Dubai Visa From Pakistan

Visa Type Processing Time Fee Apply
Visit Visa (Two months) 7 Working Days PKR 46,000 APPLY NOW
Visit Visa (One month) 7 Working Days PKR 36,000 APPLY NOW

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Dubai is known as the luxurious city which is famous for various sightseeing attractions. The world tallest building Burj-ul-Khalifa is also present in it that captures the attention of many visitors. The city contains the exotic nightlife, modern architecture, grand shopping malls, unique museums, and beautiful skylines that depict the pompous lifestyle. Best 5 days tour packages to Dubai.

1.Quick Facts about Dubai Visa:

  1. Visa Required : Yes
  2. Popular Visa Type : Tourist, Family
  3. Visit Visa Duration : 14 Days to 3 Months
  4. Visa Processing Time : The minimum time taken for the visa is 3 to 7 working days
  5. Flight Booking to Apply Visa : Not required
  6. Require Agent/Consultant to apply : In case you are applying through an agent then Yes
dubai visa fee from pakistan

2. How To Get Dubai Visa from Pakistan:

  1. Visit the following website:
  2. A VFS page will pop up to which you will be required to adhere to its terms and conditions .
  3. Select the itinerary for which visa is required and names of the Passengers who require the visa. The passport details, current nationality and current country of residence needs to be entered.
  4. Subsequent to this enter an e mail id along with the relationship of the applicants applied together.
  5. The applicant will receive a hyper link on the email id provided after which the applicant’s visa application form will appear.
  6. After filling in the form the applicant can upload the documents online.
  7. The payment can be made at the nearest application center only if the customer has an Emirates Ticket .The applicant should ensure that the documents taken to the VAC are genuine.
  8. Obtaining a 90 day Visa if the Applicant has a confirmed Ticket on Emirates Airline.Dubai flights from Pakistan.

3. Visa Types of Dubai  for Pakistan:

This guide covers following visa types to Dubai:
  1. 14 Days

  2. 30 Days

  3. 90 Days


4. Visa Costs for Dubai from Pakistan:

Here are the charges that apply to each visa application
  1. 14 Days : 20000/RS with insurance

  2. 30 Days : 20000/RS with insurance

  3. 90 Days : 40000/RS with insurance

  4. 5 Years Multiple Entry visa: 50000/RS without insurance

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Visa Obtained by Sponsors:

  1. 100 AED using standard governmental service.

  2. 150 AED using hotels, tour operators or travel agent 


5. Applying a Dubai Visa through a Sponsor:

  1. One of the ways to enter Dubai is to obtain a sponsor Visa which can be a specific or a tour guide which is responsible for the hotel/accommodation or the  arrangements      of your stay .It can be a business Company or a UAE resident.

  2. The sponsor is updated about the individual’s travel plans as a result of which they are able to sponsor a visa of any duration whether it is 30 days or 90 days.

  3. However, if the visa is being sponsored by the hotel or a company rather than a specific person it is most likely that visa of 14 days will be offered.

  4. Once there is a sponsor the applicant needs to provide their Passport Details and Flight Information to them.

  5. Once the visa has been obtained by the Sponsor the applicant will need a copy of the Passport and two color photos.

  6. Once a visitor visa has been obtained the sponsor will fax the confirmation of it.

  7. It is significant for the applicant have a copy of the passport mailed by the sponsor as it has to be showed at the airport by the Applicant at the arrival. The original visa is collected by the applicant at the airport when the copy of it is provided by the Applicant.

  8. If the person sponsoring the Applicant is a relative he needs to deposit 2000 AED which is a refundable guarantee.


6. Documents Required for Dubai Tourist Visa From Pakistan:

Given below is a set of documents that you should provide if you want to get Dubai Visa from Pakistan.
  1. Original passport
  2. Original visa application form completed 
  3. Applicant’s Colored Photograph with White Background 
  4. Copy of Emirates or Fly Dubai Ticket
  5. Guarantor’s Passport with a colored photocopy of Bio Pages, UAE residence visa page copy showing validity of at least 6 months or more.
  6. Emirates ID and Labor Contract
  7. If self-employed then trade license copy 
  8. Security Deposit of AED 1000 paid in cash, which is refundable once the applicant exits UAE


Dcouments Require in Case of Visa is Applied through Agent: also offers Visa Assistance for Dubai, Below are the List of Documents that you will need if you apply through Agent.
  1. Scanned copy of CNIC 
  2. Scanned copy of Passport of sufficient funds
  3. Scanned copy of Passport size photos along with original size Passport photos
Visa Obtained Solely By Sponsorship without Confirmed Tickets:
  1. Flight Information
  2. Details of Passport
  3. Copy of the Applicant’s  Passport
  4. Two Color Photos (Passport Size)
  5. Clear Passport Copy of the Sponsor
  6. Proof of Family relationship with the sponsor if any
  7. A copy of the Salary Certificate or employment contract of a sponsor if he is a resident
  8. Visa Fee. 


Visa Application Effort

  1. Low
  2. Extensive list of documents
  3. No Physical visit required


Dubai Visa Processing Time for Pakistan:

  1. Medium
  2. Min 3-7 days required


Notes about Documents:

The visa is expected to arrive within three to Seven working days.


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