Dubai is one of the most popular destinations be it tourism, business tours, or honeymoon traveling. It is one of the most progressive states in the Middle East with a number of major attractions that captivate a large number of people from all over the world. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Dubai is an exquisite spot for shopping, travel, dining, and other fun activities to make the most memorable time.
When it comes to Lahore to Dubai flights, there are various airlines that are operating to facilitate a number of people. Moreover, there are also different options for cheap flights from Lahore to Dubai. The flights from Lahore to Dubai are 3 hours and 35 minutes. However, an indirect flight might vary. Due to the increased trends of tourism, people can now book Lahore to Dubai cheap air tickets through online means. 

Lahore to Dubai Flight Prices

Flight prices from Lahore (LHE) to Dubai (DXB) are on the highest side at this time of the year. The reason is mainly the peak Umrah season and the expat coming back to Pakistan for Eid holidays. It is highly expected that soon after a week of Eid, the flight rate from Lahore to Dubai will decrease drastically. Kindly note that when you arrive at Dubai from Lahore, you must have decent show-money at the airport.
Dubai being one of the widely known spots for tourism and traveling, a number of airlines operate for Lahore to Dubai flights. However, the air fare from Lahore to Dubai varies depending upon the national and international airlines and mode of traveling; direct flight or indirect. If you are looking for Lahore to Dubai cheapest ticket price you can hunt our website and get all the latest information. Moreover, you can find the best air fare from Lahore to Dubai depending upon your travel requirements.

Lahore to Dubai Flight Status

Checking Lahore to Dubai flight status is pretty easy. It is highly recommended that you check flight status online regarding any departure or return flight. It is very common that flight times fluctuate both on arrival and departures. There have been many times that even the arrival flights reach early and people keep waiting for those who were supposed to receive them. So, whenever, there is a flight departure or return, you can easily check the flight status online by using following method.
Flight status is described in different terms; delayed, check in, and departed. Passengers who want to check Lahore to Dubai flights status can simply visit the website of the airline and check the flight status.

For instance, if you are travelling from Lahore to Dubai from Allama Iqbal International Airport you can simply the official website of Lahore airport and check the Lahore to Dubai flight status today.

Lahore to Dubai Flights Schedule

Different airlines have planned their schedule accordingly for national and international flights. If you want to check Lahore to Dubai flights schedule you can simply visit the official website of the airline and get the complete flight schedule. Not just the national but for all international airlines, you can get the flight schedule online. 

Lahore to Dubai Distance

The distance between Lahore, Pakistan, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is approximately 1988 kilometers or 1235 miles. To Check the distance between lahore to dubai distance by air.

Lahore to Dubai Flight Time Duration

When it comes to Lahore to Dubai flight time, it is of three hours and thirty five minutes. However, Lahore to Dubai flight duration may vary depending upon the number of stops in an indirect flight.
Direct flight = 3 Hours & 35 Minutes
Indirect flight = Depends on your route and connections.

Lahore to Dubai Ticket Prices of All Airlines

The ticket prices for flights from Lahore to Dubai vary among different airlines. It is recommended to check with the respective airlines or online travel agencies for the most up-to-date and accurate pricing information.

Airblue Lahore to Dubai Flights

Air blue is one of the well-known private Pakistani airlines that operates national and international flights. Air blue has been in the business for more than a decade providing the best possible services to its customers. Passengers looking forward to a Dubai trip can book Lahore to Dubai Airblue ticket. Lahore to Dubai air blue ticket price vary depending upon the route and number of spots. Air blue flight schedule Lahore to Dubai is available on the official website of the air blue and online. Moreover, you can also check Airblue Lahore to Dubai flight status online to avoid any inconvenience. For further information related to Airblue Lahore to Dubai flights click here.

Fly Lahore to Dubai on PIA

Pakistan International Airline is the largest airline of Pakistan that operates under the supervision of the Government of Punjab. The airline has hubs in the various cities of the country and control national and international flight operations. Due to the increased demands, there are a number of PIA flights from Lahore to Dubai. Lahore to Dubai PIA ticket price vary depending upon the economy and executive economy class. Individuals who are interested to travel from Lahore to Dubai can check the PIA Lahore to Dubai flight schedule online. Moreover, you can also get the Lahore to Dubai PIA flight status online

Emirates Flights from Lahore to Dubai

Emirates is a Dubai based airline which is also the largest airline in the Middle-East. The airline is widely popular for providing the best flying experience. You can find emirates Flight schedule Lahore to Dubai online on the official website of the airline. The Lahore to Dubai emirates ticket price vary depending upon the route of the flight as a direct flight is considered time saving and cheaper than the indirect flight. Furthermore, to facilitate passengers you can check Lahore to Dubai emirates flight status online. 

