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Situated on the Arabian Gulf, Kuwait is an Arab country covering an area of 17,818 km² and a population of 4.137 million according to World Bank in 2017. Non-petroleum industries of Kuwait provide financial services which according to the World Bank, makes Kuwait the fourth richest country in the world per capita. The modern architecture of Kuwait City, the capital city is best known throughout the world including its skyscrapers, outstanding Kuwait towers and water towers. The famous Tareq Rajab Museum consists of a rich variety of ethnographic artifacts and Islamic art. The Green Island and Al Kout Beach are among the best tourist attractions, where people from all over the world come and visit during their vacation period. There are many Pakistanis living in Kuwait for educational or business purposes. Average number of 6249.88 thousand tourists travel to Kuwait every year.Get 6 days Dubai tour packages from Pakistan.
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Gulf Air Cheap Ticket Flights from Lahore to Kuwait:

The cheapest airfare by Gulf Air is PKR 32,771. The flight reaches from Lahore to Bahrain International Airport in 3h 55m. The connecting time to next transit flight is 2h 20m. From Bahrain, flight takes off and lands Kuwait International Airport in 1h 05m. The total time of entire journey is 7h 20m. Check Flight Prices from Islamabad to Kuwait.


Airline Tickets Etihad Airways Lahore to Kuwait Flights:

Cheapest airfare by Etihad is PKR 47,805 and total flight time of 8h 10m with one stop at Abu Dhabi International Airport. The plane departs from Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore and lands Abu Dhabi in 3h 30m with connecting time of 2h 45m to next transit flight. Next, the plane departs from Abu Dhabi and lands Kuwait International Airport in 1h 55m. 


Oman Air Flights Cheap Airfare from Lahore to Kuwait Today:

Lahore to Kuwait Flight cost by Oman Air is PKR 50,381 with one stop at Muscat International Airport. From Lahore to Muscat, the travel time is 3 hours non-stop. Staying there for 8h 25m, the plane from Muscat departs and lands Kuwait in 2h 10m. Therefore, the complete journey takes a total of 13h 35m. 


Flight Ssearch Srilankan Airlines from Lahore to Kuwait:

With one stop at Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo, Srilankan Airlines is offering bit expensive air travel in PKR 97,630. The plane departs from Lahore and lands Colombo in 3h 55m with connecting time of 13h 05m to next transit flight from Colombo to Kuwait reaching in 5h 30m. From this time, the entire flight takes a total of 22h 30m from Lahore to Kuwait. Airline Booking for Kuwait from Karachi is here.


British Airways Cheap Fares from Lahore to Kuwait Today:

British Airways is offering quite expensive air travel of PKR 306,206 with two stops at Hamad International Airport, Doha (Connecting time: 1h 35m) and Heathrow Airport, London (Connecting time: 4 hours). The plane departs from Lahore and lands Doha in 3h 40m and from Doha, plane lands London in 7h 10m. Later from London, the total flight time to Kuwait is 6h 15. The complete air travel from Lahore to Kuwait by British Airways is thus 22h 40m. 4 days group Dubai tour packages from Pakistan.
Note: The above discussed flight details are specified to one passenger traveling by economy class. 

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