Tajikistan Visa from Pakistan 2023

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Tajikistan Visit Visa From Pakistan


Frequently Asked Questions.


Is the visa to Tajikistan free for the citizens of Pakistan?

No Tajikistan is not a visa-free country for the citizens of Pakistan, they do need a visa to visit Tajikistan.

What is the cost of a visa to Tajikistan?

The average visa processing fee to Tajikistan is about 50$.

What is the average processing time for a visa to Tajikistan?

You may get your visa to Tajikistan within 5 – 10 Working days.

What are the major tourist attractions in Tajikistan?

There are many tourist attractions in Tajikistan including Rudaki Park, National Museum, the Pamir Mountains, and many more.

Is Tajikistan a safe country for travelers?

Tajikistan overall is a safe country to travel but you should avoid visiting it due to the civil wars there.

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