Flydubai airline - Lahore to Dubai

You can now book Lahore to Dubai Flydubai ticket online. Moreover, the complete flydubai schedule Lahore to Dubai is also available online to assist customers. To check flydubai flight status Lahore to Dubai you can visit the link mentioned below. https://www.flydubai.com/en/flying-with-us/flight-status

Saudia Airline flights to Dubai from Lahore

Saudi Airline offers a number of flights from Dubai to Lahore. You can Saudia Airline flight schedule Lahore to Dubai online and book your ticket online. With the extraordinary services you will have the best experience at Saudia Airline. Saudia Airline Lahore to Dubai ticket price range vary depending upon your requirements. For more information about Saudia Airline Lahore to Dubai flghts click here.

Etihad Air Flights to Dubai from Lahore

Fly with Etihad from Lahore to Dubai to enjoy the five-star experience. You can book you Lahore to Dubai flight with Etihad online to avail the best offers. Moreover, you can online ticket booking lahore to dubai with Etihad at any time through the Etihad Airways app.

Serene Air Flights from Lahore to Dubai

Serene Air is one of the finest airlines that operates flights from Lahore to Dubai. To check the Serene air flight schedule Lahore to Dubai you can visit the official website of the airline. By providing the different parameters regarding your travel you can get the complete schedule online. You can also book Serene Air Lahore to Dubai tickets online. Moreover, for further details regarding Serene Air Lahore to Dubai Flights click here.

There are many flights available between Lahore and Dubai. The duration of the flight is about 3 hours and 45 minutes. The earliest flight departs at 6:00am and the latest flight departs at 10:30pm. The airline companies that operate this route are Emirates, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), and FlyDubai.

Dubai is a one of the top destinations for flights departing from Lahore. There are more than 6 daily flights leaving from Lahore to Dubai. These flights are run by various airlines mainly by PIA, Emirates, AirBlue and FlyDubai. Dubai has recently become a hub for most of international travel owning to its booming economy and flourishing tourism scene. Despite the scorching heat and costly living, Dubai still attracts millions of travelers from around the world. A normal journey from Lahore to Dubai lasts roughly 3 hours, and the cost of a lahore to dubai return ticket price in pakistan is Rs. 55,000 to Rs. 70,000 in economy class, depending on when you book your flight for DXB.

Lahore to Dubai Flight Ticket Price | Return Ticket to Dubai (Dxb) from Lahore (LHR):

There are two daily flights by PIA from Lahore to Dubai. Though most people may not like PIA but it still is one of the major transporters on this route. PIA flight takes around 3 hours to reach Dubai from Lahore.

Lahore to Dubai Plane Tickets Price by Air Blue:

AirBlue is a private airline operating in Pakistan. This airline has been running successfully since last few years and has made a name in Pakistani and international travel. Many Pakistanis think it as a second option after PIA. AirBlue runs weekly 10 flights to Dubai from Lahore International Airport.

FlyDubai Airfare From Lahore to Dubai 2024:

Being a low cost carrier based in UAE, FlyDubai offers a great alternative on the busy route of Lahore-Dubai. Despite many other carriers operating on this route, the traffic on this route has increased steadily and that reason has given great profitability to other low cost airlines such as FlyDubai. This airline runs 5 weekly flights from Lahore to DXB and offers great discount fares on various occasions. 

Lahore to Dubai Flights Emirates Cheap Fares:

Emirates is the national flag carrier of Dubai. The emirate of DXB take Emirates Airlines as a pride due to the immense success of this airline all around the world. This airline has been extremely successful in building itself as a powerful brand ambassador for Dubai. You can get on to one of 6 weekly flights by Emirates Airlines to Dubai from Lahore. Typically it offers a bit costly fares but there offers are great whenever the are there. So if you get a chance, you’ll enjoy a great Emirates airline experience going from Lahore to Dubai.

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