Norway Visa From Pakistan

Visa Type Processing Time Fee Apply
Business Visa 0 Working Days PKR 4,950 APPLY NOW
Tourist Visa 0 Working Days PKR 4,950 APPLY NOW

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Norway is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries across the world. The country is blessed along with the scenic creeks, ancient forests, mountains, glaciers, meadows, attractive valleys as well as appealing villages. The country always greets its visitors from the other countries with open arms. The Norwegian Visa from Pakistan can be processed through VFS and the Norway Visa From Pakistan processing application takes almost days. If you are looking for the complete guide about Norway Visa then you can get it here on

1. Quick Facts About Norway:

  1. Visa Required: Yes
  2. Popular Visa Type: Tourist, Business, Family
  3. Visit Visa Duration: Up to 90 Days
  4. Visa Processing Time:  Min. 30 Days
  5. (Around 15 Days Appointment Queue Length)
  6. (Min 15 Days Visa Processing by Embassy)
  7. Travel Insurance Cover Required: Min EUR 30,000
  8. Flight Booking to Apply Visa: Not required
  9. Require Agent/Consultant to apply: No

norway visa fee from pakistan

2. How to Get Norway Visa from Pakistan:

  1. Apply Online & Make Online Visa Fee Payment :
  2. Pay fee online (Online Link: ,Adults:= EUR 60,Children 6-12 Years = EUR 35,Children under 6 year = FREE
  3. Get online appointment to submit documents physically.
  4. Visit:   ,Or Call: 051-8439383
  5. There may be up to 15 days waiting period to get an appointment at VFS Global to physically hand in your application.
  6. Submit documents physically 
  7. Visit VFS Global Location in Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad. 
  8. Wait for Visa Application Response (Min 15 Days),Get Visa Assistance From Best Visa Consultants in Peshawar.

3. Norway Visa Types for Pakistani Nationals:

This guide covers following types of Norway Visa from Pakistan:
  1. Visitor/Tourist Visa
  2. Business Visa or visits to cultural/sports/religious events or organizations
  3. Friends & Family Visa

4. Norway Visa Fee from Pakistan:

Here are the charges that apply to each visa application:
  1. You pay this fee online while submitting the application on online Visa Portal Adults:= EUR 60
  2. Fee for Children 6-12 Years = EUR 35
  3. Fee for Children under 6 year = FREE

5. Important Notes for Norway Visa:

  1. Norway Embassy Processes Visas in UAE
Although you submit visa applications in Pakistan, the Norwegian Embassy that processes all visas from Pakistan is based in Abu Dhabi in UAE. So all applications are sent via courier to Abu Dhabi.
  1. Passport Validity
Must be valid for at least 3 months after your planned return date.You can apply for a visa at max 3 months prior to your intended travel date.
  1. Travel Insurance
Must be valid for the whole duration of stay in Schengen countries.Must be valid for all Schengen countries.Must cover min EUR 30,000.
  1. Visa Interview
Not required from most applicants. However, embassy can call for an interview on certain cases. 
  1. Additional Documents
Sometimes, embassy can ask for additional documents if needed. However, try to provide maximum documents in the first place to avoid delays or rejections.
  1. How to Track Visa Application in Pakistan?
VFS Global takes care of the application process after you submit the documents to their office. You get notified when your application is sent to embassy. Moreover, you’ll be notified on phone/SMS/Email when you passport is back to VFS Global office for pickup after embassy has sent it back for your pick up. 
  1. Visa Success Tips
Norway Embassy takes good care of all applicants. Try to be 100% genuine in your case and explain your standing clearly and truthfully. Avoid any scams/agents. Add only your genuine documents. 

6. Documents Required for Norway Visa from Pakistan:

Given below is a set of documents that you need while applying for Norway Visa From Pakistan.
General Documents Required from All Visit Visa Applicants:
  1. Original passport
  2. Cover letter signed and dated
  3. Travel and Health Insurance valid for all of your intended stay
  4. One passport size photographs not older than 6 months
  5. Visa questionnaire duly filled in and signed - Download
  6. Family tree forms (Information about your close family members) in English - Download
  7. Copies of all used pages in your current passport Old, expired passport(s)
  8. Copy of CNIC
  9. Documentation of marital status: nikah nama / MRC marriage registration certificate, divorce
  10. certificate, death certificate English translation is a MUST
  11. Documentation of children: FRC family registration certificate, CRC child registration certificateEnglish translation is a MUST
  12. Documentation of work and income (employment/and/or salary slips)
  13. Documentation of granted leave of absence from your employer, work or school. English
  14. translation is a MUST
  15. Copies of bank statements or other documentation of private funds
  16. Copies of property documents with English translation
  17. Photographs. According to these guidelines
Additional Documents if visiting Norway as Tourist:
  1. Itinerary, transport documentation and hotel booking for the entire stay
  2. Documentation of sufficient funds
Additional Documents if visiting Family or Friends:
  1. Guarantee form in original or documents of sufficient funds
  2. A signed invitation letter from the sponsor with information about the purpose of the visit and the relationship between the applicant and sponsor.
  3. If family visits: Family relationship proof: Documents confirming the relationship (parents/siblings/cousins etc) between sponsor and applicant such as birth certificate or nikah nama / MRC marriage registration certificate, FRC family registration certificate, CRC child registration certificate, POC Pakistan origin card or NICOP national identity card for overseas Pakistanis.


Additional Documents if business travel or visits to cultural/sports/religious events or organizations :
  1. Official invitation from the sponsor company or organization in Norway including documentation of the program and activities the applicant will participate in. see link:
  2. Copies of documentation of dealing with the reference company or visiting organization in Norway ( contracts, programs, emails etc)
  3. Documentation of sufficient funds or an invitation letter from organization/company guaranteeing for the stay/travel
  4. Confirmation from your Chamber of Commerce if business visit
  5. Documentation of your company’s registration with the FBR if business visit
  6. Hotel Bookings or if with friends/others : information regarding your accommodation


Norway Visa Application Effort for Pakistani Citizens:

  1. High
  2. Extensive list of documents
  3. Physical visit required

Norway Visa Processing Time from Pakistan:

  1. Long
  2. Min 30 days required

Notes about documents:

All documents must be in A4 size format. If any original document you are submitting is of different size, then you must also submit a copy of that document in A4 size.
If any document in Urdu/Other language, it must be translated to English as well.


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