Lahore is Pakistan's second-largest metropolis and the provincial capital of Punjab. This article aims to tell you about flights from Lahore to Beijing, China's capital, and a neighboring country to Pakistan. Beijing Capital International Airport connects Beijing to the rest of the world, while Allama Iqbal International Airport connects Lahore to the rest of the world. There are a variety of flights from Lahore to Beijing, including Pakistan International Airlines from Lahore, Pakistan, which offer a variety of pricing and travel schedules. Get China visa from Pakistan.
All direct flights from Lahore arrive in Beijing in an average of 6 hours, but connecting flights 2024 with one-stop flight for Beijing can take anywhere from 13 to 33 hours. The time spent waiting at connecting airports could range from 3 to 33 hours. You can book a seat online by going to the websites of the airlines that fly from LHE to BJ. Allama Iqbal International Airport is the name of the airport in Lahore, while Beijing has three airports: Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK), Beijing Nanyuan (NAY), and Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX).

Etihad Airways Airline Ticket Online:

Etihad Airways send one-stop flights from Lahore to Beijing on a daily basis. The stop is in Abu Dhabi. It takes 25 hours 10 min from Lahore to Beijing via Abu Dhabi International Airport.  The cheapest ticket price for Lahore to Beijing is 125,390 on Etihad Airways flights.

PIA Airfare from Lahore to Beijing 2024 Today:

PIA one-stop flights from Lahore to Beijing fly on the days of Monday, Thursday and Sunday. They have one stop in Islamabad. Via Islamabad, it takes a total of 7 hours and 55 minutes from LHE-BJ. Check out PIA flight schedule and ticket price for Beijing. PIA one-stop flight ticket price from Lahore to Beijing is Rs.71,172. Islamabad to Beijing Ticket Prices of all air line in Pakistan.

Qatar Airways Today Airfare:

Qatar Airways too, offer many one-stop flights from Lahore to Beijing every day. The stop is in Doha, Qatar. Via Hamad International Airport, Doha for staying 23 hours 50 minutes, it takes a total of 35 hours 50 mins from Lahore to Beijing. Qatar Airways flights ticket price for Lahore to Beijing trip Is Rs.107,008.

Emirates Air Ticket for Beijing from Lahore 2024:

Daily, many of the Emirates Airways one-stop flights serve for Lahore to Beijing journey. The stop is in Dubai. Via Dubai International Airport, it takes 16 hours 10 minutes from Lahore to Beijing. From LHE to DXB, it takes 3 hrs 30 mins and after waiting for 5 hrs 30 mins at DXB, it takes 7 hrs 10 mins to reach Beijing, PEK. Emirates Airways flight ticket prices for Lahore to Beijing trip start from 125,432 PKR.

Turkish Airlines Airfare Today:

Turkish Airways send many of their one-stop flights from Lahore to Beijing on a daily basis. Their stop is in Istanbul. It takes 6 hrs 30 mins from Lahore to Ataturk Airport, Istanbul and staying there for 15 hrs 15 mins, it takes 9 hrs 15 mins from IST to PEK, making a total of 31 hours. Karachi to Beijing Schedule of different Air Lines. If you found it difficult to manage the expense during the traveling then you have to read this "how to manage your finance while traveling" Lahore to Beijing flight ticket prices of Turkish Airways are 184,651 PKR.

Ticket from Lahore to Beijing China Southern Airlines:

For the trip from Lahore to Beijing, China Southern sends its one-stop and two-stop flights alternatively all the week. Mainly the 1st stop is in Urumqi (China) and the 2nd stop is in Guangzhou (China) or Bangkok (Thailand). This journey takes at least 10 hours 55 minutes. The ticket price for Lahore to Beijing flight on China Southern is Rs.128,654 .Do you wish to go from Pakistan to China by Bus.

China Southern, Air China Air Ticket:

These both airways have a joint system that the first airline takes passengers at the time of departure from Lahore to Beijing while the second one will take passengers from Beijing to Lahore back. These have one stop at Urumqi especially. Via Ürümqi, it takes 9 hours and 35 minutes to reach Beijing from Lahore.
Note: All these ticket prices are Economy Class Prices.

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