Indonesia Visa From Pakistan 2023

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Visa Type Processing Time Fee Apply
Visa Full Package (One month) 14 Working Days USD 310 APPLY NOW

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Indonesia is well known for the diversity of cultures and landscapes. It is home to thousands of islands and is the best archipelago in the world. The country is the best choice for the traveling destination as it contains the islands, national parks, volcanoes sites and beaches. So visit this beautiful nation and explore fascinating sights.

Quick Facts About Indonesia

  1. Visa Required: Yes
  2. Popular Visa Type: Transit Visa ,Tourist Visa , Work Visa
  3. Duration Single Entry Visa: 60 Days
  4. Duration of Multiple Entry Visa: Valid for a period of one Year
  5. Visa Processing Time: 10 Working Days
  6. Transit Visa Fee: US $ 12.5
  7. Tourist Visa Fee: US $ 15
  8. Work Visa Fee: US $ 100
  9. Flight Booking to Apply Visa: Required
  10. Require Agent/Consultant to apply: No​

How to Apply for Indonesia Visa from Pakistan

  1. In case the applicant is resident of Punjab he/she has to visit Indonesian Embassy in Islamabad in order to apply for the Visa. However, if the applicant is a permanent resident of Sindh or Baluchistan then the application needs to be made at Indonesian Consulate in Karachi.
  2. The address of Indonesian Embassy in Karachi is the following:Block 5 Clifton, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75600 Telephone:021 35874619
  3. The visa fee is submitted after the issuance of Visa and is done and is accepted only in US Dollars and not in PKR.
  4. The applicant is required to submit the Application form with the Documents at the consular counter of Indonesian Embassy Islamabad.
  5. The consular opening hours are from Monday to Wednesday being the following:
  6. 9:30 am to 11:30 am
  7. The embassy has the right to accept or reject a Visa Application without giving any reason.
  8. The applicant’s need to be aware of the fact that even after the issuance of the Visa permission of entry has to be yet granted by the Indonesian Immigration.
  9. The visa is collected from the Consulate during the opening hours on Thursday- Friday in between 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.
  10. The visa fee is $15 for a Single Entry Visa.

Applying the Indonesia Multiple Entry Visa from Pakistan

  1. The multiple entry Visa holds the validity for the period of a year commencing from the date of arrival in Indonesia with no more than 60 days per visit.
  2. This type of Visa is applied for those who are required to visit Indonesia often for the purpose of Government Activities, business or commercial activities, tourism, social or due to the family visit.
  3. The applicant is required to submit the documents accompanied by the Visa Application form at the consular counter of Indonesian Embassy Islamabad. It can be done so on Monday to Wednesday from 09:30 am to 11:30 am.
  4. The fee for the Multiple Entry Visa is 50 USD.
  5. The visa is collected during consular opening hours on Thursday to Friday from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

Visa Types of Malasyia for Pakistani Citizens

This guide covers following Visa types to Indonesia from Pakistan

  1. Tranist Visa
  2. Tourist Visa
  3. Work Visa

Indonesia Visa Fee from Pakistan

  1. Transit Visa Fee : US $ 12.5
  2. Tourist Visa : US $ 15
  3. Tourist Visa (Multiple Entry)* upto 1 year : US $ 17.5
  4. Tourist Visa (Multiple Entry)* more than 1 year : US $ 50
  5. Work Visa (Single Entry) : US $ 100
  6. Work Visa (Multiple Entry)* upto 1 year : US $ 150
  7. Work Visa (Multiple Entry)* more than 1 year : US $ 200

Documents Required for Indonesia Visa From Pakistan

Given below is a set of documents that you should provide while submitting application from Pakistan.For Any Visa Assistiance you can contant to Travel Agent.

General Documents Required for applying the Visa through the Embassy in Karachi

  1. Two Visa Applications signed by the Applicant filled with two photographs against white background.
  2. Covering Letter requesting Visa and mentioning all the details of the visit as well as your business/job and must be on a company letterhead where the applicant is employed or does business.
  3. Bank Statement of last six months along with account maintenance certificate.
  4. Confirmed Hotel Booking.
  5. A valid Return Ticket.
  6. Visa Fee of $50 USD to be paid after visa is issued.
  7. Original passport and previous passports
  8. Copy of Passports first three pages in A4 Size
  9. Copy of CNIC (A4 Size)
  10. NTN and Registration in case of Businessman
  11. The applicant who are applying from Islamabad rather than Karachi must also submit a “Police Character Certificate” 
  12. The Original Passport with a validity of at least eighteen months at the time of arrival in Indonesia.
  13. Guarantee by the Applicant that they are capable of funding their own trip for which their bank statement should show the funds of USD 2000 for the last three months.
  14. If it is a business trip or convention attach the information letter from the company based in Pakistan and invitation letter from the counterpart in Indonesia.
  15. If it is a social or family visit attach the invitation letter from a family or friends based in Indonesia and Marriage Certificate and other relevant documents.
  16. For the non-profit purpose and internship attach the invitation/reference letter from an institution based in Indonesia.
  17. Two color photograph

General Documents required for the Indonesian Multiple Entry Visa

These are the Documents Require for Indoensian multple visa from Pakistan.

  1. The Original Passport valid for at least eighteen months at the time of arrival in Indonesia.
  2. Visa Application form signed by the Applicant Itself.
  3. Two Color Photograph.
  4. Copy of National Identity Card.
  5. Copy of Passport Page one and two and previous Visa of Indonesia.
  6. A copy of return Ticket.
  7. If it is a Business Trip or Convention attach the information letter from the Company based in Pakistan and Invitation Letter from Counterpart in Indonesia.
  8. If it is a social and family visit, attach the invitation letter from family or friends based in Indonesia and marriage certificate and other supporting documents.


Indonesian Visa Application Effort 

  1. High
  2. Physical Visit Required to the Embassy

Indonesia Visa Processing Time from Pakistan

  1. Medium
  2. The visa is processed within 10 working days


Awaiting the result

The Indonesian Visa is expected to arrive within two months provided that all of the above mentioned documents are submitted at the earliest.Book Flights from Pakistan To Indonesia in Cheap Price.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Indonesia a tourism country?

Indonesia is one of the world’s most visited countries.

Can Pakistani citizens get an on-arrival visa in Indonesia?

No, they are requested to bring a valid visa with them to travel to Indonesia.

What is the average visa getting duration for Indonesia?

The visa processing time for an Indonesian visa is about 7-9 working days.

What is the application fee for an Indonesian visa?

The application fee for an Indonesian visa for 1 month is about 280$.

Is Indonesia a cheap country to travel to?

One of the most affordable traveling destinations across the world where you can expect to find cheap accommodation, food, conveyance, etc.

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