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  • Visit Visa (On arrival) 1 Working Days
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The Maldives is one of the most beautiful countries to visit due to its exotic islands,  seas, beaches, and magnificent reefs. Being an island country the people love to be involved in water sports. It's capital city Male contains some worth seeing sights that one could love to witness. It is known to be a true paradise on earth                            

Quick Facts About Maldives

  1. Visa Required: Yes
  2. Popular Visa Type: Tourist Visa, Sponsorship
  3. Visit Visa Duration: 30 days
  4. Sponsorship visa duration: 30 Days
  5. Business Visa duration: 30 Days
  6. Visa Processing Time: Since the Visa is Arrival it is processed on the Spot.
  7. Visa Fees: Tourist Visa: In case visa is extended Rufiyaa 750 is charged
  8. Sponsorship: No Fee
  9. Require Agent/Consultant to apply: No​

Obtain On Arrival Visa at Maldives Airport

  1. A thirty day free visa is issued on arrival to all of the nationalities, provided that the certain conditions are met.
  2. The Applicant should possess a valid passport for at least 3 Months.
  3. The Applicant should have a valid ticket to Maldives.
  4. The Applicant needs to show that he has enough funds to cover the expense and duration of the stay or a confirmation in a hotel.
  5. However, the Applicant should be aware of the fact that a thirty day visa is rewarded on the discretion of the authorities.
  6. The Applicant is not allowed to work in duration of the tourist visa.
  7. There is no visa fee for this Visa as it is Visa on Arrival but if the Applicant wants the extension of the Visa the fee of Rufiyaa 750 needs to be Paid.
  8. In order to obtain this Visa the applicant needs to show that he has the certain amount of cash being:
  9. 100$ + $50 dollars per day cash.
  10. The Applicants need to show the certificate of vaccination against polio.
  11. The Business Visa is obtained in the Same Manner as the tourist Visa is obtained.
  12. The Passenger needs to arrive at the Visa on Arrival Counter along with the sample ticket to obtain the Entry Stamp.Book Flights to Maldives from Pakistan.

Applying the Visa for Maldives through the Sponsor from Pakistan

  1. The Sponsor is required to submit the sponsorship form at the immigration and submit it after its filled.
  2. The applicant cannot enter Maldives through this program unless the sponsorship is approved.
  3. The burden of proof fall upon the Applicant to ensure that the sponsorship is approved. In case it is not approved the entry is refused.
  4. A sponsor can be anyone who is a local or it can be a locally registered company too.
  5. After entering Maldives the Applicant can be refused the entry if the immigration officer has the reasonable grounds to believe that the passenger is carrying fraudulent documents or has reasonable grounds to believe that the Passenger intends to create the disruption in the region.​

Visa Types of Maldives for Pakistani National

  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Sponsored Visa
  3. Business Visa

Maldives Visa Fee for Pakistani Citizens

There is no fee of geetting Maldives Visa from Pakistan.You just need to pay 750 Rufiyaa ,if you visa validity peeriod is extend,

  1. Tourist Visa No Fee, In case of extension pay Rufiyaa 750
  2. Sponsorship Visa No Fee
  3. Business Visa No Fee

Documents Requirement for Maldives Visa Application

Given below is a set of documents that you should provide while submitting application physically.

Documents Required for Obtaining the Visa On Arrival for Tourist, Business and Sponsorship Visa:

  1. A Passport valid for three months.
  2. A  Valid Two Way Ticket.
  3. Sufficient amount of funds to show that the Applicant can finance their own trip in Maldives containing at least the amount of US$100 + $50 dollars per day).
  4. Confirmation of the Hotel Reservation.
  5. A certificate of vaccination against polio.

Visa Application Effort

  1. Low
  2. Low Level of Documents
  3. Visa on Arrival for Pakistani Passport

Maldives Visa Processing Time for Pakistan

  1. Low
  2. The applicant are provided the visa at arrival.  

Maldives Visa Cost for Pakistan

  1. Low 
  2. Tourist Visa: No fee is required
  3. However in case the applicant extends the visa 750 Rufiyaa needs to be paid.

Awaiting the result

The Visa is expected to be stamped at the Visa on Arrival Counter at the airport provided that all of the above mentioned documents are submitted at the time of arrival by the passenger.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Maldives a country?                                                         

Yes, Maldives is a country consisting of 185 islands with a total population of 550,000 people in total.

Do People from Pakistan need a visa to visit Maldives?

Maldives provides on-arrival visas to all the nations in the world. As such a foreigner traveling to Maldives does not need pre-approval for the visa.

Is the Maldives a cheap country to visit?

Maldives is not at all a cheap country. It is known for its luxurious stays, sightseeing, meals, etc.

Can we travel to the Maldives by Air?

Yes, we can travel to the Maldives by air. There is an airport in Male (Maldives) where numerous airlines from around the world fly.

What is the best month to visit the Maldives?

November and April are the best months to visit the Maldives. Because in these months the climate is warm and tropical.

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