Travel Agency Business in Pakistan 2022

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The travel agency business is one of the most lucrative and thriving businesses with less chance of failure. Most people of Pakistan have a good understanding and idea of the travel agency business. 
It is not uncommon that we all get to see various travel agency offices in our housing societies. No matter where we live, we come across many persons offering tourism services. It is established that travel agency business has quite some demand in our culture as we Pakistanis love to travel. Best travel agents in Pakistan.

Services Provided By Travel Agency:

Setting up a travel agency office requires a tour operator mindset. Travel agent must know how to handle a client, understand his specific tourism needs, and make a customized travel plan. Many tourism companies are operating in Pakistan; the best ones assist and involve the customer in each step before starting their official trip to make their overall experience smooth and nice.
A good tour operator manages to
1- Suggest tourism options according to the customer’s budget.
2- Able to suggest tour packages according to target audiences like a solo trip, honeymoon package, or family trip.
3- Book the best economical travel packages and most affordable airline tickets for national and international trips
4- Make hotel reservations and discuss options for shared spaces.
5- Provide a list of popular international travel destinations and attractions concerning customer’s positive experiences and reviews
6- Guide them about local traditions and engaging, romantic, and fun activities that can be enjoyed at the travel destination.
7- Complete assistance in obtaining visas, travel insurance, accommodation, and providing information for travel vaccination requirements.

Book Online Vs Booking Through Travel Agency:

You can easily book your future holiday or trip online, but honestly, it’s too much of a hassle. If you don’t know where to travel for vacation or trip and don’t know where to start, it's best to get some help from a travel agency. It is always good to check ratings and reviews of the travel agency you wish to select for your travels. Which Company Provides The Best Tours in Pakistan
Using travel agency saves time and energy by letting a trusted travel agency manage and take care of all your travel demands. After all the extensive planning and research, it takes to arrange a trip, you will become exhausted and lose interest in your vacation plans.
There are certain benefits for booking your future vacation and trip through a tour agent. You will get expert advice and recommendations. A travel agent will guide you about everything before going on a trip, from finding a comfortable place to stay and reaching your preferred hotel safely and securely once you land at the airport.
Travel agents will ensure, validate your reservations for your selected hotel and other tourist exhibitions and travel activities while you can plan your wardrobe and pack your bags. It will be a complete solution package for you without being all over the place and handling detailed work.
Travel agents can tweak itineraries according to your preference and make a suitable tour package for you. Rest assured; he has real travel experience to best guide you on what to do and what not to do before going on the desired trip.

Travel Agency License Procedure:

Travel agency businesses have lucrative chances of earning. You might be the person who loves to organize trips for friends or family. Another reason to be in this business is that you might have already made all the arrangements to send a family member on a trip at some point in life, so you know the game.
Before even thinking of setting up a travel agency office and deciding on the location, you need to get a travel agency license recently made mandatory by the government of Pakistan. List of best travel compnies in Pakistan.
Let’s dive straight into it and go through the necessary steps to register for a travel agency firm in Pakistan. First, you should know that the Department of Tourist Services is an official government institute of Pakistan dealing with the travel agency licensing process.
For travel agency license application, you can go to the department of tourist services website and start your application. You have to comply with certain requirements for obtaining travel agency license like any other license.
The overall application process is described in the following steps:
1- Application submission
2- Scrutiny of documents (a checklist is provided below)
3- Verification
4- Inspection of premises
5- Issuance of note demanding license fee and other requirements to fulfill
6- Issuance of license.
Here is the checklist of documents to submit for opening a licensed travel agency firm.
1- Capital statement of 200,000 PKR.
2- Attested copy of NTN.
3- Attested copy of rent agreement for office.
4- Memorandum and articles of association.
5- Partnership deed in case of two or more partners.
6- Office plan showing important counters.
7- List of team members and their designation according to their roles.
8- National ID card attested copies of business owner or partners.

Online Travel Agency Software:

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Running businaess of travel agency provides people of Pakistan with the opportunity to start an international recognized business which has huge potential for success and expansion while minimizing risks for business failure

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