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Serene Air Is Best For Travelling In Pakistan


Airline companies are playing a pivotal role not only in offering transport services but also to promote tourism. We can travel easily from place to another within a less consumption of time through airlines. At the same time, we can deliver luggage and other important things to the distant places within a very short time duration. With the invention of the airlines the concept of transportation has totally changed. Today, over 5000 airlines are operational in this world. If we talk about Pakistan, almost 04 biggest airlines are operational in Pakistan. Out of theme Serene Air is the one. 

When Serene Air Introduced:

Serene Air was founded on May 2016. However, from January 2017 onward it has been offering its services. Muhammad Safdar Malik is owner of this airline. Right from its operating time SerenAir was delivering its services as a domestic airline. However, the first flight of Serene Airline was operated to Sharjah, United Arab Emirates on March 16th, 2021. Flights for Dubai from Pakistan.


Services Of Serene Airline :

SereneAir, like all other biggest and professional airlines, is trying to facilitate its customers with the unique services. The following are the major services that the SereneAir has been arranged for the passengers or customers:
Serene Plus: Serene Plus is the business class of the airline. The class does not only offer the comforts to the passengers. But it also offers a home like experience. Spacious recliner seats, exquisite cuisine, and all related Avant-grand amnesties are offered to the passengers. 
On-Time Performance: Punctuality is the basic key to lock the trust between airline and passengers. SereneAir is gaining trust from the passengers by giving them 98.8% on-time performance. The have the aim to make sure the on-time passage of the passengers with all the comforts. 
Baggage Allowance: To offer passengers the more convenient journey, SereneAir allows checked-in-baggage allowance to 40 kg, but the dimension of the luggage should not exceed 54 inches. Hand carry is also allowed but it should not exceed 7 kg in total. 
Different Menus: Having the same meal in every flight is more than a bored thing to do. It does not matter that how much delicious and tasty a food item is. It always losses its inclination at the next times. SereneAir, to pleasantly surprise its passengers, offers different menus every day.
Sky Interior: Another noticeable thing among the services of the SereneAir is that it is offering a wonderful travelling or flight experience with its unique interior. Moreover, narrow body aircraft, new passenger service unit, new sidewalls, and LED mood lightening are the ways to offer passengers a wonderful flight experience. 


Major Routes Of Serene Airline:

The following is the list of SereneAir destination:
Domestic Destinations International Destinations
Faisalabad Dubai
Islamabad Sharjah


Air Ticket Prices Of Serene Airline :

The ticket price of Serene ranges from destination to destination. However, we would like to share a general idea with you that the Serene domestic flights or ticket price ranges from 6,000 PKR to 15,000 PKR depends upon your destination. However, the ticket price of Serene for international destinations ranges from 20,000 to 30,000 PKR. 


Book Your Airline Today :

Are you looking to book or buy a SereneAir ticket for domestic or international travelling then you are invited by to get the latest air ticket prices by SereneAir. You can check the price list according to your chosen destination. At the same time, you can also book your flights from the professional travel agents or consultants who are linked with In addition we would like to share an idea that here you can also find the latest updates on the air tickets from other biggest airlines of Pakistan for both domestic as well as international travelling.     


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