United States Visa From Pakistan 2023

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Being a vast country the United States has a broad spectrum of beautiful places to offer the visitors. It contains unique destinations ranging from the skyscrapers to the natural wonders and the sunny beaches. The most visited cities include Yellowstone, Alaska, New York, California, Florida, Chicago, and Hawaii.

Quick Facts about United States Visa

  1. Visa Required : Yes
  2. Popular Visa Type : B/1 Visa, B/2 Visa
  3. Visa Processing Time : The minimum time taken for the visa is 30 working days
  4. Flight Booking to Apply Visa : Required
  5. Require Agent/Consultant to apply : No

How to Get United States Visa from Pakistan

  1. In order to apply for the B1 and B2 Visa the Applicant needs to complete the Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application Form known as DS 160.
  2. The DS 160 form can be accessed through the following link:https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/PDF-other/DS-160_Example.pdf
  3. After this the Applicant needs to pay the Visa Fee. In order to pay the fees the Applicant needs to log into the online applicant system and create the profile so that the proper amount is paid. The fee is payable in PKR.
  4. The Applicant should click on Schedule my Appointment option and fill in the steps of Visa Type, Post Visa Category and Visa Class.
  5. Click on the payment options on the Payment Screen and pay the Visa Fee.
  6. The Applicant needs to save the Bank Receipt for the records as the receipt number on it is needed to book a visa appointment.
  7. After the Visa Fee is paid the interview can be scheduled after the next business day at 11:00 am.
  8. The Applicant needs to schedule the appointment and complete the profile with the receipt number.
  9. The fees can be paid at any Allied Bank Branch in Cash only and the Applicant is required to bring their Passport for identification purposes to make payment.
  10. The Applicant is required to Schedule Their Appointment and Apply for Visa.
  11. The Applicant needs his Passport Number, the receipt number, the ten digit barcode number from DS 160 confirmation page.
  12. The Applicant needs to visit US Embassy or Consulate on the date and time of the interview of your visa.
  13. The Applicant needs to bring a printed copy of the appointment letter, DS 160 Confirmation Page, one photograph taken within the last six months and the current and old passports.
  14. The Fingerprints of the Applicant are taken at the Consulate

Important Notes about the US Visa

In case the applicant is applying for B/1 or B/2 Visa it must be demonstrated to the consular that the applicant qualifies for U.S Visa in accordance with U.S Immigration and Nationality Act.

  1. The applicant needs to prove that the purpose of the trip to United States is for business, pleasure or medical treatment.
  2. The Applicant needs to prove that he plans to remain in US for a specific period of time.
  3. The Applicant needs to show that there are is sufficient evidence of funds to cover the expenses of the trip.
  4. That Applicant needs to show that they have a residence outside United States and have strong social and economic ties with their home country and they intend to return back at the end of their visit.

Visa Types of USA from Pakistan

Given Below are the Visa Types of United States for Pakistan.

  1. B/1 Visa
  2. B/2 Visa

USA Visa Fee from Pakistan

  1. B/1 Visa (For Business Visits) : $160
  2. B/2 Visa (For Tourism and Medical Visits) : $160

Documents Required for US Visa Application

If you want United States Visa from Pakistan ,Then you must have these documents to get visa.

  1. The Passport Number
  2. The receipt number from the Applicant’s Visa Fee Receipt.
  3. The ten digit barcode number from the Applicant’s DS 160 confirmation page.
  4. Photograph taken within the last six months.(5cm into 5cm)
  5. Current and Old Passports.
  6. Printed Copy of the Appointment Letter.
  7. A Non-Immigrant Visa Electronic Application Form.
  8. A valid Passport with a validity of six months beyond the estimated period of stay in United States.
  9. The travel history of the Applicant for ten Years.
  10. List of Siblings and Children.
  11. A receipt showing Payment of US$160 non-immigrant visa application processing fee paid in local currency.
  12. Travel Insurance for your trip

Visa Application Effort

  1. Medium
  2. Physical Visit to the Embassy is required after an online appointment

USA Visa Processing Time from Pakistan

  1. Medium
  2. Min 5 days required, However it Depends upon the case

Awaiting the Result

The Standard Visa processing time is five working days. However, processing times can vary according to individual circumstances and scenarios.


Yes, Pakistani citizens are required to obtain a visa to visit the United States.

The popular visa types include the B/1 Visa (for business visits) and the B/2 Visa (for tourism and medical visits).

The minimum processing time for a United States visa is 30 working days.

Yes, flight booking is required as part of the visa application process.

You need a valid passport, a receipt number from your visa fee payment, a ten-digit barcode number from your DS-160 confirmation page, a recent photograph, current and old passports, a printed appointment letter, and a completed DS-160 form.


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