Islamabad and Riyadh both are the major and capital cities of their perspective countries i.e. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is a city built on the desert plateau of Saudi Arabia. Best time to visit Riyadh is between October and March because Summer is the hottest. Riyadh visiting places include Masmak Fortress, King Abdullah Park, Salam Park, Center Point, Riyadh Zoo, Ad-Diriyah, Al Faisaliyah Center, National Museum of Riyadh, many amazing hotels and malls, The largest integrated farm in the world, Edge of the world and much more. 
Our website is based on the purpose that people who want to make a flight journey can easily get information, find their suitable flight according to their need and book tickets online in affordable prices along with hotels. You can find here the information about airlines providing non-stop flights from Islamabad to Riyadh. The islamabad to riyadh cheap flights journey is Rs.51,683 offered by AirBlue.
Islamabad Airport serving for this journey is known as ISB- Islamabad International Airport and that of Riyadh is known as RUH- King Khalid International Airport. Take Cheap Flights from Karachi to Riyadh.

Islamabad to Riyadh Flight Schedule

Airlines have arranged their flight schedules for both local and international travel. If you want to see the timings of flights from Islamabad to Riyadh schedule, just go to the airline's official website and you'll find the complete islamabad to riyadh flight schedule today. This applies not only to local airlines but also to international, ones you can find their flight schedules online too.

Islamabad to Riyadh Flight Distance

The distance between Islamabad, Pakistan, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is approximately 4216.7 kilometers (2620.1 miles). The flight time between the two cities is around 4 hours and 30 minutesIslamabad to Riyadh Distance by Air

Islamabad to Riyadh Flight Time Duration

When it comes to Islamabad to Riyadh flight time, it is of four hours and ten minutes approximately. However, Islamabad to Riyadh flight duration may vary depending upon the number of stops in an indirect flight.
Direct flight = 4 Hours & 10 Minutes
Indirect flight = Depends on your route and connections

Islamabad to Riyadh Flight Status


Checking the status of flights from Islamabad to Riyadh is really simple. It's highly recommended that you check the flight status online before your departure or return. Sometimes, flight times can change, both for arrivals and departures. There have been instances where arrival flights even arrive early, and people who were supposed to pick up passengers end up waiting. So, whenever you have a flight departing or returning, you can easily check the flight status online using the following method.

The flight status is described using different terms, like "delayed," "check-in," or "departed." If you want to check the Islamabad to Riyadh flight status, you can visit the airline's website and find the flight status there.

For example, if you're traveling from Islamabad to Riyadh from Islamabad International Airport, you can simply visit the official website of Islamabad airport and check the flight status for today's Islamabad to Riyadh flights.


Ticket Price of PIA Non Stop Flights from Islamabad to Riyadh:

PIA is the national airline of Pakistan. PIA direct flights from Islamabad to Riyadh are available on the days of Tuesday and Saturday with ticket prices approximately between 63,382 PKR and 123,942. PIA non-stop flights take only 4 hours 10 minutes in this journey while there are flights with one stop and two-stop too which can take more time than one day. 

AirBlue Flights Today Islamabad to Riyadh Ticket Price:

AirBlue’s Islamabad to Riyadh non-stop flights are available every day of the week. These flights have a travel duration of about 4 hours 25 minutes. AirBlue Ticket Price of Islamabad to Riyadh Flights is 51,683 PKR. Ticket Price Lahore to Riyadh Flights of different Air Lines.

Saudia Airfare of Islamabad to Riyadh Flights Today:

Saudi Arabian Airline offers flights from Islamabad to Riyadh on the days of Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At least one non-stop flight is sent on a daily basis from Islamabad to Riyadh. Cheapest Ticket Price of Saudia Airline from Islamabad to Riyadh is 68,044 PKR. Usually, the travel time is 4 hours 35 minutes. Saudia also sends one-stop flights on a daily basis which may have basic ticket prices as Rs. 87,000 or more.
Note: All these ticket prices are Economy class prices, applicable to for one adult person’s roundtrip. online ticket booking islamabad to riyadh your ticket at least one month before your journey to enjoy the lowest prices of your flight.


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