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UAE (United Arab Emirates) is famous for its skyline, exotic desserts and iconic view and it is the places for the interest of all ages. Just 30 years ago UAE region was just a pile of sand but now it is one of the Most Visited Region from Travelers. Tourist like the royal lifestyle of these countries and they are rich with natural minerals like oil and gas which make it one of the most important region of this world. To have the most luxurious life experience everybody should visit these countries once in a lifetime. How Dubai can offer the Best Prices when compared with the World.
There are many attractions of this region which will amuse you as a tourist like their huge sky scrapers, Luxurious shopping malls and best beaches of the world. UAE is known as the place for those who love expensive brands, cars, those who are nature enthusiasts and on the top they should have a keen for every adventure buff.
Here are some of the main Exotic places of UAE that will attract you.

UAE Tour Packages from Pakistan 2024:

This is one of the biggest and awesome Ferrari world in the world and give you the experience of ultimate loop. This Ferrari world is situated in Abu Dhabi on the edge of Yas Island. It is a record breaking amusement park for only one brand and it covers the biggest space outline structure in the world.Read How to get Dubai Visa From Pakistan.
This space park was opened in September 2010 and has the world fastest ride Formula Rossa. It is almost cover the area of 86,000 square meters and was nominated as one of the most leading Tourist Attraction for UAE  The amusement park is full of rides that people can enjoy and they will be amazed by its infrastructure.

Dubai | Abu Dhabi Tour Packages from Pakistan:

When we hear the word UAE travel, suddenly sand and skyscrapers comes in our mind but there are many other traditional beautiful places that you guys should discover. Just 100 Kms away from Hatta Mountain are there is a small village named as Hatta Village. It is in between the two huge mountains named as Hajran. This village is among one of the oldest village in the world and has the preserved history of almost 3000 years. This is not a big village just have only 30 buildings including shops along with the fresh water canal. Before this place was opened for public there is archeological cemetery was there. Right now there are just thousands of tourist who visit this village in a whole year those who don’t know about it should visit it. As being one of the oldest places of Dubai it hosts the National Dubai day event, Flag and Shopping day. Ticket Price of Flights from Islamabad to Dubai.

Visit Art Museum of Sharjah:

The only and among the biggest museum which is totally devoted to represent the heritage and culture of Sharjah. It has the collection of most precious collection of UAE history, you will learn a lot by visiting this museum about the cultural values of UAE. It is situated on the Corniche Street of Sharjah.

Tour Packages for UAE 2024 from Pakistan:

There is a hotel operating at Burj khalifa Hotel Dubai known as Armani Hotel Dubai. The height of Burj Khalifa is 2722 feet and it contains offices, residences as well as the hotel. It is one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai and also well known as the highest restaurant in the world from the ground level and mentioned in the Guinness World of Records. The architecture of the hotel is quite modern and sophisticated. Moreover, travelers are provided with many facilities. The people that are planning to travel to Dubai and looking for the Dubai Hotel Booking can check all the information from trips.pk.


Frequently Asked Questions about tour packages to UAE from Pakistan:

How much does it cost to visit Dubai from Pakistan?

the cost of Dubai visa fee from Pakistan is around 11000 Rs for 14 days and if you want for 30 days so it can cost you 13000 Rs. Flying from Pakistan to Dubai can cost around 50,000 Rs and if your are thinking about round trip so it can cost about 1 lakh.

Does Pakistani need visa to Dubai?

As many Pakistanis are visiting Dubai every year for different purposes like business or tourism and also in large number Pakistanis are permanent resident living in dubai.Most of the time Pakistanis who are having passport, also needs Dubai visa to visit Dubai.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Dubai?

The cheapest month to travel to Dubai is January. You should book your tickets at least 3 weeks before you go for departure in order to achieve average price. 

Are there any flights from Pakistan to UAE?

If we talk about cheap flights that fly from Pakistan to Dubai are Serene Air, Emirates and airblue. 

Is it expensive in Dubai?

If we see major cities around the globe so, Dubai is not that much expensive. As there hotels and restaurants are present that charge money which is affordable.

Which is the cheapest hotel in Dubai?

Seattle Hotel Deira Dubai is considered to be the cheapest hotel in Dubai. It is a one start hotel ,provides free wifi, room service , full –service laundary in a great deal of Rs2,203 only.it means 39 % less than usual price.

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