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Lahore has a unique charm and warm aura; it is the cultural center of Pakistan with a cheerful and vibrant lifestyle that never fails to impress the first time travelers. Lahore is the city that never sleeps, lives big and is inhabited by the most radiant and live-hearted people in the world. The spontaneous adventurer in you won't be disappointed by this city as there are historical sites, numerous restaurants serving delicious cuisines, shopping malls, amusement spots, museums, cinemas and plenty of other unending options. Currently planning your trip to Lahore? Let us take you to mini-adventure to Lahore by enlisting top 10 most amazing things that can only be done in Lahore.

1- Experiencing the Great Architectural Grandeur of (the) Mughal  Empire

The Lahore Fort, Shahi Qila, Badshahi Mosque personify the grandeur and sublime lifestyle of Mughal Emperors. These sites are architectural wonder and a site (sight) to behold if you are into archeology. You would be amazed by majestic construction details of these sites, there are grand rooms, archways, beautiful fountains, gardens, minarets(,) and courtyards taking you into imaginary fables of prince and princes and their dramatic story plots.

2- Visiting The Iconic Food Street of Lahore

If you come to Lahore and don’t forget about your cautious food plan, then your visit is wasted. Lahore is heaven for food lovers and you must visit the iconic food street of Lahore that serves different cuisines and traditional Pakistani food in one place. 

3- Anarkali and Liberty Market

Traveling is synonymous with shopping for the majority of people. You can find cheap cost traditional attires and branded clothes at the same time. You can do shopping for jewelry to footwear, all kinds of fabrics, accessories,leatherwear and home amenities till you run out of money but the variety and options will still be countless. Would to like to read more about the Lahore then read this 48 hours in Lahore-X.

4- Shalamar Gardens

Lahore is famously known as the city of gardens and the most exquisite one there is Shalamar Garden. It is masterpiece of Mughal Era that covers an area of 16 hectares. This classic aesthetic utopia on earth took 18 months to build and contains 410 fountains. This architectural wonder never ceases to impress visitors with its beauty and regal aura. 

5- Lahore Museum

The Lahore Museum was built a century back in 1865. It is one of the most visited tourist spots in Lahore and you cannot miss a chance to reminisce historical events by taking a glimpse at ancient relics. The Lahore Museum contains extensive relic collection of Gandhara Kingdoms, Buddhist and Indo-Greek civilizations.

6- Shopping Malls

Lahore is not behind in catching up with the contemporary lifestyle. This cosmopolitan city has a few most charming and magnificent shopping malls including Emporium, Mall of Lahore, Metro Mall, Hyper star and Packages Mall. These shopping malls have built a mini world inside them; there are restaurants, brand outlets, cinemas, cafes, places for amusement activities and grocery stores.

7- Invoking Your Spiritual Side

Lahore is abode to many revered spiritual saints who had dedicated their entire lives in preaching of Islam in the subcontinent and now lay to rest at their shrines in Lahore. The famous Data Darbar and Bibi Pak Daman are the two shrines you must visit while your tour to Lahore and experience the mystic and spiritually purifying atmosphere.

8- Grab a Bite a Cafes

The terms modern and advance is not often considered as an attribute of Pakistani culture in international media. But it is pretty much fabrication of false media portrayal that Pakistan is always being viewed as an ancient country where extremists are running around with pistols and swords in their hands. To your amazements in Lahore the modern-day scene and contemporary outdoors are present in endless options; there is Peru's Café, Chaayé Khana, Gloria Jean's Coffees and Freddy's Café among many.

9- Visiting Wagah Border; To Meet World’s Greatest Arch Enemies Demonstrating Charming Drill for Audience

India and Pakistan the long-lasting arch enemies are often seen passing derogatory remarks politically at each other on media. But at Wagah Border, the scene is contrary to the one often displayed or observed in general. The locals of both countries on each side of the Wagah border gather to witness ceremony performed by the Military of both countries in a very passionate yet peaceful manner. Choose the perfect city according to your mood.

10- Bare Witness That Lahore Never Sleeps 

The radiant and joyous, colorful and lively city of Lahore never sleeps. If you want to grab a bite at wee hours of the night, you have it, if you want to travel in and out of the city, the transport it is always available, the hospitals and pharmacies are always remain open, the roads are never empty, you can find people moving around at shops, restaurants, and roads at day and night.

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