FBR Allows Tourists To Import Vehicles without Duties For 6 Months

FBR Allows Tourists To Import Vehicles Without Duties For 6 Months



Federal Board of Revenue, FBR has changed the policy for the tourists by allowing them to import vehicles temporarily without paying any duties and taxes for a duration of 06 months. On Friday, the FBR issues a notification that shows the amendments in the Customs Rules 2001. Best Tour packages in Pakistan.
SRO.201(I)/2021 defines a tourist as a person who is not a Pakistani resident. The person can stay not more than six months in Pakistan in the course of any twelve months for a legitimate non-immigrant purpose. Before this, the definition of a tourist was quite changed. According to the previous rule, a tourist is a foreigner who cannot have stay in Pakistan for longer than 03 months. A foreigner, can be of any of the following categories, who is not a residence of Pakistan and have no occupation in Pakistan can be said a tourist:   
  • A person who visits Pakistan for recreational or sight-seeing purposes.
  • A person who visits Pakistan for health or domestic purposes. 
  • A person who visits Pakistan for study, lecture, or pilgrimage purposes.  
  • A person who visits Pakistan in his individual or representative capacity for the following purposes: 
  • Scientific Meeting
  • Administrative Meeting
  • Educational Meeting
  • Social Gathering 
  • Cultural Activity 
  • Sports activity 
  • Religious Meeting 
  • For Giving A Particular Performance
  • A person who visits Pakistan for business purposes

Procedure Of Temporary Import Of Vehicle :

The procedure says that if a foreigner wants to import a vehicle against carnet-de-passage or a bank guarantee may be offered delivery by the officer-in-charge without paying any duties. However, the person will not be allowed to transfer the ownership of the vehicle constructively or substantially to any other person. 
However, if a tourist is not able to export the vehicle within the said timeframe then he will be allowed to write a request to the FBR before the expiry date and the period will be extended to three more months. This is also decided that if the same vehicle will re-enter Pakistan within a period of 01-year after its exit, the temporary release shall not be allowed over fourteen days against the carnet-de-passage or bank guarantee. It does not matter whether the vehicle is re-entering with the same name of tourists or anyone else. However, in this case, the exemption will be provided to the vehicles operated by recognized foreign tour agencies.  The agencies shall be permitted re-entry within 01-year for a duration that will not be exceeded by three months at one time. How to get international driving license in 2021.
If the export of the vehicle will not be possible because of the health conditions of the importer or because of the accidental situation in which the vehicle is involved, then the FBR may extend the duration but that will not be longer than six months. However, in such a case, a fresh bank guarantee will be required if the previous one will not cover the extension period. This is also confirmed that if the importer has the wish to retain the vehicle longer than the said period then he will acquire an import permit from the Ministry of Commerce and will also pay the duties and taxes from the date of its import. 
In case a tourist wants to import a vehicle to pass through Pakistan to a foreign destination, then the officer-in-charge will allow entry without carnet-de-passage or bank guarantee. 

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