Trips.pk is providing the customers the online way to book their flights. Along with it, one can get flight tickets booked, information about flight schedules, Travel Agencies, information about Umrah and Hajj Packages and many other things which are needed while traveling abroad. Here, you will get the information about flights from Lahore to Tokyo, Japan. Airlines which offer these flights include PIA, Thai Airlines, Etihad, Emirates, Turkish Airlines and many others. All these airlines offer many facilities such as meal, Wi-Fi, entertainment, power, etc. The cheapest ticket price is offered by PIA (Rs. 99,080) and the minimum duration of the flight (can be offered by any airline) is 12 hours 5 minute.
Tokyo is the national capital of Japan and one of the busiest cities. It is one of the World’s Most Visited 25 Beautiful Places. It is famous for historical temples and museums. Tourists enjoy to visit Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower, Imperial Palace, Tokyo DisneySea, Roppongi, Yoyogi Park, Mount Takao, Hamarikyu Gardens, Rainbow Bridge, Ghibli Museum, Ueno Zoo, Tokyo National Museum, Edo-Tokyo Museum, Inokashira Park, Edo Castle, Yasukuni Shrine, Showa Memorial Park, National Museum of Nature and Science and a lot of other places.
Airport of Lahore is known as LHE- Allama Iqbal Intl. Airport and of Tokyo, Japan there are 2 airports known as Narita Intl. (NRT) and Haneda (HND), both denoted as Tokyo (TYO) Airports.

Ticket Price of PIA Flights Today from Lahore to Tokyo (LHE to NRT):

PIA sends several one-stop and two-stop flights on every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. First stop is mainly in Karachi and/or Islamabad and the overall timing of the journey on one-stop flight takes about 12 hours 55 minutes (as a minimum). Cheapest Ticket Price of PIA one-stop flight is 120,695 PKR for this journey while flights with two stop s charge Rs. 99,080. 

Etihad Airways Flights Lahore to Tokyo Ticket Price:

On a daily basis, Etihad Airways offer flights from Lahore to Tokyo. Etihad Airways flights have one stop in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Generally, these flights take 28 hours 20 minutes on this trip. The basic ticket price is Rs. 113,084.

Thai International Airline Flights from Lahore to Tokyo Ticket Prices:

Thai Airlines are owned by Thailand. These airlines offer many one-stop flights for this journey which have a stop in Bangkok, Thailand. Booking a ticket costs at least Rs. 277,945. The least time duration of flights is 12 hours 5 minutes.

Ticket Price of China Southern Flight from Lahore to Tokyo:

China Southern Airline is owned by China. It takes passengers from Lahore to Tokyo by going through one stop which is in Guangzhou, China. Its airfare prices start form 198,033 PKR. The travel duration as a minimum is 24 hours 10 minutes.

Cheap flights from Lahore to Tokyo:

All week, Emirates Airlines operates one-stop and two-stop flights from Lahore to Tokyo. The majority of these planes make their first stop in Dubai. The flight from Lahore to Tokyo takes 15 hours and 15 minutes in total. With time, ticket prices fall and grow. The lowest ticket price is almost 143,128 PKR.
Note: To get the best prices on PIA flights, book at least one month in advance of departure, and for other airlines, book at least one/two weeks in advance of departure to receive below-average airfare prices. All of the rates listed above are for a single person's roundtrip flight in Economy Class.

Turkish Airlines Flights from Lahore to Tokyo (LHE to NRT) Booking Price 2024:

Turkish Airlines are satisfactory airlines which offer flights in almost every journey. In this trip, Turkish Airlines serve to take Pakistani passengers from Lahore to Tokyo. Their flights have one stop in Istanbul, Turkey. Prices of a Ticket from Lahore to Tokyo for this journey are approximately Rs. 181,573. The minimum time taken in this journey is 32 hours 50 minutes.

Emirates Air Airfare Today of Flights from Lahore to Tokyo:

Emirates airlines also offer one-stop and two-stop flights from Lahore to Tokyo all week. These flights have mainly first stop in Dubai. The overall time taken by flight is 15 hours 15 minutes in the journey from Lahore to Tokyo. Ticket prices decrease and increase with the passage of time, the minimum Price of Ticket is nearly 143,128 PKR. 
Note: Book your flight tickets of PIA at least 1 month before the journey to enjoy cheapest prices and for other airlines, book your ticket at least one/ two weeks before the departing of flight to get below average airfare prices. All the above-stated prices are Economy Class Prices and are applicable to a single person’s roundtrip.


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