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Traveling is the most excited part of one’s life. When we plan a trip we want it to be adventurous and stress free. Ticket is booked, luggage is packed, everything else is ready and you are set to travel. But wait! Do you miss anything in your traveling preparation list? Yes, traveling insurance. Travelers commonly do not know about its significance. Check our WorldwideTravel insurance Plans to protect yourself while you are traveling around the world

People usually think that travel insurance is just a waste of money. You already have spent substantial expenditure on your trip so why you should waste money on travel insurance. Certain myths that are associated with traveling are negated below so it’s up to you to decide, whether you will go for the travel insurance or you are ready to face any uncertainty in the way of our traveling .Below are the 6 Common Travel Insurance Myths:

Worldwide Travel Insurance


  1. Myth#1 Traveling Within Home Country Does Not Require Insurance

Traveling usually sounds safe in your own country as you travel on routine basis so you may consider that you do not need travel insurance. One never knows when your luck runs out and you are going to face any unfavorable situation that is going to interrupt your trip. So you better be prepared for such situations and travel insurance will prove as a ray of light in dark for you. It will cover any catastrophic conditions like fight delay, illness, injury and you will be relieved. Click for our Domestic Travel Insurance Plans.
  1. Myth#2 My Credit Card Will Cover my Travel Insurance

Your credit card has certain limitations so it’s better to contact to your credit card company prior to traveling. Ask about the medical insurance that you are going to need in the case of any emergency situations. Some companies have limited medical facilities associated with the trip length and do not provide coverage.
  1. Myth#3  Complicated Process of Purchasing Travel Insurance

Traveler considers that the application procedure of travel insurance is quite long and tiresome. As they have set it in last minutes to do list so, they prefer to avoid it. But the real scenario is completely different. It takes only few minutes to apply for the travel insurance online and you can also purchase it without any delay or with the help of travel agencies in less cost..
  1. Myth#4  My Airline Will Offer Cover for Missed and Cancelled Flight

Mostly traveler thinks that airline will recompense them but it is not actually going to happen. If you have missed your flight due to any reason the airline is not going to compensate it. This is only possible in the case of changing schedule of fight or flight delays due to certain issues for example weather problems. But if you have the travel insurance then definitely you are going to save from such happenings.
  1. Myth#5 People That Have High Risk of Falling in Emergency Situation Need Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is significantly important for certain people having adventurous activities like mountain climbing and sky diving. But it’s not like that they are the only one that need travel insurance. Your insurance will protect you in the case of sickness because you will never know that what is standing next in your way so it’s better to be prepared rather than worrying on unpleasant incidents.
  1. Myth#6  My Health Insurance Policy is Enough:

Many people do not consider having the travel insurance as they think that their normal heath life insurance will cover them from any illness in abroad but this is not possible in all cases. There are numerous policies that provides cover in short length trip. But if you are going for long  trip you must consult and discuss your health insurance policy with the company to know about the health facilities.
Common Travel Insurance myths
So be aware of these Travel Insurance Myths and know about facts of travel insurance to keep yourself informed.
Have a safe traveling!


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