Karachi is the capital of Sindh Province and an international hub. Jinnah International Airport in Karachi is Karachi's only international airport. This page focuses on international flights departing from Karachi for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia's capital and a Muslim-dominated city. King Khalid International Airport is Riyadh's only international airport. Karachi to riyadh flight schedule and fares differ from one flight to the next. You can book your tickets online by conducting an online search for the various airlines listed below. Find Madinah flights.
The 302m-high Kingdom Centre and the Al Faisaliah Centre are two of Riyadh's most prominent economic landmarks. The 1902 invasion that handed the Al Sauds control of Riyadh took place at Masmak Fort in the Deira district. It features several unique eateries and restaurants that serve both conventional and local cuisine. Wadi Hanifa, Maskmak Fort,   King Abdulaziz Historical Center, Al Faisaliya Tower, and the Riyadh National Zoo are among the best tourist attractions. People from all over the world come to Saudi Arabia's spectacular global city for commerce, employment, and education.

Karachi to Riyadh Flight Time Duration

The flight time from Karachi to Riyadh is approximately 3 hours and 25 minutes. This is the average flight time for a direct flight, and it can vary depending on the airline and the route. For example, some flights may make a stop in another city, which will add to the total flight time.

Karachi to Riyadh Distance

The distance between Karachi and Riyadh is approximately 3604.0 kilometers (2239.4 miles). This is the shortest distance between the two cities, as the crow flies. The actual distance traveled by a plane will be longer, as it will need to follow the curvature of the Earth. To check the karachi to riyadh distance by air

Here are some tips for finding the best flight deals from Karachi to Riyadh:

Fly Dubai Airtickets from Karachi to Riyadh:

Currently, it has the cheapest air fare for Riyadh from Karachi, PKR 31,085.60. It takes a total of 8 hours 30 minutes if you opt for Fly Dubai. From Karachi, plane takes off and in 2 hours 15 minutes lands at Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai and after 4 hours 15 minutes stay, takes off and lands Riyadh in 2 hours. 

Karachi to Riyadh Cheap Air Ticket Gulf Air:

It is providing cheap air fare which is PKR 38,109.79 and reaches Riyadh from Karachi in a total of 6 hours 20 minutes with one stop at Bahrain International Airport for 2 hours 35 minutes and then reaches Riyadh in 1 hour 10 minutes. 

Karachi to Riyadh Oman Air Cheap Fares Today:

If you Book a Flight of 5 hours 15 minutes flight, the air fare would be PKR 42,274 and it will reach Riyadh with one stop at Muscat International Airport. If you book for a flight reaching in 10 hours 5 minutes, the air fare would be PKR 48,429.

Etihad Karachi to Riyadh Airways Flight Fare:

The cheapest air fare by Etihad Airways is PKR 49,534.64. From Karachi to Riyadh, it takes a total of 8 hours with one stop flight at Abu Dhabi International Airport. 

Emirates Karachi to Riyadh Ticket Prices:

It takes a total of 8 hours 45 minutes from Karachi to Riyadh, if you are travelling from Emirates via Dubai International Airport. It takes a Non-stop Flight from Karachi to Dubai in 2 hours 15 minutes and after staying there for 4 hours 30 minutes, non-stop flight from Dubai takes off and in exactly 2 hours reaches Riyadh. The air fare for Emirates is PKR 50,909. 

Karachi to Riyadh Flights Saudi Arabian Airlines:

Cheapest air fare offered by SAA is PKR 57,283. It takes 16 hours 40 minutes from Karachi to Riyadh with two stops at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah and Bisha Domestic Airport. 

Turkish Airlines Karachi to Riyadh Plane Tickets Today:

The cheapest air fare from Karachi to Riyadh is PKR 86,731.87. Total flight time with one stop at Istanbul Ataturk Airport is 20 hours 25 minutes. 
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