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Dubai is an Emirate and a city located in the United Arab Emirates with a total area of 4,114 km. Dubai is an international hub that is recognized by its famous and splendid Malls, Innovative architecture skyscrapers such as the 830-meter-high Burj Khalifa, and vibrant nightlife. On the foot of the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain, with its coordinated lights and jets, adds another dazzling spectacle. Dinner at the Burj Khalifa's Lounge, situated at 575 meters, is worth visiting for an unforgettable night out. It is as if you are dining in the sky. Visit the Al Shindagha Museum to learn about the marine history of a little fishing community that grew into an international metropolis hub.
Atlantis the palm is home to another recreational destination known as Wavehouse which features activities for people of all ages including a soft play area for all Children. Walking down the beach from the Jumeirah Beach Residence neighborhood is Blue waters Island, a new beachside refuge for travelers. There is so much to see and do, whether you are shopping or arranging a stay. From Pakistan, a best of Dubai Tour from Pakistan.
If you want to find best holiday deals to Dubai or any desired place of yours, visit and find amazing deals offered by the tour operators. also helps you find suitable airlines according to your managed budget. This article will further discuss about different airlines offering cheapest airfare from Islamabad to Dubai along with their varying timetables. 
Islamabad has one international airport called Islamabad International Airport and Dubai has 2 major airports, Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC). 

Air Ticket Price from Islamabad to Dubai (ISB to DXB) | PIA Dubai Flights:

Cheapest airfare offered by PIA one stop at Muscat International Airport, Muscat. Get PIA flights for DXB from ISB at 69670 RS. The plane departs from Islamabad and lands Muscat in 3 hours and connecting time to next transit flight is 3h 40 m. The transit flight reaches Dubai International Airport in 1h 10m, covering a total of 7h 50m from Islamabad to Dubai. 

Emirates Flight Tickets Prices Islamabad to Dubai:

Fastest air travel from Islamabad to Dubai is by Emirates. The cheapest airfare offered by Emirates is PKR 52,130 and the total journey time is 3h 15 min non-stop. Take a Flight from Lahore to Dubai with cheap rates.

Islamabad to Dubai (ISB to DXB) Qatar Airways International Airlines Flights:

Qatar Airways is offering flight from Islamabad to Dubai in a total of 10h 20m with 2 stops at Doha and Muscat. The plane starts its trip from Islamabad and reaches Hamad International Airport, Doha in 3h 40m. Connecting time for next flight is 2h 35m. From Doha, the next flight reaches Muscat International Airport in 1h 50m. The next transit flight takes after 1h 05m from Muscat by Oman Air and reaches Dubai International Airport in 1h 10m. The cheapest airfare by Qatar Airways offered is PKR 63,161

Airline Ticket Prices Turkish Airlines Flights from Islamabad to Dubai:

The cheapest airfare Islamabad to Dubai by Turkish Airlines is PKR 72,851 with 1 stop at Istanbul. From Islamabad, it takes a total of 6 hours to land at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Connecting time to next transit flight is 9h 30m. The plane again takes off and lands Dubai International Airport in 4h 35m. The total flight duration from Islamabad to Dubai by Turkish Airlines is therefore 20h 05m. 

China Southern Airlinesonline Air Ticket from Islamabad to DXB:

China Southern Airlines is also offering flights from Islamabad to Dubai with one stop at Ürümqi Diwopu International Airport, China. From Islamabad to Ürümqi, flight time is 2h 45m with connecting time of 04h 05m to next flight. The transit flight from China lands Dubai in 5h 55m, making total flight duration of 12h 45m. The cheapest airfare offered is PKR 93,717. Take a Flight from Karachi to Dubai with cheap rates.

Thai Airways Airline Booking from Islamabad to Dubai Today:

Islamabad to Dubai cheapest airfare offered by Thai Airways is PKR 121,937 with 1 stop at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok. Flight from Islamabad International Airport lands Bangkok in 5h 05m. Connecting time to next flight is 9h 55m. Transit flight from Bangkok lands Dubai in 6h 25m. The total flight time by Thai Airways is 21h 25m. 

Islamabad to Dubai British Airways Cheap Flight Deals:

British Airways is offering the most expensive air flight from Islamabad to Dubai with one stop at London. The airfare offered by British Airways is PKR 254,723. The fight from Islamabad International Airport to Heathrow Airport, London takes a total time of 8h 50m. Staying there for 5h 15m, the next flight takes off and lands Dubai in 7h 15m. Total flight duration is 21h 20m. 
Note: The above mentioned flight details are for one person travelling in economy class. 


What is the ticket price from Dubai to Islamabad?
Prices of PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) from Dubai to Islamabad is 69670 PKR. 
Which airline is the cheapest to travel from Islamabad to Dubai?
Air blue is one of the cheapest airlines as compared to others to travel from Islamabad to Dubai. 
How long does the journey from Islamabad to Dubai?
It takes 3 hours and 3 minutes to reach Dubai from Islamabad. 
Are flights to Dubai from Pakistan available?
Dubai is a travel destination that welcomes people from all over the world.

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