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Welcome to our website We offer our clients the information and news about Flights, traveling abroad, Visas, Trips, and Travel agents. Now here, we are going to discuss the value and importance of Pakistani Passport. With effect from 26 March 2019, 33 countries/ territories allow visa-free or Visa-on-Arrival facility to Pakistani Passport holders. Before this in 2018, Pakistani Passport holders were allowed Visa-free entry or Visa-on-Arrival entry only in 30 countries making it one of the weakest passports of the world. Pakistani Passport in 2019 is considered at the 102nd position in accordance to travel freedom (i.e. Visa-free entry, Visa-on-Arrival entry) according to Henley Passport Index. Below is the list of countries which let Pakistani nationals enter their territories without Visa or with Visa-on-Arrival facilities.

Visa Not Required in these countries on Pakistani Passport (2019)

Visa Not Required means that you neither need to apply for a visa, visa stamp nor you will require visa-on-arrival. You only need a valid passport to be stamped for the entry and a return ticket.

  1. Cook Islands (31 days)

It is an island country with political links to New Zealand.

  1. Dominica (6 months)

Dominica (officially known as Commonwealth of Dominica) is an island country. It is situated in West Indies. Its official language is English, and its capital is Roseau. Dominica gives 6 months visa-free access to all those 53 countries which are a member of its commonwealth program including Pakistan.

Note: There is a great difference between Dominica and the Dominican Republic. Both are different countries with different languages and currencies. Only Dominica offers visa-free entry to Pakistani Passport holders and not the Dominican Republic.

  1. Haiti (90 days)

Haiti is a Caribbean country.

  1. Micronesia (30 days)

It is an island country with more than 600 islands. It is situated in Oceana.

  1. Montserrat

It is mountainous Caribbean island and part of British overseas territory. The time period is still not decided how much a Pakistani can live there without a visa.

  1. Niue (30 days)

It is also a small beautiful island near the South Pacific Ocean. Population is near 1,624 (2016 census)

  1. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (30 days)

It is an island country in the South Caribbean region.

  1. Trinidad and Tobago (90 days)

It is a dual island and country in the Caribbean region and is near Venezuela.

  1. Vanuatu (30 days)

It is a country in Oceana compromising 80 islands.

Visa on Arrival countries for Pakistani Passport holders (2019)

Visa on Arrival means that a Pakistani Passport holder won’t need to apply for a visa in advance. However, when Pakistani Passport Holders will arrive in the concerned country’s airport, they will be granted a visa which you may have to pay fees for it. Other documents that you will need to show there to immigration are Valid passport, return ticket, hotel booking, sufficient money for living and credit card. In some countries, you may have to show tuberculosis vaccination or yellow fever vaccination certificate. You can get an extension in your visa on arrival without leaving the county.


  1. Benin (30 days/ 8 days)

·  Burundi (30 days)

·  Cambodia (30 days initially, can be extended)

·  Cape-Verde (30 days)

·  Comoros Islands (45 days)

·  Djibouti (30 days)

·  Guinea-Bissau (up to 90 days)

·  Kenya (90 days)

·  Madagascar (90 days)

·  Maldives (30 days initially)

·  Mauritania (90 days)

·  Mozambique (90 days)

·  Rwanda (30 days)

·  Nepal (30 days)

·  Palau Islands (30 days)

·  Qatar (30 days)

·  Samoa (30 days initially)

·  Seychelles (90 days)

·  Somalia (30 days initially)

·  Tanzania (30 days)

·  Timor-Leste (30 days initially)

·  Togo (7 days)

·  Tuvalu (30 days)

·  Uganda (30 days)

Note: These visa services are only for tourism purposes. You are not permitted to work or do business in the country you visit. There is a difference between the Visa Free and Free Visa terms. Visa Free means that a country may let the tourists visit her without a visa (i.e. only through passport). While Free Visa means that visa is without price or charges and that you must get that free visa before visiting a country/ territory.



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