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Cheap flights from Islamabad to Beijing

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If you are searching the flights from Islamabad to Beijing, then you are welcome here. On you can find every information about flights. Fill the search portal to get the list of all available flights of your required journey. All the other information is also available here such as Visa, Travel Agents, Tours, and Hajj & Umrah Packages. You can find various flights having different flight schedules for your required trip. Almost all the airlines are very facilitative providing food, electricity, Wi-Fi, entertainment and the nice environment in the airplane. Remember to book your ticket before at least one month so that you can enjoy the cheapest ticket prices. 7 days China tour from Pakistan.
Islamabad is the capital city and one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan. Beijing is the capital city of China and a very important city according to China’s historical and cultural background. It is well-known because of its modern architectural sites. Beijing’s tourist places include Great Wall of China, The Palace Museum, Summer Palace, Tiananmen, Tiananmen Square, Beihai Park, Qianhai Lake, Houhai, Gulou and Zhonglou, Beijing Olympic Park and much more. The best time to visit Beijing is its autumn and spring i.e. September, October, March, and April because Summer and Winter are quite tough seasons.
The Islamabad, Pakistan Airport involved in this process is ISB- Islamabad International Airport while Beijing, China has two airports reserved (for Flights from Islamabad to Beijing) namely Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) and Beijing Nanyuan (NAY). Airports of Beijing are collectively called Beijing Airports (BJS). Read How to get China Visa From Pakistan.

Ticket Price of PIA Flights from Islamabad to Beijing:

PIA is the best choice for this journey because it takes travel duration of only 5 hours to reach Beijing. PIA offers Islamabad to Beijing Flights on the days of Thursday and Sunday. PIA non-stop flights from Islamabad to Beijing cheapest ticket price start from 71,443 PKR. There are also one-stop PIA flights from Islamabad to Beijing having that stop in Lahore. PIA direct flights, one-stop and multi-stop flights have same ticket prices for Islamabad to Beijing journey.also have Lahore to Beijing Flights in Cheap Price.

Air China Flights from Islamabad to Beijing:

China Air/ Air China is the national airline of China. It sends direct flights from Islamabad to Beijing on daily basis. Expected travel duration is about 10 hours 10 minutes from Islamabad to Beijing. China Air non-stop flight’s ticket price starts from 146,250 PKR. China Air also sends one-stop and two-stop flights every day from Islamabad to Beijing. Take Cheap Flights from Karachi to Bejing with Air China.

Qatar Airways Flights Islamabad to Beijing Ticket Price:

Qatar Airways provides one-stop flights every day of the week. The stop is in the capital city of Qatar i.e. Doha. Qatar Airways ticket price for Islamabad to Beijing flight is between Rs.107,788 and 225,841. Travel duration is usually 26 hours 25 minutes for this trip. 
Note: All these prices are Economy class prices for one adult person’s roundtrip. Flight schedules and Ticket Prices keep changing with the passage of time and according to the need.


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