

Other Documents Required for the Different Types of Chinese Visas From Pakistan

  1. F visa: Invitation letter from the organization, bank statement, tax certificate, recommendation letter and supporting letter from the organization.
  2. L visa: Bank statement, invitation letter, marriage certificate and documents of identification of the inviter.
  3. X visa: The Pakistani students requires to submit the application for student visa form, acceptance letter of admission to the Chinese university. Physical fitness certificate issued and attested by the ministry of foreign affairs, Islamabad. 
  4. Z visa: Original letter of confirmation and invitation from a government organization of china. Registration papers of the enterprise at china at the foreign affairs china office. Physical examination letter issued by the government organization and attested by the foreign affairs office Islamabad. Supporting letter from the organization.
  5. G visa: The valid visa of the country where the visa applicant wants to visit while transit through china. The flight tickets that confirm and are a proof of the transit.

Visa Application Effort

  1. Low 
  2. Detailed documents required for each type of visa.
  3. Physical visit is required in case applied for the Chinese visa.

China Visa Processing Time From Pakistan

2 to 4 weeks for all visa types, if the consulate of china decides to take an interview that would add some more processing days leading to delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free for Pakistani people to visit China?

Except for diplomats and Officials, every Citizen of Pakistan needs a visa to Visit China.

What is the Visa fee for Pakistani people to visit China?

The visa fee for China from Pakistan is about Rs. 185,000.

How much time it usually takes for the approval of a Visa to China?             

It usually takes 8 working days for the approval of a Visa to China.

Can we work in China as a foreigner?

Yes, we can, but we need a work permit visa from your nearest Chinese Embassy.

What is the average wage in China?

The median salary in China is about 31,000 Yuan.

Is china an expensive country to visit?

China can be the one of most affordable countries to travel to if you have international travel experience and can explore it on your own.

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