Price of Sri Lanka Visa From Pakistan 2023

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Visa Type Processing Time Fee Apply
Visa Full Package (One month) 14 Working Days PKR 15,000 APPLY NOW

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Updated: November 2023

Forget exploring countless websites and reading through a lot of instructions to apply your Sri Lanka visit visa from Pakistan when our team can do all the hard work for you. Our expertise in Sri Lanka visa ensure that your visa is posted in the most accurate way and hence you get your Sri Lanka visa as soon as possible. Before you apply for Sri Lanka visa from Pakistan 2023, you can consult with our visa experts on all you need to file for visa.

Most of the Pakistanis, arranges their tour to Sri Lanka for tourism and business purposes. The procedure of availing Sri Lanka visit visa from Pakistan is quite easy. The overall process of applying for Sri Lanka visa is online and it takes almost 2 weeks for visa processing from Pakistan. 

Quick Facts about Sri Lanka

  1. Visa Required: Yes
  2. Popular Visa Type: Tourist Visa, Business Visa
  3. Visit Visa Duration: Tourist Visa: 30 Days , Business Visa: 30 Days and ETA Visa: 30 Days
  4. Visa Processing Time Tourist Visa: Upto 15 working days
  5. ETA Visa: The visa can be tracked and is processed rapidly.
  6. Fee for Tourist Visa:  Rs. 15,000

How to Apply for Sir Lanka eVisa from Pakistan

  • In order to be eligible for Sri Lankan Visa the High Commission of Sri Lanka should be satisfied that Applicant is eligible to enter Sri Lanka.
  • The purpose for which the Visa is applied by the Applicant should be valid and approved.
  • The Applicant is required to access the Visa Application form through the following link:
  • The Visa Application forms are available on the official site which is:
  • After filling the Visa Application form the Applicant is required to submit certain documents such as Passport Size Photographs, hotel bookings and Request Letter from the Applicant.
  • However, for business purpose the letter from the Applicant’s Company is required.
  • The invitation letter or letter from a Sri Lankan Company needs to be provided too if a business Visa is applied.
  • The Visa is processed by the Sri Lankan Commission.
  • The information is sent to the immigration department after which the Visa is sent via e-mail.
  • The Passenger needs to provide the Passport and the document provided upon the entry at Sri Lanka.
  • In order to be eligible for the Sri Lankan Visa the passenger needs to be in possession of the return ticket of their own country or their next destination.
  • The person who has obtained short term visit visa should also obtain ETA before entering Sri Lanka.
  • In order to apply for the business Visa the passenger has to approach the Head Office of the Department of Immigration and Emigration.
  • The acceptance of all of the applications is done from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm.
  • The Visa is Collected at 08:30 am to 12:00 pm. 

Applying the Visa through the ETA

  • All of the travelers to Sri Lanka must have ETA in order to enter Sri Lanka. The following website can be accessed for further information:
  • The payment has to be made on the above mentioned website after which the acknowledgement of ETA application is made.
  • The payment has to be made on the above mentioned website in order to process a valid ETA.
  • The ETA is limited to 30 Days starting from the date of arrival which can be extended up to six months.
  • The ETA application can be submitted online by clicking the Apply button on the following site:
  • After this the Applicant is required to pay the ETA processing Fee by the electronic payment card.
  • After the application is submitted an acknowledgement will be received.
  • In order to check the application status the applicant needs to log in the ETA website or call on the following number: 94 71 99 67 888
  • In order to obtain Business ETA the passenger has to show the intent of Business Purpose Visit to Sri Lanka.
  • The status of the ETA Visa is checked through the following link:

Sri Lankan Visa Types for Pakistani National

  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Business Visa
  3. ETA Visa

Documents Required for Srilanka Visa Application

Below are the Documents Required for Sri Lanka Visa From Pakistan.

  1. Two Passport Size Photographs in Blue Background.
  2. The Original Passport which is valid for six months from the travelling date.
  3. Flight Details.
  4. The details of the Hotel Booking.
  5. Request Letter from the Applicant.
  6. Documents Required for obtaining the  Business Visa
  7. A letter from the Applicant’s Company.
  8. The invitation letter or a Letter from a Sri Lankan Company extending the business visa
  9. NOC only in case of the government or private employee.
  10. Documents required to obtain ETA
  11. A Passport valid for six months from the date of the departure.
  12. A Confirmed Return Ticket.
  13. Sufficient funds to meet the expenses during the stay.


Sri Lanka Visa Processing Time for Pakistan

Visa difficulty


Visa effort


Require physical appearance


Visa Type

Online E-Visa

Processing time

7 days approx

Visa on arrival


Bank statement required


Visa Price  Rs. 15000

Sri Lanka is a friendly country and most Pakistanis get tourist visa of Sri Lanka without any major issues. However, its important that you appl correctly and proper documents, hotel booking, tour package booking and return flight before you arrive in Sir Lanka.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Sri Lanka a safe country to travel to?

Sri Lanka is not a completely safe country to travel to due to the local protestors and political instability. Just follow the advice of the authorities.

What is the visa processing fee for the visa to Sri Lanka from Pakistan?           

The average visa processing fee from Pakistan to Sri Lanka is about 8000 PKR.

How much time do it take the processing a visa to Sri Lanka?

A visa to Sri Lanka usually gets approved in 14-15 working days after submission of the application.

What are the main attractions for a visit to Sri Lanka?

You should visit Sri Lanka because here you will find exotic beaches, golden sun, Islands, Forests, Rivers, Mountains and much more.

Is Sri Lanka a cheap tourist destination?

Sri Lanka is one of the cheapest tourist destinations here you can enjoy many facilities at cheap rates.

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