Hungary Visa from Pakistan 2023

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Now Providing Hungary Visa from Pakistan 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions.


How long it takes to get Hungary Visa Application Approved?

It usually takes up to 10 days to get a Hungary visa application approved. In case of severe circumstances, this time may be extended to 60 days.

How will you get informed about the selection of your visa?

You will get an E-mail in case of acceptance of your visa to Hungary.

How much it usually takes after an interview to get a visa?

It usually takes several weeks to get a visa after the interview. Once you get a visa you have 30 days to go to the immigration office in Budapest to receive your residence permit.

What is the visa application fee for a visa to Hungary?

The visa fee is 80 Euros for a short stay and 110 Euro for a long/National stay in Hungary.

Which visa is most convenient for a long stay in Hungary?

A student visa is the most convenient one if you want to stay in Hungary for a long time.

What is the average salary in Hungary?

The average salary in Hungary is about 1500 Euro/Month.

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