Airline Departure Date Stops Ticket Price Book
Thai Air 19 Sep 2024 0 Rs. 95,365 Book Now
Sri Lankan Ariline 19 Sep 2024 1 - CMB Rs. 80,684 Book Now
Emirate 19 Sep 2024 1 - DXB Rs. 118,821 Book Now
Etihad Airways 19 Sep 2024 1 - AUH Rs. 119,635 Book Now
Batik Air 19 Sep 2024 1 - KUL Rs. 131,506 Book Now

Important Facts on Flights from Lahore to Bangkok

  • Travel Time: 4 Hours 30 Minutes
  • Total Distance: 3318 Km
  • Minimum Ticket Price: Rs. 80,684
  • Highest Fare: Rs. 1348640
  • Airlines that operator on this route: Batik Air, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Gulf Air, Kuwait Airways, Oman Air

Travelling is one of the most relaxing activities. It allows you to take time out of your busy routine and explore the world. When it comes to some of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, Thailand just cannot be ignored. Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, offers everything that you would expect on your holiday trip. It is an overwhelming city with incredible major attractions, food, and much more.

Due to the popularity of Bangkok, Thailand, there are a number of airlines that operate Lahore to Bangkok flights. Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore, is a famous airport that operates different airlines for Lahore to Bangkok flights. You can find information regarding different airlines that operate Lahore to Bangkok flights on this page. Moreover, we will also provide you with a list of Lahore to Bangkok air ticket prices on our website.

Lahore to Bangkok Flight Prices

The flight prices are dependent upon certain factors that include peak season flight rates, type of traveling, direct or an indirect flight. If you are looking for airfare from Lahore to Bangkok, then you are on the right page. Here you can find Lahore to Bangkok flight ticket prices for different airlines. Furthermore, you can also find Bangkok to Lahore cheap ticket price on this page.

Flights from Lahore to Bangkok Status

It is highly vital to know your Lahore to Bangkok flight status beforehand in order to avoid any delays or inconvenience. Here, we will advise our customers to check the Lahore to Bangkok flight status today .
On the home page of the official website of the Lahore airport, you will find a schedule table in the right corner. In the box, they have also mentioned the status of the flight as "delayed," "checked in close," or "confirmed."

Lahore to Bangkok Flights Schedule

Every airline has its own flight schedule depending upon their availability and other factors. If you want to check Lahore to Bangkok flight schedule you can check it on the official website of Lahore airport. Moreover, if you are looking forward to the Lahore to Bangkok flight schedule of a specific airline you can visit that relevant airline online as well. You can get the flights from Lahore to Bangkok schedule today.

Lahore to Bangkok Flight Time & Duration

Lahore to Dubai flight duration varies according to the direct or an indirect flight. The nonstop flight from Lahore to Bangkok time duration is four hours and twenty-five minutes.

Lahore to Bangkok Distance

The distance between Lahore and Bangkok is approximately 2,059 miles (3,335 kilometers). This is the distance between the two cities' airports, Lahore International Airport (LHE) and Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK). Check the lahore to bangkok distance by air
The shortest route between Lahore and Bangkok is a straight line, which is about 2,059 miles long. However, the actual distance traveled by a plane will be longer, as it will need to follow a curved path due to the Earth's curvature.

Thai Airways Lahore to Bangkok flight

Thai Airways offers a number of Lahore to Bangkok flights. You can also book Lahore to Bangkok cheap flights at Thai Airways. For a holiday trip, Bangkok, Thailand, is considered as one of the best spots. Thai Airways operate various nonstop and indirect Lahore to Bangkok flights. You can check the Thai airways flight schedule from Lahore to Bangkok online. Moreover, we have also provided Lahore to Bangkok Thai airways ticket price on this page below.

Thai Airline direct Flights from Lahore to Bangkok Today:

Thai Airlines send daily one non-stop flight from Lahore to Bangkok. This flight takes only 4 hours 25 minute on this journey. The Lowest ticket price of Thai Airline flight from Lahore to Bangkok starts from Rs.83,991. Get Cheap Flight Fare from Karachi to Bangkok here.

Sri Lankan Airline Price Today Ticket for Lahore to Bangkok Flights

SriLankan Airlines offer Lahore to Bangkok flights on the days of Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. These one-stop flights take 8 hours 35 minutes in this journey and the stop is in Colombo, capital of SriLanka. SriLankan flight’s ticket prices of Lahore to Bangkok start from Rs.145,136. 

