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Welcome to our informative website Here you can get information about Flights, Visas, Umrah Packages and much more. On this site, you will get knowledge about New Visa Policy of Pakistan. According to a notification uploaded by Interior Ministry of Pakistan, a new visa policy has been introduced and came into effect on 15 April 2019 by the Pakistani government. The Pakistani new visa policy states that citizens of 50 countries of the world will be allowed to enter Pakistan on tourist basis and they will get Visa on arrival. Visa on arrival means that the citizens of 50 countries can enter Pakistan (without a visa) just by their passport. Then the visa will be pasted on their passport when they arrive in Pakistan. The visa-on-arrival will be granted for 90 days initially (for an individual). This step of Visa-on-Arrival is taken by the Government of Pakistan to promote tourism in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a beautiful country which has many historical and archaeological places, huge mountains, valleys, lakes, greenery and fountains, rivers and seashore, historical mosques and other religious places, 4 seasons and hosting people. Whether you tour any of the four provinces of Pakistan, you will find a lot of mind-blowing and soul-soothing tourist places. Pakistan offers free tourist visas to many countries such as Afghanistan, China, Japan, Iceland, North Korea, Slovakia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan has also made it easy to get Pakistani visa online, NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority), like the UK and USA, has developed the E-visa service. So, you can apply online for Pakistani e-visa on the official website of Visa-Nadra, after making an online account on the website. You essentially need a passport (valid at least for 6 months) to apply for this. Apply through e-visa for the category of Visa-On-Arrival for tourism purposes, you can get e-visa for single entry as well as multiple entries in Pakistan. You will need to submit your personal information, upload documents (Photograph and Passport), pay the amount through credit or debit card and get your Tourist Visa on Arrival!

Pakistani Online Visa System is open for 179 countries' citizens now, among which there are 50 countries eligible for Visa-On-Arrival under tourist category. List of those 50 countries is given below;

  1. Angola
  1. Argentina
  1. Austria
  1. Azerbaijan
  1. Bahamas
  1. Bahrain
  1. Barbados
  1. Botswana
  1. Brunei
  1. Costa Rica
  1. Finland
  1. Germany
  1. Ghana
  1. Iceland
  1. Indonesia
  1. Italy
  1. Japan
  1. Jordan
  1. South Korea
  1. Kuwait
  1. Lithuania
  1. Luxemburg
  1. Malaysia
  1. Maldives
  1. Malta
  1. Monaco
  1. Mozambique
  1. Nepal
  1. New Zealand
  1. Oman
  1. Paraguay
  1. Qatar
  1. Rwanda
  1. Saint Kitts & Nevis
  1. Saint Lucia
  1. Saudi Arabia
  1. Singapore
  1. Spain
  1. Sri Lanka
  1. Switzerland
  1. Tajikistan
  1. Tanzania
  1. Thailand
  1. Tonga
  1. Trinidad & Tobago
  1. Tunisia
  1. Turkey
  1. UAE
  1. Western Samoa
  1. Zambia


  1. Citizens of Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates will be granted 30 days multiple entry Visa on arrival.
  2. Foreign citizens of Indian origin will be allowed to avail this facility too, but only for religious tourism.
  3. Visa on Arrival will be augmented with Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) subject to 48-72 hours prior application submission.
  4. Tourist groups can be brought in Pakistan by those tour operators which are approved by Directorate of Tourist Services (DTS).

Furthermore, according to new visa policies, now 95 countries are eligible to apply for Visa-on-Arrival under business category. Before this new visa policy, only 24 countries were allowed to enter Pakistan on tourism-based Visa on Arrival category. The fee structure is given on the official website of Directorate General of Immigration & Passports, Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan.

Socio-Economic Benefits of New Visa Policy of Pakistan

New Visa policy of Pakistan allows tourists of 50 different countries to visit Pakistan easily. Tourism increases the economy of a country. Malaysia and Turkey earn billions of dollars every year because they promote tourism. Pakistan has made all possible arrangements to make it easy for foreign people to tour Pakistan so that when the foreign tourists come to visit Pakistan, they can stay in a safe and enjoyable environment. This all will make Pakistani society and culture familiar to the world; as well as will raise the Pakistani currency when foreigners will expend their money. The earned money would be spent to further enhance the social and economic development of Pakistan.


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