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Skardu is a well-known travel destination that is surrounded by the fascinating mountain ranges of the Karakoram, Hindu Kush, and Himalaya. It is the most beautiful valley all around the world that lies far in the northern areas. It is the most visited place in Pakistan and beside this, it also contains the second-highest mountain in the world, K2. Many people wanted to witness the beauty of this valley as it has some of the splendid landscapes and sceneries.
The valley welcomes thousands of tourists every year. The people that are planning for the Skardu Tour are recommended to check the Skardu tourist attractions before traveling. The top 5 Skardu tourist points are listed below. 
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1. Khaplu Valley:

Khaplu is one of the most fascinating valleys located in Skardu. Its majestic landscape will leave you spellbound and everyone will fall in love with it. The valley also contains some historical sites such as Chaqchan Mosque and Khaplu Palace. Chaqchan Mosque is the oldest mosque situated in the northern areas of Pakistan. It possesses an enchanting scenic location that captures the attention of the visitors. 
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2. Deosai National Park:

Desai National Park contains some rare pieces of flora and fauna and the visitors will find the ear-shattering silence at this place. Previously the park was established for some animal and bird species like Golden eagle, Sparrow Hawk Snow Leopard, Red Fox, and Brown bear. It is also famous for the specular streams, snowcapped mountains, and wild thick flowers. The park is well known all around the world as “land of giants” as it contains unique wildlife and landscape. The tourist can also be lucky enough to see the rare Himalayan brown bear in this park. It can be only visited in the summer season where you can have the breathtaking  view of the flowers. 
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3. Shigar Valley:

This valley is a gateway to the Karakoram Mountains and it is 23 km away from Skardu. Shigar fort located in the Shigar valley was the residence of the local ruler. It is famous for its culture and traditions. Moreover, the Kashmiri carpenters also built a wooden mosque there. It is a beautiful village that contains all sorts of crops and fruits such as peaches, pear, apricots, grapes, and walnuts. It was also awarded as a world heritage site by UNESCO
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4. Shangrila Valley:

It is also known as the upper kuchara lake and among the best traveling destination sight in the Skardu. It is surrounded by the dense alpine forest and its elevation is 2499m. On the bank of the lake famous Shangrila resort is present that adds the beauty in the valley. During the Skardu tour plan, one should visit this best place to get a glimpse of the beautiful scenes. The red hut cottages and the snow-clad mountains make an astonishing combination. 
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5. Basho Valley:

Skardu has a beautiful and astonishing valley known as Basho valley. It is famous for camping and the alpine forests surround the valley that offers a pleasant atmosphere. The visitors can witness the true beauty of the valley by hiking and camping. The valley contains green pastures and the crystal clear water streams. This is the must-visit place in Skardu tourism as the visitors can have the best traveling experience there. The place is accessible by the jeep ride and is 2 hours away from the Skardu. 
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