Iran Visa From Pakistan

Visa Type Processing Time Fee Apply
Sticker Visit Visa 30 Working Days PKR 23,000 APPLY NOW
Three Months Visit Visa 90 Working Days PKR 25,000 APPLY NOW
Visit Visa 30 Working Days PKR 24,000 APPLY NOW
visit visa 30 Working Days PKR 25,000 APPLY NOW
visit visa 30 Working Days PKR 25,000 APPLY NOW
visit visa 30 Working Days PKR 15,000 APPLY NOW

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Iran is undoubtedly the definitive backpacking destination. Iran is a neighboring state of Pakistan and hence both countries have good relations with one another. Iran is cheap as compared to many other countries. The country has numerous hostels in major tourist places and many marvelous places to visit. It is actually a country that offers great value for money. For Pakistanis, it is not so difficult to get a visa for Iran. If you are planning to make a tour to Iran then you are at the right place. On this page you can get the complete guide of Iran visa from Pakistan.

1. Quick Facts About Iran Visa:

  1. Visa Required: On Arrival 
  2. Visa Processing Time: 10 days are required to Process an Iran visa from Pakistan.  
  3. Flight Booking to Apply Visa: Required
  4. Require Agent/Consultant to Apply: Yes 
  5. Popular Visa Type:  Tourist visa, Business visa, and transit visa. 
  6. Visa Validity: 30 days
how to apply for iran visa from pakistan

2. How To Apply for Iran Visa from Pakistan:

Iran is the neighbour Country of Pakistan,Visa Process of Iran for Pakistani National is quite easy..It is very necessary to understand the visa processing so you can have the visa without any inconvenience. We explain the process in steps that How to get Iran Visa from Pakistan.
  1. The visa application form can be collected from the embassy and it is also available online on this Link :
  2. After getting the visa form, fill it accurately by mentioning all the required data properly.
  3. Select the type of visa that you are interested to apply for traveling to Iran.
  4. The applicant needs to submit the visa fee with the visa application form.
  5. The information that must be filled on the visa application form includes Passport Number, Phone Number, Residential Address, Email Address, Purpose of visit, The cities and areas where you will be traveling, Period for which you require Visa, Number of days you will stay and Processing Fee.
  6. The applicant must submit the visa stamp fee, which is paid to the Iran Visa and Passport Office at the embassy.
  7. The authorization letter has to be sent to the Ministry of foreign affairs to Iran at least 48 hours before the arrival at the Iran airport.
  8. The applicant should have Travel Insurance for Iran. It is not officially listed but considered mandatory.

3. Important Notes about the Iranian Visa:

  1. The applicant is required to apply for the visa at an Iranian embassy or consulate.
  2. E-visas have been also available for Iran.
  3. The applicant will not get the visa on arrival. So make sure to complete the visa processing before traveling to Iran.
  4. The women without wearing the Islamic head cover, long sleeves, stockings, and scarf are not allowed to enter Iran.
  5. The applicant should have the confirmed return ticket with the time frame of 30 days.

4. Types of Iran Visa for Pakistani National:

  1. Tourist Visa : The tourist visa is issued for a short period of traveling. With this type of visa, no business activities are allowed. People having this type of visa can stay in Iran maximum for 30 days.
  2. Business Visa : The business visa permits a short period to do business activity in Iran. 
  3. Transit Visa : A Transit visa is required if you are not staying for travel purposes in Iran and wanted to travel to the third destination.The visa is valid for traveling through the Iran port and is valid for three days only.
  4. Pilgrimage Visa: This Visa is for Ziarats in Iran.

5. Iran Visa Fee From Pakistan:

Visa Types  Processing Time  Visa Fee
7-10 Days
20 Euros
3-5 Days
35 Euros

6. Documents Required for Iran Tourist Visa from Pakistan:

  1. Passport : An original passport is required. Take the old passports also with you. Passport must have two blank pages and valid for 3 months from the day of travel. 
  2. National Identity Card : CNIC copy is required if you are above 18 years. B-Form copy is required if the application is below than 18 years.
  3. Photographs : The two recent color photographs are required with a white background.
  4. Cover letter
  5. Medical Certificate : It shows you are completely healthy to travel to Iran. In case if your, not a healthy fit, you will be not allowed to travel.
  6. Letter of intention : In this letter, the applicant mentions the reason why he wanted to have a tourist visa

7. Documents Need to Apply through Consultate:

  1. Filled Visa Application  Forms
  2. Photographs
  3. Passport
  4. Visa Fee Voucher

8. Documents Required for Iran Business Visa from Pakistan:

Following are the documents required for the Iranian Business Visa from Pakistan.
  1. Covering Letter of the firm that shows them you are traveling for the business purpose
  2. Invitation Letter 
  3. 2 recent passport size photographs with white background
  4. 1st 4 pages of the passport 
  5. Copy of CNIC
  6. Personal Appearance is mandatory.
  7. Visa Fee to be submitted along with the visa application form.

9. Visa Application Effort:

The visa application for Iran effort for Iran is Less Difficult. The application needs to submit all the required documents to the embassy so that the visa can be issued. However, the physical appearance is compulsory.
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