Batik Air Lahore to Bangkok Flights

Batik Air offers indirect Lahore to Bangkok flights. You can check different Batik Air Lahore to Bangkok flight timings online. Moreover, the airline also provide the facility to check Lahore to Bangkok flight status online. Here we have mentioned different Lahore to Bangkok flight prices to facilitate people.

Emirates Lahore to Bangkok flights

Bangkok is one of the best holiday destinations. If you are planning your next to Bangkok you can book yourself an Emirates Lahore to Bangkok flight time today. Emirates has been providing excellent airline services for a long time now.

Turkish Airline Lahore to Bangkok flights

Turkish Airlines are quite popular for providing the best customer services. Among different other airline operations, Turkish Airlines operate Lahore to Bangkok flights. The flights are usually not direct and include one or two stops. You can check the complete Lahore to Bangkok flight schedule online

Ticket Price of PIA Flights from Lahore to Bangkok:

PIA started non-stop flights from Lahore to Bangkok in 2018 which fly only on Monday and Thursday. PIA direct flights take only 4 hours 10 minutes from Lahore to Bangkok. Along with it, there are also PIA one-stop flights from Lahore to Bangkok which have that one stop mostly in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. PIA one-stop flights from Lahore to Bangkok flight duration is at least 9 hours 10 minutes. As far as Ticket prices are concerned, PIA non-stop flight tickets from Lahore to Bangkok cost between Rs.53,393 and 64,963 while one-stop flights cost between Rs. 53,393 and 84,130. 

Oman Air Cheap Flights from Lahore to Bangkok Ticket Prices:

Oman Air flights are also available all the days of the week which have one stop in Muscat, Oman in between the journey from Lahore to Bangkok. The travel period is about 12 hours 50 minutes. Cheapest ticket Price of Oman Air for Lahore to Bangkok journey is about Rs.77,040.
Oman Air is among the airlines that operate indirect Lahore to Bangkok flights. The Lahore to Bangkok Oman Air flight price vary depending upon the stop duration. You can check the Lahore to Bangkok flight rates of Oman Air on our page.

Qatar Airways

If you are planning a holiday trip to Bangkok, you should make sure to select the best airline that provides the best travel time. Qatar Airways is without a doubt one of the best airlines to fly from Lahore to Bangkok. If you want to know the Lahore to Bangkok ticket price you check this page and find different rates. Moreover, you can check Qatar Airways Lahore to Bangkok schedule online.


SAUDIA airlines offer indirect Lahore to Bangkok Flights. The Lahore to Bangkok flight is considered a bit expensive as compared to other airlines due to the long stop duration. Moreover, you can find Lahore to Bangkok flight prices on this page.
Lahore is Pakistan's province capital, whereas Bangkok is Thailand's national capital. Grand Palace and Wat Prakeaw, Wat Arun, Floating Market, Chao Phraya River & Waterways, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Soi Cowboy, Jim Thompson's residence, Dream World Park, and an underground aquarium called SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World are just a few places to visit in Bangkok. The best time to visit Bangkok is between November and April when the weather is pleasant. In November, airfares to Bangkok from Lahore normally fall. From Pakistan, take a best tour to Thailand from Pakistan.
Trips.pk offers an online flight booking service as well as information about international travel. Flights, tours, hotels, agents, ticket purchasing, and Umrah Packages are all available here. You can find the Lahore to Bangkok flight schedule, as well as affordable flights from Lahore to Bangkok, flight duration, and flight stops between Lahore and Bangkok. You can also book a flight ticket from Lahore to Bangkok, as well as all other necessary information for international travel. Passengers on all airlines have access to excellent amenities while in flight.
LHE- Allama Iqbal International Airport is the airport serving this travel in Lahore, Pakistan, whereas BKK- Suvarnabhumi International Airport and DMK Don Mueang International Airport serve this journey in Bangkok, Thailand.
Note: Flights’ schedule can change especially of PIA, according to the timely need. All the above prices of tickets are economy prices and are applicable to one adult person’s roundtrip. Try to book your ticket at least a month before flight departure so that you can enjoy the cheapest ticket prices.


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