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Pakistan Tourism is becoming more and more popular among other countries. UK travel Ambassador has proved this fact that Pakistan is a safe country for tourism. There are several countries Like Bangkok, Malaysia, Thailand, and Turkey, almost 70 % of the economy of these countries is supported by their Tourism. It is not just a way to generate revenue but also it helps the country to show the world that it’s a safe place to visit. Pakistan does not have a good background when it comes to tourism but with the passage of time new government is trying its best to increase the number of foreign visitors in Pakistan. The main focus will be to invite the Ambassador to different foreign countries to visit these beautiful places.


Bristih High Commisinor in Malam Jabba


British High commissioner recorded his safe Pakistan message at Malam Jabba in Swat Valley where he visited a newly established Ski Resort. He entered in Ski Championship Tournament of Malam Jabba. These positive remarks from a foreign Ambassador will put a positive impact on Pakistan tourism in the Future. Pakistan is a welcoming world tourists to see the breathtaking tour destinations of Pakistan. Read About UK New Travel Advisior.

 British High Commissioner visited several places in Pakistan. Pakistan is a most favorite tourist destination in 2020. There is no denying in the fact that the new government has worked a lot harder to prevail the tourism in Pakistan and finally it is paying off. It is hoped that in future Pakistan will become one of the most visited countries by Tourists in the world.

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