Many airlines offer Sharjah flights in Lahore. These flights travel from Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore to Sharjah International Airport (SHJ), United Arab Emirates. Flight ticket prices are applicable to be changed but approximately they start from 1 lac for a roundtrip of one person. If you want to book your air ticket and hotel, you can do it online easily, but you should do it a week before the travel. Your valid passport and visa are the most important things to travel with you. You need to sit in the plane at least 20 minutes before its takeoff because plane doors are closed 15 minutes before its takeoff. Few flights are nonstop which while many have one or two stops taking long time to reach the destination. Some Flights offer facilities of Wi-Fi and power supply. Get 4 day tour packages for UAE from Pakistan.
Sharjah is one of the developed cities of United Arab Emirates with attractive hotels, restaurants, buildings shops and visiting places. Many Pakistanis prefer to Visit Sharjah in their holidays. So, here we are going to tell you the information about Flights from Lahore to Sharjah.

AirBlue Flights from Lahore to Sharjah at Cheap Rates:

AirBlue is serving as a nonstop flight from Lahore to Sharjah. Its ticket costs more than 54,000 (roundtrip) for a single person and it transports its passengers to Sharjah in 3 hours 30 minutes. AirBlue flights travel four times a week from Lahore to Sharjah i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Flights Airfare from Islamabad to Sharjah.

Today Flights from Lahore to Sharjah Ticket Prices of Turkish Airlines:

This flight has one stop i.e. it Travels from Lahore to Istanbul and then from Istanbul to Sharjah. It stops for about 15 hours in Istanbul. So, the overall taken time from Lahore to Sharjah becomes 25 hours. Air ticket of single person costs about 1 lac for round trip journey.

Multiple Airlines Tickets Prices and Flights Schedual from Lahore Airport:

It has two stops. You can go to Sharjah through “Multiple airlines” which means you have to change your aeroplane on next or second next stop. For example, if you are going through Kuwait Airline flight, your flight will first go to Kuwait City from Lahore. There it will remain there for two hours. After it, it will depart for Cairo, Egypt where you have to stay for 9 hours 20 minutes. Then you will catch flight of EgyptAir which will take you to Sharjah in 3 hours 25 minutes. This all will take your about 22 hours. The price for this round trip is more than 2,30,000 rupees. Compare Flights Ticket Prices from Karachi to Sharjah.

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