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Millions of Pakistanis live in the UK and thousands apply for UK visa every year. We can help you understand UK visa requirements better and apply professionality for better chances to get your UK visa from Pakistan. To apply your UK individual of family visa, please contact our team and get your visa process started for UK.

Visa Type Processing Time Fee Apply
Consultancy (File Preparation + Advisory) 3 Working Days PKR 35,000 APPLY NOW

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Updated Dec 2023
Enjoy your summers in the UK with your family by applying your UK visa from Pakistan with the help of Trips.pk team. Our experts guide you step by step on visa requirements for UK, documents required and the whole visa process.

The most daunting step while planning a visit to UK is the huge set of documentation and processing steps for the visa application for UK. It becomes particularly tough when you have also to prepare for your family or group. Being a developed system, the UK visa process is quite streamlined but still you might issues getting UK visa appointment and preparing your visa documents file. That hard part can easily be managed if you get in touch with Trips.pk team and we’ll take you step by step to the documents preparation and applying online in a proper way. 

Quick Facts about United Kingdom

  1. Visa Required: Yes
  2. Popular Visa Type: Tourist Visa, Business Visa
  3. Visit Visa Duration: Six months,Two years,Five Years,Ten Years
  4. Visa Processing Time:Minimum 3 weeks
  5. Visa Fee: For Six month  PKR 20,078
  6. For Two Years: PKR 76,298
  7. For Five Years: PKR 138,435
  8. For Ten Years:  PKR 173,731​

How to apply for United Kingdom Visa from Pakistan

  1. Apply Online through the link mentioned below & Give your Credit Card Details https://www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk/account/Login Sign Up and fill the Applications
  2. The Applicant is required to choose the appointment online amongst the available dates
  3. After which an email is sent in which the details of the appointment and the address is stated which the following is: 20, Ex American Centre Building, Opposite Ganga Ram Hospital, and Queens Road, Lahore.
  4. Submit the Documents along with your fingerprints and passport size picture known as biometric verification on the spot.
  5. Wait for Visa Application Response which is expected within three weeks.

Important Notes For United Kingdom's Visa 

Passport Validity

Must be valid for at least 6 months before you’re travelling date.

How earliest the Visa should be applied?

The Visa should be applied a week earlier before the tentative date of the visit.

Additional Documents

Embassy can ask for additional documents if needed. However, try to provide maximum documents in the first place to avoid delays or rejections.

How to Track Visa Application?

The applicant is informed about the status of it through the e-mail in order to collect their passports as soon as they have arrived at the center.

Visa Success Tips

 The documents submitted must be authentic and genuine to present the true picture in order to avoid any scams/agents.

UK Visa Types for Pakistani National

This guide covers following visa types to UK:
  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Business Visa

General Documents Required for Tourist UK Visa Application

Given below are the documents require of United Kingdom Visa from Pakistan.
  1. Original passport
  2. Bank statements
  3. Print out of the forms which were submitted through the online application
  4. The details of your travelling plans including the tickets, hotel bookings
  5. Details of employment including salary, date of employment
  6. Original CNIC
  7. If third party is sponsoring your trip providing their source of income is mandatory in order to show that they can fund the trip.
  8. Documentation of granted leave of absence from your employer, work or school.
  9. Birth Certificate in case an individual is under 18
  10. Copies of property documents if that property is stated as a source to generate income
  11. Proof of valid source of income
  12. Proof of business of sole trader if such business is stated in the Application
  13. Evidence that the Applicant has the home ties with their own country
  14. If a minor is travelling unaccompanied or with someone other than their parent they should provide a signed letter from their parents confirming details of the one accompanying the minor and details of accommodation arranged in UK.
  15. If the applicant is a minor a copy of the parent’s or legal guardian’s biographical page of passport. If the minor’s parent doesn’t have a Passport the applicant must provide any other official document which has their signature.

General Documents Required For Business Visa 

  1. Additional Documents if business travel or visits to cultural/sports/religious events or organizations
  2. Official invitation from the Sponsor Company or organization in UK including documentation of the program and activities the applicant will participate in along with details of any payment or expenses.
  3. Copies of documentation of dealing with the Reference Company or visiting organization in UK (contracts, programs, emails etc.)
  4. Documentation of sufficient funds or an invitation letter from organization/company guaranteeing for the stay/travel
  5. If its work related invitation from the Company in UK letter is mandatory.
  6. If an individual is employed the letter of leave from the employment is mandatory.
  7. If the individual is a sole trader proof of business and its financial credibility is required.
  8. The individual has to give all of the relevant documents to show that their sole purpose to travel is for the business activity.

United Kingdome Visa Processing Time for Pakistan

The best way to get higher chances in UK visa is to prepare and apply as early as possible. Make sure you attach maximum and solid proofs of your reason of visit and supporting financial documentation. In addition to that, folloiwng key facts can help you understand your

UK visa processing from Pakistan

Visa processing time Min 3 weeks
Physical appearance Required
Financial documents Must be attached
Success ratio 50% approx
Visa overall effort High


United Kingdom Visa Fee from Pakistan

  1. High
  2. Six months= PKR 20,078
  3. Two Years= PKR 76,298
  4. Five Years= PKR 138,435
  5. Ten Years= PKR 173,731

Awaiting the Result

The visa is expected to arrive within three weeks.

Applying for a UK visa from Pakistan with Trips.pk is easy. Our experts guide you through the visa requirements, document preparation, and the entire visa process. You can start the application process by signing up online and filling out the necessary forms.

The processing time for a UK visa from Pakistan is a minimum of 3 weeks. The visa fees vary based on the duration of the visa, with options for six months, two years, five years, and ten years. The fees range from PKR 20,078 for six months to PKR 173,731 for ten years.

For a tourist UK visa application from Pakistan, you will need several documents, including your original passport, bank statements, travel details, employment information, original CNIC, proof of income, and evidence of ties to your home country. Additional documentation may be required if a third party is sponsoring your trip or if you are a minor.

It is recommended to apply for a UK visa at least a week before your tentative travel date. Applying early allows for ample time for processing and ensures that you have all the necessary documents in order.


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